Jul 26 2008 5:46am

Fuzzy Heroes III: The Final (Promise!) Fuzzing

Because they told me back in Blog School that the key to building an audience was to seize on a hot topic and, er, worry it like a bone...

Because the question of what precisely Batman did to the dogs in The Dark Knight remains the overriding issue of our day, I ended up being interviewed by phone on the issue for Bloggasm. Simon also tracked down PETA's blogger, Christine Doré, to get additional comments on her two "animal-friendly superhero" items.That part's mostly just amusing. But the article adds value to the discussion by noticing that dog metaphors (or at least clichés) may be a running theme of the movie, which bears paying attention to on a second viewing.


[Image courtesy Lolcat Builder. Caption text courtesy - me!]


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