Sep 29 2008 9:31am

DC Speaks About All-Star Frakkup

DC Comics’ VP of sales Bob Wayne (no relation, I presume) spoke to ComicsPRO, the retailer advocacy organization, at the Baltimore Comic Con, about the recent dust up over misprinted censor bars on All-Star Batman and Robin #10. From Newsarama:

Wayne told the assembled retailers that DC will be instituting a new review period for all of its books between printing and shipping to retailers in order to thoroughly check for and prevent such errors from happening again in the future....

What’s this? Checking a book before it leaves the printer? Whod’ve thunk?

Additionally, Wayne said that, in the case of blocking objectionable words with black bars, DC will no longer print the curse word underneath the black bar, opting to now make the bar roughly the length of the letters that the word would have been.

It’s good to know that Frank Miller is safe to curse another day.

1. JDC
I'm the XXXXXXXXX Batman.
Sheryl Nantus
2. SNantus
the entire debacle just boggles my mind.

first, what's wrong with the classic &##$%%&& for curse words? Do we REALLY now need to have it spelt out for us? Is this vital for our enjoyment of the comic?

and second, someone put a leash on Miller. Good writing doesn't mean cursing like a sailor every chance you get.

talk about your idiots on all levels.
eric orchard
3. orchard
I think Miller has a real agenda concerning censorship. I agree with him 100%, however, I think it's been getting in the way of his writing good stories for a long time. There's something boring about pushing limits for its own sake.
Pablo Defendini
4. pablodefendini
Eric, spot-on. Having a foul, foul, foul potty mouth myself, I don't mind a little (or a lot) of cursing in my books/comics/movies/etc., as long as it's within context. It can't be gratuitous, or put in there just to 'push the envelope'. That just makes the work seem silly and superfluous. Judging by the sample pages for All-Star Batman and Robin, that's exactly what this was.
Mike Brotherton
5. mikebrotherton
Pablo, I think it was totally within context. The entire point of All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder is to push the envelope to the absurd limits implied by Miller's Dark Knight work 20 years ago, and imitated badly since then. It's a form of self-parody, absurd for it's own sake. If all you've read are the sample pages, rest assured that most of the other pages you haven't seen are like this, too. It's only gratuitous if the entire series is gratuitous, which Miller would probably readily say it was, and that's the point.

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