Michael F. Flynn
Michael F. Flynn
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Michael F. Flynn is an American science fiction writer born in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1947. He began selling short fiction in 1984, rapidly becoming one of the leading lights in the magazine Analog.

Among his best-known novels are Firestar (1996) and its sequels, Rogue Star (1998), Lodestar (2000), and Falling Stars (2001), and the Spiral Arm series, which comprises The January Dancer (2008), Up Jim River (2010), and two more novels to come. His standalone novel Eifelheim, about a human-alien encounter in 14th-century Europe, was a Hugo Award finalist in 2007. Some of his short fiction has been collected in The Nanotech Chronicles (1991) and The Forest of Time and Other Stories (1997).

Michael F. Flynn lives with his wife in Easton, Pennsylvania.

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