Aug 22 2008 12:20pm

Spooky/Doctorow Preview

Thursday night’s CBLDF fundraiser with DJ Spooky and Cory Doctorow was a great success. The evening started off with DJ Spooky giving a shortened version of the presentation that accompanies his new book, Sound Unbound, followed by a short talk by Cory about issues pertaining to his new book, Little Brother. Afterwards, Spooky and Cory took the stage to discuss shared themes that are important to both their works, such as sharing culture and the third world (both having recently completed trips to Africa), the surveillance state, and the gift economy. They then took some questions from the audience. A more complete video is to come, but in the meantime, here’s a taste of Cory talking about some of the issues that inspired him to write Little Brother:

eric orchard
1. orchard
I was really disappointed I couldn't attend this event, thanks for posting this!
Jeffrey Richard
2. neutronjockey
Had I known about the event previously I would have paid an arm and a leg to get to NYC just to see parts of that speech in person.

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