Oct 30 2008 9:48am

T.I. is Aware of Internet Traditions

As I was hanging out in the laundromat on Sunday, I heard something eerily familiar come on over the speakers. Seconds later, it was gone, but...I could have sworn it was “Dragostea din tei,” aka “The Numa Numa Song”, made famous in 2004 by Gary Brolsma’s enthusiastic lip-synching and arm-pumping. Must be the fabric-softener fumes, I thought.

But I was right—a new single by rap artist T.I. and featuring Rihanna, called “Live Your Life,” samples the song’s catchy opening. The Wikipedia page primly points out that “Dragostea din tei” is famous in its own right in Europe, top of the pop charts, etc., but come on. It’s in an American rap video. From song to fad internet video back to song—gotta love full circle.

Bridget McGovern
1. BMcGovern
OMG, yes! I was out on the Lower East Side two weekends ago and heard it not once but twice at my favorite bar. The frustrating thing is that no one I was out with knew the web video (or else wouldn't admit to it), so I had to describe it and look like a total doofus. So...pretty much business as usual :)
Eugene Myers
2. ecmyers
I had "Dragostea din tei" as a ringtone on my previous phone, but haven't been able to find it for my new one yet...

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