Aug 21 2008 6:46pm

Michael Whelan and Scott Fischer exhibit

Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan and Scott Fischer will have a duo exhibit at the IO Gallery in Connecticut

Opening Reception: September 6th, 5 - 7:00pm.

The exhibit runs through October 12th.

I know a lot of illustrators and I know that many of them find it difficult to carve out time to work on non-commissioned work. I asked Scott how he manages:

“Earlier on in my career there were larger gaps between assignments and I could cram a lot of personal paintings in the gap. Now there is almost zero break, so finding the time to paint for me is that much more special.

“One thing totally informs the other, though! I make some of my biggest leaps, illustration-wise, after a stint of personal painting. When you are painting fine art pieces, you are only answering to yourself, so you are more apt to take risks, and it is those risks that have huge payoffs when you go back to illustration work.

“Conversely, it’s due to years of real illustrating, and having set parameters and goals to paint within, that when I do sit down to personal paint I am much more focused, and have a clearer mental picture of what I want to achieve in the fine art piece before I even pick up the brush.”

Phil Frederick
1. flosofl
I almost wish I lived in Conn. (almost)

I love Whelan's art. In fact when I was in Jr. High and HS, I would sometimes buy a book just because he did the cover art. That's how I discovered Moorcock when I was 13 yrs old (and it blew my mind) and C.S Friedman in college. The cover for Black Sun Rising(the 1991 printing, DAW I think) blew my little mind, what with the energy leaking from the sword and running everywhere like so much water.
Phil Frederick
2. flosofl
Oh, did anyone other than me spend time looking for Whelan's little MW rune that he used to sign his work? It was usually cleverly integrated into the scene. I vaguely remember finding one that looked like it had been carved into a tree and another that looked as if it had been etched into a sword.
David Goldfarb
3. David_Goldfarb
Oh, yes, of course. One that sticks in my mind was his cover for The Winds of which the rune was used as the main decoration for a rug, and so was quite large.
Alex Bledsoe
4. alexbledsoe
On our honeymoon, my wife and I found an original Whelan B&W cover sketch in, of all places, a junk store in Door County, WI. It's now proudly displayed in our dining room.
Corina St. Martin
5. Corina
Having the chance to see Scott's work up close and to talk to him about some of the pieces I've liked for so long was awesome. What a cool guy! If I lived near Connecticut I'd so be going to this.
Rob Rey
6. Rob Rey
I would be there if I had a car. I'll look into buses, but Cornwall Bridge doesn't look too promising.

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