Aug 24 2008 3:36pm

DJ Spooky v. Cory Doctorow: a CBLDF mashup! video

Here, for your enjoyment and edification, the first sixty minutes of Thursday night’s CBLDF fundraiser with DJ Spooky and Cory Doctorow, in seven bite-size parts.

Part 1- DJ Spooky gives a shortened version of the presentation that accompanies his new book, Sound Unbound:

Part 2- DJ Spooky continues:

Part 3- Cory Doctorow takes the stage and talks about issues pertaining to his new book, Little Brother:

Part 4- Cory continues:

Part 5- Cory continues, and then sits with Spooky:

Part 6- Cory and Spooky:

Part 7- Cory and Spooky:

Lenny Bailes
1. Lenny Bailes
Heads up. Parts 7 and 8 seem to be the same segment.
Pablo Defendini
2. pablodefendini
There are actually only 7 parts (the lower thirds on the last part will be fixed shortly ), I re-posted one by mistake. Thanks for the tip-off, @Lenny Bailes.
David Vanderheiden
4. rebootjac
What did you edit out during the 1:40 mark on the 6th part? Just curious.
Pablo Defendini
5. pablodefendini
@ rebootjac #4
Nothing at the 1:40 mark on the last clip (part 7) specifically. But actually there are a few quick edits throughout to get rid of jerky camerawork (this was all handheld, so invariably I got bumped, or had to move out of the way for someone to leave/come back to their seat, etc.). IIRC, this only affected one short snippet of Cory's speech, in terms of content, which I had to get rid of completely (about 25ss worth). The rest is pretty much as it happened.
Lenny Bailes
6. Mvolborth
Hi- if you're interested in DJ Spooky projects, check out it's a remix of D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation that Starz/Anchor Bay released on Election Day. There will be screenings of the DVD all across America in February for Black History Month, so stay tuned.

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