Jul 24 2008 11:46am

SDCC: vs. io9

Try as I might, I couldn’t get a good rumble going between and Io9. Sorry to say, it turns out that the Io9 peeps are totally cool, fun, warm, and welcoming, Honestly, I think I'd do OK in a full on fist fight.  Oh well, I’ll just have to wait for some other scifi internet venture to get scrappy with.

careY t.
2. carey.tse
OK! Everyone name yourselves!

I'm towards the front, with the "haaa-haa-I-look-crazy" face, in tiger-claw-holds-shopping-bag stance.
Madeline Ferwerda
3. MadelineF
The rightmost person, and the tallest, is Charlie Anders... In the io9 group, obviously. I recognize her from the Bay Area.
Maurizio Manzieri
4. MaurizioManzieri
I would hug them all, Irene!!!...

Just a few days ago they showered love on me in this post on Io9 and I intercepted it yesterday thanks to a tip by the mythical John Joseph Adams!

Please forward a kiss - or a soft punch, as you wish - to Charlie Anders if you meet her again in the huge aisles of Comic-Con! :-)
Bill Humphries
5. whump
Two blogs enter! Wait. Did you see any "Beyond Thunderdome" cosplayers?
Maurizio Manzieri
6. MaurizioManzieri
Hey, what's happening over there? Are these the effects of the first fightings?

The bbCode of the URLs went astray all over! :-)
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
Left to right:
Disembodied fists: Liz Gorinsky.
Short croped hair: Pablo Defendini.
Kneeling: Faith Cheltenham.
Ivory shirt: Carey Tse.
Blue shirt: Jim Frenkle.
Goatee: Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Center, tiger claw: Annalee Newitz
Blonde hair in the back: Charlie Jane Anders
Almost hidden: Meredith Woerner
Jets/sharks pose:Graeme McMillan
Annalee Newitz
8. Annalee Newitz
I didn't know we were supposed to be rumbling . . . otherwise I would have brought my freeze ray.

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