Jul 15 2008 4:35pm

The Running of the Dozois

Every year, there's a new volume of the Year's Best Science Fiction edited by Gardner Dozois. This year marks the 25th edition. There are a lot of genre year's best anthologies, but this is the longest running. These days I find myself reading less science fiction and more fantasy and speculative fiction (think Kelly Link or Jeff VanderMeer or Jeffrey Ford or Lucius Shephard or Theodora Goss to name a few) so I always enjoy going through the new volume to get my SF fix, so to speak.

Since 2002, I've rushed out to the bookstore to read the yearly summation in the front of the book and the review the list of the Honorable Mentions in the back of the book. I can't speak for everyone, but I know a lot of people who do the same thing.

Electric Velocipede No. 10We all do this for very selfish reasons. We're either authors or publishers, but we're both looking for some recognition of the work we've done. For an author, it's fairly simple the scroll the list and find your name (yay!) or not (sob!) but for me, it's a little trickier. I have to scan the right-hand side of the list to see where the Honorable Mentions were published. And then I go back through the list and scan the names for the people I've published just in case I missed something.

Before you get ready to sent me some consolatory flowers (or candy, which is the better way to go), I am searching the list for Electric Velocipede, which stands out fairly readily from the other text. This year I was also looking Logorrhea, which as you may imagine, also stands out nicely from the surrounding text. And there's the fact that many publications don't get any mentions at all, so no need to feel sorry for me (I will, however, still take candy if you have a wont to send it).

So whenever the book comes out, there is the annual tradition of posting your Honorable Mentions online. I won't try to keep track of all the authors doing this, but after the break there are some links to lists from publishers who have had a chance to see the book.

The book just came out this month, so there aren't that many places that have had a chance to go through it and post their respective Honorable Mentions.

Here are mine (from Electric Velocipede, the Logorrhea anthology, and the William Shunn chapbook):

Here are Neil Clarke's (from Clarkesworld Magazine):

Here are Sean Wallace's (from Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales, and also from Clarkesworld Magazine):

Here are Doug Cohen's (Doug works for Realms of Fantasy):

Alison Scott
1. AlisonScott
The practice of scanning a publication quickly for mentions of yourself or your writing has a good traditional fannish name; the egoscan. I think it's a universal trait really; one thing I've noticed when blogging about obscure music is that the people who produced it tend to turn up in the comments, grateful for crumbs of attention for their fine albums that sank without trace decades earlier. 
John Klima
2. john_klima
I typically eschew the word 'ego' or phrases like 'ego-boo' or 'egoscan' but I know I'm really just kidding myself. I try to hide behind the facade of working to increase my magazine's presence or finding new markets, but it's really a quick way to put a smile on my face.

And I totally get the music thing. I wrote about Stanton Moore, a jazz drummer, on my blog and got a free CD from his label.
Joe Sherry
3. jsherry
It's way cool that you have so many stories listed.  I've been following / reading EV for a few issues now and while I can only order single issues, I've very much enjoyed what I've read and look forward to ordering each issue.
John Klima
4. john_klima
Thanks Joe! Getting listed in Gardner's anthology is doubly cool for me this year as I did not publish much that was straightforward science fiction last year. More everything trended towards the fantastic.

I expect that the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror will have more stories from me in their Honorable Mentions. That's in addition to the Abraham story getting reprinted in the volume.
Soon Lee
5. SoonLee
At least you don't make a regular habit of googling yourself. Or do you?
John Klima
6. john_klima
LOL! Well, I have a few Google alerts set up and some other RSS feeds based off searches. The search terms are:

Electric Velocipede
Logorrhea Klima

That why I can find reviews, discussions, etc. of either the magazine or the anthology. I try to pretend this is only for practical work-related purposes.
Paul Abbamondi
7. pabba
I'll probably making a trip to the bookstore soon to scan the back of the book. Not for myself, actually, as I don't think I'll be seeing my long Italian name in there, but for my friends. It is always nice to see them--and some smaller press zines like Shimmer and Flytrap--get some recognition.
Eric Marin
8. ericmarin
I do the same thing, John. I saw a copy of Gardner's new YBSF anthology in a small bookstore while on vacation a week or so ago and immediately began paging through the Honorable Mentions section for references to Lone Star Stories. A copy of the anthology is now on my bookshelf. *grin*

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