Jul 28 2008 2:39am

SDCC: Stephan Martiniere demo

Stephan Martiniere did a creature design for Saturday’s installment of the demo. Although known as a digital artist he kept it old school and stuck to good old pencil and paper. I was surprised to learn that he starts all of his work off with a series of pencil drawings before moving onto the computer.

Check out Stephan's work in his Tor gallery and his website.

For anyone in the Boston area, Stephan will be Artists Guest of Honor at Boskone in February. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing him in a non-Comic-Con-crazed environment.

Laurel Krahn
1. laurel

He's also one of our Guests of Honor at Minicon 44 in (or at least near) Minneapolis in April 2009.
Christine Evelyn Squires
2. ces
Boy, he sure doesn't look very happy! And he's going bald it looks like!

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