Jul 23 2008 6:34pm

SDCC: Under construction

After a day of travel, is reconstituting itself in San Diego, much like transformer-style robots that reassemble into Irene Gallo, Liz Gorinsky, Pablo Defendini, David Moldawer, Faith Cheltenham, Carey Tse, Jim Frenkel, Eric Raab, Brian Vaughan, Dot Lin, Patty Garcia, and me.  Okay, not actually much like that.  This morning we're setting up the booth we share with Tor-Books-the-publisher and manga publisher (and Tor distribution client) Seven Seas. Over the next several days we'll be extensively blogging the vast "geek prom," but before we got started, I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the event under construction.

Below, the view directly across from us.  Uh oh.

Claire Eddy
1. ceddy
As long as you don't see a zippy yellow bird or a cyoyte you should be fine.

Have a great time!

Christina Harcar
2. spotgloss
It's always amazing how book fairs and trade shows and cons are total chaos until an hour before the doors open and suddenly the wrinkles just fall out of everyone's clothes. I hope you all have a great time and a safe trip back!

BTW, I always wanted to put Bartman in a plastic bag -- nice, cathartic image, Patrick.
Laurel Amberdine
3. amberdine
If you see tempting piles of birdseed, RUN AWAY.

(It looks fun!)
Scott Taylor
4. izzylobo
Hey, doesn't every really fun party need a supply of dynamite?
Irene Gallo
5. Irene
I have to say, the union guys really _were_ nice about warning me that I might get run apposed to, you know, just running me flat. Certainly there were times I deserved it.
6. rogerothornhill
Please let us know in a later post if a large anvil is unpacked from any of those crates.

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