John Scalzi
John Scalzi

John Scalzi is an American science fiction writer and nonfiction writer born in California and living in southern Ohio.  He won the 2006 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and his debut novel Old Man’s War was a finalist for science fiction’s Hugo Award. Subsequent fiction in the “Old Man’s War” sequence includes the novels The Ghost Brigades, The Last Colony (a finalist for the 2008 Hugo Award), and Zoe’s Tale, along with the short works “Questions for a Soldier,“ “The Sagan Diary,” and fantasy parody ”The Shadow War of the Night Dragon, Book One: The Dead City." Other novels include The Android’s Dream, Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation, and the forthcoming Redshirts. He is also the author of several works of nonfiction including The Rough Guide to the Universe, The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies, and You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop: Scalzi on Writing.

His story “After the Coup” is set in the universe of Old Man’s War.

His weblog The Whatever dates back to 1998, before the word “weblog” was coined; today it is one of the most widely-read web sites in modern SF. He has acknowledged, however, that he will probably never be more famous on the Internet than he was in the few days after he blogged, with pictures, about having taped bacon to his cat.

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