Jul 20 2008 3:26am

Fuzzy Heroes

GnortOne of my running topics on Unqualified Offerings and The Art of the Possible in the last year or so has been animal welfare and the possibility that "animal rights" of various sorts may exist. So I was amused to see, via Comics Worth Reading, that PETA's blog has a new entry on the "Top 10 Animal-Friendly Superheroes." As Johanna notes on CWR, the choices "indicate a real familiarity with the source material." I find myself asking, did they leave anyone out? and the only answer I get is, "Maybe Vixen." Back in the 1970s, there was an issue of Daredevil where he killed a giant bat with a broken piece of billy club, but he felt bad about it. No lie, he swore vengeance on his opponent for forcing him to kill a giant bat.


1. rogerothornhill
I'd forgotten how much I love Gnort. Also the doglike being from 80s alternative comics who worked (among other things) with humans in zero gravity. I'm not a PETA person, but somewhere in this metaverse there should be an archive.
Jim Henley
2. Supplanter
Gnort was great. I don't remember the 80s alternative dog, alas. But there's a talking dog in the current Guardians of the Galaxy series who may become a great character.
Doug Tonks
3. Doug Tonks
rogerothornhill is no doubt talking about Dalgoda by Jan Strnad and Dennis Fujitake put out by Fantagraphics. Some of the issues reprinted Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse's Bojeffries Saga. Fun comics and worth digging up if you've never seen them.

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