Jul 19 2008 9:37pm

Into the Pixel

Artist Cyril van der Hagen pointed me to a USAToday article on a video game art exhibit, Into the Pixel, and the slide show it links to. Great work and great to see it get such mainstream coverage.

From the article:
"Curators from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Getty Museum join video game experts on the jury. "I have no trouble looking at their work and asking myself the same set of questions that I ask about old masters, but I don't compare them to old or new masters," says Louis Marchesano, collections curator of prints and drawings at L.A.'s Getty Research Institute. "In the final analysis, they have to stand on their own. Are they worth looking at? Do they get to me and play my emotions?"
Seen here: Richard Anderson's painting for Guild Wars.
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Jeffrey Richard
1. neutronjockey
Have you looked at the stuff produced from the art dept of the online game EvE? There's a .pdf preview here of their art coffee table book: PDF warning .

I'm surprised their lead artist, Börkur Eiríksson's art wasn't included.

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