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Leanna Renee Hieber

Fiction and Excerpts [3]

Fiction and Excerpts [3]

Eterna and Omega

|| Book 2 in the Eterna Files. The hidden occult power that menaces both England and America continues to grow. Far from being dangerous, Eterna may hold the key to humanity's salvation.

The Eterna Files (Excerpt)

Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire of the Metropolitan Police to Special Branch Division Omega, a group that secretly investigates paranormal and supernatural events and persons. Spire's first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality.

Crafting Stories with Jewelry

In this ongoing series, we ask SF/F authors to describe a specialty in their lives that has nothing (or very little) to do with writing. Join us as we discover what draws authors to their various hobbies, how they fit into their daily lives, and how and they inform the author’s literary identity!

While writing is the core of my artistic life, I live a renaissance one. I have devoted education, passion and countless hours to nearly every aspect of the arts since as early as I can remember and have worked in the arts in varied degrees of professional capacity since I was a teen.

When asked what I’d do if I wasn’t focusing on writing, I say I’d go back to the stage and resume the classical and Shakespearean career that I set aside because my Strangely Beautiful series was more important. Thankfully, writing novels has been keeping me too busy to run the audition gauntlet. Still, doing something physical is an important way for me to access my full artistic capacity and often helps with any walls I’ve written myself up against. My extensive theatrical training shapes how I think about and craft stories, but that’s a broad connection.

In terms of specificity, I hadn’t thought an ancillary artistic pursuit would affect the way I thought about, say, my books’ magic systems, until I started making jewelry.

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Eterna and Omega

In New York City, fearing the dangers of the Eterna Compound—supposedly the key to immortality—Clara Templeton buries information vital to its creation. The ghost of her clandestine lover is desperate to tell her she is wrong, but though she is a clairvoyant, she cannot hear him.

In London, Harold Spire plans to send his team of assassins, magicians, mediums, and other rogue talents to New York City, in an attempt to obtain Eterna for Her Royal Majesty, Queen Victoria. He stays behind to help Scotland Yard track down a network of body snatchers and occultists, but he’ll miss his second-in-command, Rose Everhart, whose gentle exterior masks a steel spine.

Rose’s skepticism about the supernatural has been shattered since she joined Spire’s Omega Branch. Meeting Clara is like looking into a strange mirror: both women are orphans, each is concealing a paranormal ability, and each has a powerful and attractive guardian who has secrets of his own.

Leanna Renee Hieber’s gaslamp fantasy series continues and the action ramps up in Eterna and Omega—available August 9th from Tor Books.

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The Eterna Files (Excerpt)

London, 1882: Queen Victoria appoints Harold Spire of the Metropolitan Police to Special Branch Division Omega. Omega is to secretly investigate paranormal and supernatural events and persons. Spire, a skeptic driven to protect the helpless and see justice done, is the perfect man to lead the department, which employs scholars and scientists, assassins and con men, and a traveling circus. Spire’s chief researcher is Rose Everhart, who believes fervently that there is more to the world than can be seen by mortal eyes.

Their first mission: find the Eterna Compound, which grants immortality. Catastrophe destroyed the hidden laboratory in New York City where Eterna was developed, but the Queen is convinced someone escaped—and has a sample of Eterna.

Also searching for Eterna is an American, Clara Templeton, who helped start the project after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln nearly destroyed her nation. Haunted by the ghost of her beloved, she is determined that the Eterna Compound—and the immortality it will convey—will be controlled by the United States, not Great Britain.

The first ina new Victorian fantasy series, Leanna Renee Hieber’s The Eterna Files is available February 10th from Tor Books. Read an excerpt below!

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Too Fond

In “Too Fond,” by author Leanna Renee Hieber, Eloise Browne’s leaden heart becomes softened by the entrance into her world of Mr. McGill, the owner of the nearby mill. His tragic story and her compassionate gift tangle themselves into something altogether new… and not altogether welcome.

This short story was edited and acquired for by Tor Books editor Melissa Singer.

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