Oct 11 2008 11:00am

Saturday morning cartoons: Doll Face and One Self:FishGirl

Doll Face
Andrew Huang

For high resolution

One Self: Fish/Girl
Emily Hubley


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eric orchard
1. orchard
Both of these are wonderful! I hadn't heard of One Self:Fish/Girl before and it's great.
Last week I showed Doll Face to a class I teach. I teach at an all boys school so the response was really interesting. I wanted to know what it communicated to them, and if it was something beyond their experience. It really got an amazing conversation going in class. the boys got quiet during it and just watched without comment. I took that as a good sign as they are usually derisive of the animation I show them. I think they got the message.
Abra Staffin Wiebe
2. AbraSW
One Self: Fish/Girl was a fun view at the sideways world that kids live in. Charming and weird. And I have no idea why it has that title.

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