Jul 28 2008 2:23am

Weird Tales wants your spam

Yes, Weird Tales wants your spam. Specifically, they are running a contest in which they want a piece of flash fiction (stories that are less than 1,000 words, often only a few hundred) inspired by what's in the spam folder of your e-mail. What a fun contest! From the site:

"Write a flash-fiction story — under 500 words — based on a spam you’ve received. Send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before 9 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 4. The Weird Tales editorial team will judge them, and three winners will be announced at the Weird Tales reception on Friday, Aug. 8 at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver!"

Weird Tales has been around as a magazine since 1923, and was where writers like H. P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and even Tennessee Williams broke into the field. Under Ann VanderMeer, the magazine is stepping firmly into modern times. The fiction is still great, too.

So what about it? You got some cool spam? Something inspiring? Go and write your story!

[Photo by Flickr user freezelight, licensed under Creative Commons.]

Jeffrey Richard
1. neutronjockey
I really, really don't think that Ann wants anything derived from my spam folder.

I don't want to derive anything from my spam folder.

Bad spam.
Jo Walton
2. bluejo
... but they're not going to pay anything for it.

They're a professional magazine, they could offer something more than free copies.
3. Talia
It's a contest geared towards the public, not necesarily professional writers. Furthermore the stories are only being published online. So yeah, no, they aren't paying for it, and that is just fine.
Fred Coppersmith
4. FCoppersmith
Will the winners have to share their victory with the exiled princes and bank managers of Nigeria?
John Klima
5. john_klima
@FCoppersmith that's the problem, all the money that was going to pay for the contest winners is going to a Nigerian prince that contacted Ann VanderMeer PERSONALLY. We feel for his plight, and hope that he is able to get to his true inheritance soon.
William S. Higgins
6. higgins
I wrote a speculation based on my spam, and harking back to a classic fanzine article, a couple of weeks ago. But it doesn't fit the rules of the contest.
Brian Eisley
7. brianeisley
But... but... but... to do that I'd have to read it.
William S. Higgins
8. higgins

Then write a story about something you dread reading.
Debbie Moorhouse
9. GUDsqrl
Given some of the spam I got before words were had, I'd be arrested if I wrote a story based on it.
Jeffrey Richard
10. neutronjockey
@John Klima, please do not talk about my relative Prince Ngdobe Ghazi Richard in irreverent tones again. He passed away recently and I am the last living heir to his fortune. He will have his Barrister Alexandre Dumas D'Artagnan III esq. bring the holy wrath of the Danish Euro-Lottery upon you. Followed by a court mandated colon-cleanse --- the products of course ordered through a reputable online Canadian pharmacy.

I will of course spare you from this public embarrassment if your bank account, routing number, SSN and sign a few documents so that I can offer you a portion of my princely inheritance.
John Klima
11. john_klima
@neutronjockey My sincerest apologies. I meant no disrespect and did not understand that your most near and dear relation, Prince Ngdobe Ghazi Richard, had passed away. Of course you may have my private information here on a public board:

Bank acct: XXXSDK1398050
Routing: 132r9jafj0943
SSN#: 111-XX-1234

Signed documents are on their way to via carrier pigeon and the Pony Express, which I've resurrected in this time of need.

I would appreciate that colon-cleansing, though, so if you could dispatch that to me soonish, I would appreciate it.

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