Aug 25 2008 3:57pm

Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps is Available As a Free PDF

Today, my buddy Mur Lafferty (author and podcaster extraordinaire) releases her excellent novel Playing for Keeps in a dead-tree version (available at Amazon) and as a free PDF.

Playing for Keeps is set in Mur’s Third Wave universe, where the world’s “other” superheroes—who don’t have the first-pick superpowers like flight and invisibility—try to make their own contributions to society with more colorful, if less overtly useful, powers. Mur has made this universe a sandbox for other writers to play in with great results. It’s a riveting read, and well worth the purchase or the download.

Playing for Keeps is available as:

* a serialized podcast (RSS),
* a free e-book PDF, and
* an actual honest-to-goodness book! (Amazon) <—Go buy this one!

Samantha Brandt
1. Talia
This is really a super, super book. Mur is an amazing writer. Pick up a copy! Help the cause! It's already up to #20 on the "books" charts :D
Charlie Stross
2. cstross

When are folks going to wise up and realize that PDF is about the worst possible format for an ebook, and a positive deterrent to downloading and reading on screen?

(Or maybe that's the whole idea in this case?)
Samantha Brandt
3. Talia
Hmm, no, I wouldn't say that would be a purposeful move on Mur's part. She doesn't strike me that way.

I'm assuming its just done to save space/make for a smaller file/etc.

I am not a fan of e-books, but I wouldnt think twice about PDF vs some other format and I'm sure I'm not alone. Heck, i'm not sure I'm aware of some other format.
Darren Hawkins
4. wincingatlight
If you tip off Matt McClintock at and let him know that he has the appropriate permissions (from the writer or the publisher, depending on who's handling the copyright stuff), he's very good at spooling these things into multiple formats and making them available for download on a wider platform.

I hadn't even heard of until Matt picked up my creative-commons-released novels, but his site is just incredible (and free, which is always incredible).

Complete Aside: Charlie, I've just started reading _The Atrocity Archives_. I read _Singularity Sky_ back in the day, but that was my only exposure to your work (which, alas, didn't ever grab me the way I wanted it to). AA, however, is fantastic. Just a great, great character voice. Of course, I'm also a sucker for Lovecraft mashup, but this one is just so incredibly well done and entertaining, I can't wait to get to the next one.

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