Jul 24 2008 12:53am

SDCC: No Lunch for Exhibitionists

Comic Con hadn't even started (T minus 5, 4, 3...hours to Preview Night), and already, people behind the scenes were feeling the heat.

This goes out to all the people, young and old, who stuff those gift bags, maintain crowd control, and take those Starbucks orders for mocha venti frappucinos with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Exhibit A--The young man behind the Exhibitor registration counter at 12 pm:

"Wait, what company are you from?" he said and swayed.

We gave him the information and noticed him staring into space at some faraway point above his laptop computer.

"Wait, what was your name again?" he said and tilted. We watch with horror as his eyes flickered and start to roll towards the back of his head.

"Are you okay??" we asked him.

"Oh, y-yeah," he said, righting himself back up. "I just...I just haven't...had l-lunch today yet," he finished faintly.

Exhibit B - The guy regulating a line outside the convention center at 2 pm:

"Hey! What's this line for?" I asked him.

"Oh, this line is for the pro registrants," he said. "And this line is for the...ex...exhib...exhibitionists."

I smile at him.

"Wait, no," he shakes his head. "I've been saying this so much all day, sorry about that."

"Exhibitors?" I say.

"Yes, that's it," he says.

"Did you have lunch?' I ask.

"Uh, you know, now that you mention it..." he says.

Rich Rennicks
1. RichR
Hi Dot,

Have fun out there and I hope you're not skipping meals.

Irene Gallo
2. Irene
Comic con -- where I discover that I'm not the only one who takes on the fetching combo of crankiness and indecision when blood sugar drops.
3. cDave
Never forget the 5 2 1 rule of Conventions.
"be sure to get a minimum of five hours of sleep, two meals, and one shower a day."
Rich Rennicks
5. RichR
Hey, cDave. Those are good rules. I have trouble living by them at the best of times...
Stefan Raets
6. Stefan
You know, with some of the costumes out there, a line for exhibitionists would actually not be a bad idea... :) Hope you're enjoying San Diego, Dot!

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