July, 2008

Thu Jul 31
Ancient Secrets by Alison Scott
Wed Jul 30
Old News by Alison Scott
Tue Jul 29
Mon Jul 28
Market Acceptance by John Klima
Sun Jul 27
SDCC: SF authors panel by David Moldawer
Tor.com Flickr Group by David Moldawer
Who's watching back? by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Sat Jul 26
SDCC: Marvel by David Moldawer
Fri Jul 25
RPGs: Some RIPs by Bruce Baugh
Thu Jul 24
Finding the Doctor by Constance Cochran
Name that Tune by Melissa Ann Singer
SDCC: First Impressions by David Moldawer
Comicon of the Mind by Jim Henley
WWHGD? by John Klima
Wed Jul 23
SDCC: Under construction by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Lilypad Cities by Pablo Defendini
Tue Jul 22
Mon Jul 21
Raffle for the KGB by John Klima
Science that made me smile by Melissa Ann Singer
Sun Jul 20
July 20, 1969 by Beth Meacham
Welcome, Early Adopters! by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
The conversation by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Welcome to the Blogosphere by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Ecce Fanno by Moshe Feder
Naming the Plutoids by John Scalzi
Fuzzy Heroes by Jim Henley
Sat Jul 19
Into the Pixel by Irene Gallo
Freebies Bonanza by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Fri Jul 18
Long Excited Cables by Alison Scott
Watchmen Trailer: zomfg. by Pablo Defendini
Thu Jul 17
Surprised By Science Fiction by Constance Cochran
Service R Us by Beth Meacham
Wed Jul 16
Do You Subscribe? by John Klima
Donato is Iron Man by Irene Gallo
Flash in Two Pans by Jim Henley
Tue Jul 15
Tom Disch at Readercon by David Hartwell
Southwestern Seasons by Beth Meacham