Oct 25 2008 11:01am

Saturday morning cartoons: Halloween edition

The Tell-Tale Heart
Ted Parmelee
(Narated by James Mason)

The End
Maxime Leduc, Michel Samreth, Martin Ruyant

Warning, “Chainsaw Maid” is violent, tasteless, and gross....and very funny. (If you occasionally think gross, tasteless violence can be funny.)

Chainsaw Maid


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Eric Braddock
1. EricBraddock
First off, the Tell-Tale Heart is always a good story to read/watch. I liked the way things were done in this version, nice lighting.

I think The End was my favorite of the three. The claymation Chainsaw Maid was a good laugh, a lot more complicated than it probably seems, so I respect it a lot for its craft, but I liked the story in The End. I was worried the bird was actually out to get him the entire time and was going to make him resort to those "scarecrow" instincts, but I was really pleasantly surprised with the ending.

Though I still think One Rat Short is my favorite so far :)
2. careY.tse
I loved The End. What a beautiful story. If only more contemporary entertainment would include bits of life lessons as thoughtful as this piece...
René Walling
3. cybernetic_nomad
One of the things I love about animation is that its practitioners, its fans and its scholars can enjoy a piece like The Tell-Tale Heart (one of my favourite UPA films BTW) and still appreciate something like Chainsaw Maid.

Thanks for another set of great viewing!
eric orchard
4. orchard
Wow! The End is phenomenal! Thanks for posting this one. Just beautiful. Loved the other two as well.
Jennifer L. Meyer
5. JLMeyer
The end was odd. A tad disjointed, but a very interesting idea. I like the use of sound and the lack of words.

Thanks for sharing.

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