Aug 20 2008 12:17am

Rick Berry Demos

The last of the San Diego ComicCon demos: Mr. Rick Berry. It's a shame we don't have audio on these, Rick is as inspiring as speaker as he is a painter. Alas, we were not equipped to deal with the hubbub of 100,000 ComicCon attendees. (Next time!) No matter, it's what he does that counts most.

Here you'll see him scribble out a few lines, watch them merge, rub highlights out much as paint shadows in all in a fluid and spontaneous manner. A true collaboration between the artist and his materials. I was too busy to hear what he was saying but, if I know Rick, he was talking about the importance of play, letting your mind wander and come to unforeseen conclusions.

(Here is my earier write-up of the same event.)





Janet Bruesselbach
1. Janet
Rick Berry is a genius. Just watching this is inspiring. I wonder when he figured out what it was he was painting - or if he's never entirely sure...
eric orchard
2. orchard
This is my favorite of the demo videos, this is just thrilling to watch. I was already a very, very big fan. It was like watching real magic, the conviction of his mark making and the sense of adventure, these videos almost look like animation in the way the image transforms and dissipates and reforms. This is a great reminder of how much fun art is and I'll look at Mr. Berry's work in a new light. Magical.
By the way, great shirt Irene!
Tara Chang
3. tlchang
Yes, it rather does look like magic. I would love to hear how he *thinks*, especially in the beginning stages of these paintings. Where does it shift from seemingly random sorts of marks to something more concrete? How conscious is the decision making early on...? Very cool.

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