Aug 1 2008 8:01am

Patrick Ballesteros, art and the ocassional ice cream cone

When you look through a lot of portfolios you can often tell which paintings the artist really enjoyed working on. At Comic Con I saw Patrick Ballesteros’s portfolio—all of it was acomplished, but it was a series of Main Street scenes of kids living in a cute little monster world that felt like he loved to work on them...Or maybe I was just projecting my own desire to see these fleshed out into some kind of graphic novel/animation/children’s-book thingie.

He also seems to have a thing for ice cream cones, which, you know, I really can’t blame him for.

eric orchard
1. orchard
What media is this? I can't tell even squinting. His work is amazing!
Corey Punches
2. cpunches
Wow! I just browsed the rest of his portfolio and it's all absolutely fantastic.

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