Jul 28 2008 12:23am

SDCC: Saturday round-up, and more Costoomz...

Bring Your Terra Cotta Army

Unfortunately, I found out first-hand just how big Saturday is. I had six panels of interest and I got in to only two. An hour-long wait in line wasn't enough to get into the Battlestar Galactica panel in Exhibition Hall 20--it really should have been in Hall H. These guys to the right got in, for obvious reasons.

So I went instead to the Adult Swim’s casting session for a live-action version of “Carl” from the series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I even got myself a Carl costume, white tank top (3 X's too big, I’m only 160 lbs) and blue women’s sweat pants (a perfect fit).

But as there’s not much for me to report from the panels--and because I missed the Masquerade Ball (down for a moment at the hotel last night to unwind around 10pm, my system crashed and didn't reboot until this morning)--I’m going to supplement this round-up with another edition of costoomz... 

Bumblebee with disinterested wife. 

The Fett reunion is always a good time. Elvis lives. 

A fully-poseable costume of the obscure Transformer “Blaster,” the Autobots answer to Shockwave. She did not transform. But notice also the Jawa in the background with remote control mini-droid (from the Death Star, the name eludes me). 

Steampunk (?) Darth Vader and Lesiure Suit Boba Fett. 

Fantasy Celebrity Sighting of the Day

Ralph Bakshi, animation pioner and creator of the cult fantasy animated film Wizards. There he is signing my copy of his new biography/complete works, which I found a bit strange but what the hell, it was the one item/autograph I was most excited about getting--just slightly more so than Chip Kidd.

Samantha Brandt
1. Talia
Intensive googling provided me with the name of
"mouse robot" for that little droid.
Samantha Brandt
2. Talia
Actually, specifically, its the MSE-6 droid, sometimes referred to as the mouse droid.

Oh looky, there's an "edit" button for posts. No "delete" though. Oh well, too late now.
Chris Meadows
3. Robotech_Master
I wouldn't call Blaster "obscure" exactly. He was one of the major characters of the original Transformers: The Movie (though I can't remember whether he was introduced in that or in one of the earlier series).
4. aloneconformist
you're right... he's not obscure to attentive fans but i was thinking more of casual viewers. besides, my copy was changed to something almost unintelligible. it was originally said, "somewhat obscure," which i think is appropriate.

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