Jul 29 2008 1:01am

SDCC: Last Day at the Con

[Post delayed by your Tor.com editorial director's inability to approve posts while on an airplane.  Sorry, Dot!  --pnh]

Some poor kid napping facedown next to SCIFI.COM's "Big Frakkin Bag":

And for all those BSG fans, a close-up of that bag:

Jeffrey Richard
1. neutronjockey
The dude laying face down needs to be sent in to the Fail blog.

Surviving SDCC: FAIL.
Mike Frighetto
2. Mjfrig
Are you sure he was alive? He looks like he collapsed there.
Dot Lin
5. fangirl
that 'fail' blog is hilarious.

the kid's mom (?) calmly watched me take a photo of him, so I think he's okay. just conned out.
Dot Lin
6. fangirl
and check out ebay for the bag- I hear from blogosphere that there are some big frakkin auctions going on there.
7. B M A C
My friend who works at SciFi in the statistics and ratings area reported that there were several near riots over those stupid things.
Brian Eisley
8. brianeisley
Just to follow up: I did get one on eBay later that day. Cost me about $15--a small price to pay for the irrationally high level of happiness it gave me.

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