Sep 24 2008 12:56pm

Andrew Jones, live painting, and the Illuminated.

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones (aka Android) creates hypnotic digital works that can be full of dreamy enlightenment or the stuff of nightmares. His use of repetitive patterns and layering creates a skeletal effect, not unlike H. R. Giger's death-obsessed work, but in Jones' hand these elements speak to a life affirming sense of time, movement, and collectivity.

Andrew JonesAlong with typical studio work, Jones has been developing a series of live painting performances: images created in large nightclubs along with DJs and masses of people dancing about. It may sound like a gimmick, but having seen him take over the Seattle Space Needle during one of's workshops, I was sold on the reciprocity between his image-making and the audience—sound, movement, and lights informing his still images while the action of his painting and the patterning affects the dancers around him. He's been performing these paintings at various festivals including the Sundance Film Festival, Burning Man, and Sigraph. If you're lucky enough to be near a show, take advantage of it.

Andrew JonesCurrently, Jones, along with POD Collective, Phong, Guerilla News Network, and Broken Saints, are starting a series of animated films called the Illuminated. The story line seems overly Matrixy, but I am curious to see if they will be able to replicate a similar hypnotic, trance experience that Jones' live performances do.

Check out Andrew Jones's website and blog. Much of his work is done in an extreme horizontal aspect ratio. The best place to see it in detail is on the POD Collective website, under "Android Jones." For those who really want to dig deeper, you can download a series of instructional demos for $15.00 a pop at Massive Black Downloadables.

Illuminated Trailer: interview with Andrew Jones that shows off a bit of his process:

Max Evans
1. marvmax
Thanks for the post I enjoyed both videos and the artwork.
2. in_flux
I disagree that Illuminated looks "matrixy". It actually sounds like it's relevant to our time - climate change, failing economies, people becomming more and more obsessed with informaiton overload and therefore unable to imagine or create anything for themselves. It's not about machines taking over the world and plugging people into fake realities to use them as's about people choosing thier own fake relaities to escape from the real world. Looks pretty amazing.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Nicely put, In_Flux. I didn't mena to judge it too harshly just based off the trailer -- I am excited about it and looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

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