Oct 20 2008 3:14pm

Dexter All in the Family episode review

Apologies for no review last week. I was entertaining a houseguest over Goldfish crackers and peach lambic, but I think next time I’ll take a page from LaGuerta tonight and have girl talk over scotch and cupcakes instead. Anyway, the biggest development from last week was Miguel giving Dexter the blood-stained shirt off his back, making the assistant D.A. an accessory to Freebo’s murder. So now Dexter has something on the late Oscar Prado’s big brother, and I feel that bloody shirt will definitely be used against Miguel before season’s end. Miguel knowing that Dex killed the drug dealer may forge a bond between the two men now, but as much as Dexter wants to like and trust his new friend, a man like Dexter can’t afford to have anyone, especially law enforcement, too close to his true identity.

This week, Dexter continued to search for his real self. If he was terrible at telling Rita’s kids that their mom is pregnant, he was even worse at proposing marriage. Dexter likes the sound of it: “much better than ‘lives alone and keeps to himself.’” Ha! Rita can tell Dexter's heart isn’t in it and it makes her act out at work and causes friction with her daughter. Loved Rita’s customer service at the hotel.

The bigger problem for Dexter is Miguel’s angry brother. Ramon is doggedly trying to find Oscar’s killer which causes problems for Miguel and Dexter. Miguel wants to add Ramon into the loop, but Dex knows Ramon’s too loose of a canon. Dexter comes up with a smart plan to make Miguel see how dangerous Ramon can be by manipulating a situation at a bar.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s sister Deb is finding out more reasons to suspect her partner Quinn is worthy of Internal Affairs’ attention. Trying to deal with the grieving fiancée of a murdered man, Deb sees he has a talent for telling people what they want to hear. I don’t like Quinn for being nasty to Masuka. Masuka’s gross innuendos are a part of his charm. I do like Quinn’s informant Anton, though. He has an increasingly good amount of chemistry with Deb. I like them together.

And lonely Angel nearly gets caught in a prostitution sting. He pours his heart into his little monologue to the female cop. I wish Angel had more to do and LaGuerta less. I’m really not interested in her dilemma about the mobster being wrongfully convicted by Miguel.

At episode’s end, Miguel realizes Ramon can’t be trusted, only Dexter can. He misses having a brother he can talk to, to share the load. It’s kind of sweet, but Dexter thinks only of trusting himself. It’s safer that way. This can only end in tragedy, but for now Dexter is trying to make progress. Does a role become real if you fake it enough? Can Dexter become a good guy? His final try at proposing to Rita was really touching. As much as the serial killer tries to say he is cold inside, he demonstrated more genuine emotion and vulnerability than we’ve ever seen from him before. Michael C. Hall is a really good actor. And of course Rita says yes and doesn’t puke. I can almost fully guarantee that this relationship with Rita and her children will only end in tragedy, too. But what kind? Will the baby be born? How will Dexter's secret life stand between him and his fiancée?

Is this season seeming a tad slow to anyone? I find the friendship between Miguel and Dexter really fascinating and I’m curious to see what happens with the pregnancy, but I miss the wild-card aspect of Doakes and even the batshit crazy of Lila. But there are still a few episodes left for any one of these situations to explode.

Dexter airs Sunday nights at 9 P.M. EST on Showtime.

1. boomer
While I'm really enjoying this season, the big thing I noticed was the remarkably low body count so far (2, right?). 1 was accidental / self defense and the other was planned, but interrupted...

Also, the scene at the end was just him re-hashing what the crazy lady said earlier.

My current bet is that both Rita and Miguel are on the short list of people who will die (possible la stupida as well)... I just think that Miguel is going to die with a "How could you do this to me, my friend?" look on his face.
fred campbell
2. fred00
I thought it was a real good bookkeeping episode. A lot of other shows could learn a lesson from this one.
Theresa DeLucci
3. theresa_delucci
I think I may take to calling her LaStupida now, if that's okay with you. Ha! My eyes just glaze over whenever she's on screen.

I didn't realize he was repeating the crazy lady's words until the second viewing (post-post) but I still feel for Dexter. He really wants to try this family man role on for size, I think. I think he wants it to stick.

Yeah, whatever is in store for Miguel, you just know that betrayal is gonna sting badly. I still don't know that they'd kill Rita though.
Vanessa Paolantonio
4. vanessa_p
The best part of the episode was Dexter's rehashing of the murderous stalker's monologue as a proposal to Rita. It was so convincing and creepy and a touch sad how Dexter desperately needs Rita and her children to feel normal.

The relationship between Dexter and Miguel is predictably going to end how it did with Doakes. Which seems like a waste of time to regurgitate the same plot in the third season.

I would like to see his sister find out about him because she's the one who would potentially keep the secret and not run off screaming to the police. It would be interesting to see how Deb would handle it.
Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
That would be "LaEstúpida", FWIW....
I like it.
Theresa DeLucci
6. theresa_delucci
Cool! Dexter's been picked up for two more seasons:;_ylt=Au31uZ2xlwTk3fbjhxdHbatxFb8C

I can't picture the show going on for much longer than that, but this is good news.
7. raytayzmd
How pathetic!..."Dexter" has become a "chick flick"...I can't recall a show that has gone downhill so fast since the first season...the first season was dynamic, intriguing,, it's little more than a soap opera...hell, they should rename it "Days of our Derek"...sitting around on the beach talking about trust and whether they can share their "secret" with the brother...Dex becoming a "daddy"...sis getting shown up by the new guy -- will she get revenge through the internal affairs cop?...buddy pleading forgiveness from vice officer because of all the misery he's endured...jeez, all that's needed to complete the picture is a big bowl of double fudge ice cream and a box of aloe coated kleenex!
Mitch Wagner
8. MitchWagner
Aloe-coated Kleenex is nasty, like it's already been used. Just get regular, untreated, unscented Kleenex.

I'm just saying.

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