Aug 1 2008 7:31am

Playing with matches

How great is Peter Reed? Very, would be the answer. This is my little squee moment for the sealing wax seal he made with the rocket on it. So very cool. Thanks, Peter!

(You should all be impressed that I managed to use it without burning my apartment down.)

Kevin Maroney
1. womzilla
You could, like, totally sell that. I have never used a sealing ring, and I never wear jewelry, and I would buy two.
David Keck
2. dkeck
Very swish. Though my tiny brain is having trouble harmonizing the Napoleonic ring-seal vibe with the semi-retro SF rocket. Basically, we've got a retro retro rocket now. (Wheels within wheels of irony).

And I want two too.
Abigail Sutherland
3. evilrooster
Oooh - if you made that out of brass I could do gold ones on books!
eric orchard
4. orchard
Now you have something to seal the document that states your ownership of a fleet of intergalactic space freighters. And birthday cards!
David Moldawer
5. Dave
Um, did you bring enough to share with the whole class?
Eric Tolle
6. ErictheTolle
I can think of no better reason to burn my apartment down. Now, if my wife would only let me play with matches again....
wil wheaton
7. wilwheaton
Man, I have never wanted to have a seal of my own more than I do right now.
Jeffrey Richard
8. neutronjockey
Wax seal?

That looks like a leatherworking tool to me. Don't listen to Abi... :P
peter reed
9. peterreedart
I'm glad you like it.I was a little concerned it had a bit too much detail. But it looks really great!

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