Sep 24 2008 5:10pm

More Watchmen Movie Woes

It seems that the latest theory regarding Fox’s claim to the Warner Brothers Watchmen movie states that the whole torrid affair is tied into Fox’s desire to release the much-loved-by-some-around-here-but-not-me 1960’s Batman TV show on DVD. Io9’s Charlie Jane Anders makes with the recap:

Rich Johnson with Lying In The Gutters cites sources who claim the whole Watchmen lawsuit is just a ploy by Fox to get the rights to release the 1960s Batman TV series on DVD. Allegedly, Fox owns the rights to the actual footage starring Adam West as the less growly version of the character, but Warner Bros. owns the copyrights to Batman and all the other characters. So Fox’s Watchmen suit is aimed at brokering a Bat-deal where Warners okays DVDs of Bruce’s campiest moments, in exchange for a go-ahead with Zack Snyder’s “Batman can’t get it up” movie.

The powers that be, they be lookin’ out for ya, Irene. In the meantime, you can always catch the Batman Movie on iTunes, complete with bat-shark-repellent and über-campy trailer.

Lying in The Gutters, via

Irene Gallo
1. Irene
Eric Braddock
3. EricBraddock
Haha, the cult of old school Batman fans must be so amped.
Ray Lederer
4. rlederer
When I was 4, my mom dialed the UHF station that canceled the syndicated re-runs of Batman and handed me the phone. I gave them what-for I tell ya!

-Ray (still wearing a blue towel for a cape)
5. Nick H.
The best article on the whole Batman TV show related faff can be found at TV Shows on DVD. In short, while it may be a factor in the Watchmen lawsuit, getting the show on DVD is not quite as simple as Johnson makes out.

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