Jul 20 2008 4:19pm

Little Brother at the Lake

Cory Doctorow will be live online today in Firedoglake’s Sunday book salon, to talk about Little Brother, science fiction, fantasy, the universe, and related subjects. The book salon starts at 5 p.m. EDT in the comment thread of the Book Salon post.

I expect that many of you are familiar with FDL – I know some of you are members of the community there, as am I. Some of you might even be principals there (Hi, Christy!). Firedoglake is a big part of the progressive blogosphere, a place for sharp political and legal analysis, progressive activism, and warm community. It’s a natural venue for Cory and I expect that the conversation today will turn from his marvelous novel to the issues of privacy and surveillance that he’s talking about. It’ll be great.

So come dive into the Lake this afternoon! The water’s fine.

Larry Scroggins
1. LeisureSuitLarry
Just a quick comment about Little Brother. Simply one of the best books I've read this year and in recent memory. I left a glowing review of it on Amazon. I probably should compliment Cory a little more by actually purchasing a copy of one of his books.
Earl Cooley
2. shiva7663
I bought my hardcopy of Little Brother at a chain store, and was pleased to find a small square security device affixed inside the book. That's hard to beat for an ironic memento of the occasion.
Beth Meacham
3. bam
Shiva, I love that.

Thanks for buying books, folks. It makes it possible for all of us to power our lives.

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