Sep 26 2008 10:03am

This and every Saturday

In the past I have claimed to have an unrequited love affair with animation. Of course, that's unfair. I’m sure if I gave animation the time it deserved it would love me back, right? So, with as my excuse, I’ve decided to fully embrace the hold animation has over me all these many years by starting a series of Saturday morning cartoons (although few will be cartoons in the classic sense.) I cannot offer scholarship, insidery knowledge, commentary, or up-to-date-ness. But if you are interested in taking a quirky, sometimes delightful, occasionally a little (ok, maybe a lot) creepy, and off-beat ride once a week, please join us every Saturday 10:00am EST.

For a full index of Saturday Morning Cartoons, click here.


Jim Belcher
1. Jim Belcher
Maybe I missed something, but join you where? A web feed? A satellite channel?
Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Sorry, Jim. I was speaking figuratively...and, I now realize, confusingly. The shorts will be simple embeds from youtube, vimeo, etc. New films posted every Saturday Morning (eastern time) but, obviously, you can watch them anytime you'd like just by stopping by here.
Mary Thorman
3. mthorm
Excuse, me, but I also am confused. You say "you can watch them anytime you'd like just be stopping by here." Where is here?

Ben HM3
4. BenHM3
Irene: my patron saint, Xenocrates, once said something about the harder he tried to be brief, the more he was misunderstood.

(There's probably a pithier way to say this, but it's likely no one ever knew what it meant.)

I'm all for re-runs of the Warner Bros classics from the boxed set. Everyone's free to come by my place, bring your own cereal and milk.

(If it ain't 24fps, it ain't runnin' on my screen.)
Jim Belcher
5. Tamu
Hi Irene,

I am one of the contributors of Frames Per Second magazine. It's a general animation website, but many of the contributors (including myself) are science fiction and illustration enthusiasts. If you are looking for recommendations, regardless of country, technique, or tone, feel free to contact me anytime.
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
Tamu - Thank you so much. I will definitely take you up on that. I've had a blast going back to some old favorites and discovering new ones over the past week. While I'm not getting much sleep, I'm very much looking forward to seeing and learning more.

My favorite semester in college was when I took two History of Animation classes simultaneously -- one with experimental film maker Robert Breer, the other with the legendary John Canemaker....If only I could find my notes!

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