Aug 27 2008 5:45pm

Kevin Dart: Retro Fresh and Olympic Awesomeness

If this snowbot doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will. And who can look at these faux movie posters and not smile?

Kevin Dart is another Comic Con find for me. (Did I mention Comic Con rocks?) I picked up his book, Fleet Street Scandal, created in collaboration with the equally wonderful Chris Turnham.

I asked Kevin to tell me a little about the poster project:

“The titles and images typically evolve together. Sometimes a title will spark an idea, but it rarely stays the same all the way to the end.Kevin Dart

The posters were a natural result of my combined love for illustration and graphic design. I always find myself wanting to add text to my illustrations because I enjoy typefaces and layout so much, and posters are a good outlet for that. 

Also, a lot of my favorite artists were great movie poster illustrators, such as Robert McGinnis. I also enjoy the work of Bernie Fuchs immensely, whose illustrations often appeared alongside text in magazines. So I find that illustration and text go together very naturally for me.”

Recently, Kevin created backgrounds for this Beijing Olympics animated commercial directed by Gorillaz creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. After watching the animation, go check out Kevin's blog to get a better look at his landscapes and beautifully rendered Bird’s Nest.

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Dot Lin
1. fangirl
I love that commercial! wonder where it played?

two Tor-ites (one current and one former) ran amuck in Beijing for the Olympics. One of them writes a Beijing blog (yeay, Fiona!), which was referenced twice by the Wall Street Journal in their "Best of China blogs." She also highlighted a subversive animated short ( Animation seems to say more than live-action these days..

This commercial seems to set up for Damon's next album (Monkey: Journey to the West), aha.

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