Jul 22 2008 4:05am

Fuzzy Heroes II: The Fuzzening

Over the weekend I blogged about PETA's list of the Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes. Via an update on CWR, I see that PETA has kicked Batman off the island because of his dog combat in The Dark Knight. (Hellboy replaces him.) PETA Dudes. I have two words for you: Self. Defense.

By the by, I read somewhere people saying that Batman tossed one of the dogs out the window during the big skyscraper fight. I didn't see it that way, and I was kind of alert for the possibility of a dog getting pitched. In my experience, an American movie will show you almost any kind of atrocity against human beings, but will scrupulously avoid graphic despoliation of Fluffy. My recollection is that, in Shooter, where the Feds' murder of the protagonist's dog becomes a major motivation,  the movie keeps the dog's death safely offscreen. Am I misremembering either or both of these movies?

Meanwhile, the weekend is over, and I'd like to open this thread to completely spoilerous discussion of the movie.

Ace the Bathound!

Mike Brotherton
1. Mike Brotherton
Looked like to me a dog got pitched off into an unfinished stairwell right at the start of that final fight with the Joker. I, too, was okay with it as self defense.
Mike Brotherton
2. Ingsoc_Bloc
One word: Anchorman.

Jack Black punts Ron Burgundy's dog off an overpass. Presumably he's not on PETA's list.

Re: Batman, I'm with you, Mike - pretty sure Batman diverts the dog that jumps at him down a stairwell or elevator shaft.
Dave Bell
3. DaveBell
I have little respect for PETA.

I know the history, and what used to be done in the movies, a long time ago. It wasn't PETA who changed that, and they look like the frothing lunatic fringe, rather than the people who do anything useful.
Julian Hall
4. Jules
Dave - PETA don't look like the frothing lunatic fringe. They _are_ the frothing lunatic fringe. I mean, seriously. They held a demonstration in my town a few weeks ago. Against eating meat. They had one of their members painted up to look like she'd been cooked, sitting on top of a barbecue. I have no words for this other than "frothing" and "lunatic". Seriously.
Mike Brotherton
5. Melisa
It's a stairwell like Mike said. And while animal violence makes me cringe (okay real human violence also makes me cringe) Batman was definitely defending himself. What else could he have done? Silly PETA.
Earl Cooley
6. shiva7663
Not having read the original source material, I was under the impression that Hellboy kept cats because he eats them. Yay for People Eating Tasty Animals. heh.
Paul Abbamondi
7. pabba
I kinda sorta remember Batman knocking a dog aside and it disappearing over an edge--whether it was a building's edge or that of a stairwell is too hazy to remember. But still, PETA, get over it. T'was only self defense. What was the Dark Knight expected to do? Give them chin-rubs?
Jesse Morris
8. JDavid
It's really very interesting the way PETA treats their Bambi-obsessed Disney movie fueled anthropomorphizing of all animal life as a political agenda.
Mike Brotherton
9. strasmangelo jones
I applaud the use of the Old Codger Wayne graphic.
Mike Brotherton
10. Document
shiva7663: In Hellboy II he disobeyed orders and endangered the mission to save a cat from being eaten, so my money's on no. But at least we still have Sergeant Schlock.
Mike Brotherton
11. SeanJA
Maybe they oppose the eating of said 'tasty animals'.. but it seems that the are all for the killing and torturing of people two of the 'heroes' on the list:

Animal man:
...in Animal Man #15, Animal Man saves a group of dolphins from cruel fishers and drops the villains in the ocean to drown

Wolverine and Jean Grey (whos name the author can't spell):
...and offers to return the favor on behalf of his furry friends. Using her psychic powers, Jean Gray instead makes the boys experience in their minds the pain and suffering that they caused to their innocent victims

What we should take from this is:
if you see someone flushing a toilet, it is ok to drown them... I guess...
Eric Tolle
12. ErictheTolle
Self defene is no excuse. Obviously Bats should have let himself get eaten, because the little furry darlings must have been starving.
Eric Scharf
13. EricScharf
Serves Bats right; he's had dozens of opportunities to have Selina Kyle spayed, and he's never followed through.

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