Anna & Elena Balbusso
Anna & Elena Balbusso

ANNA & ELENA BALBUSSO: International Award Winning 2D Digital,
Children’s Book, Magazine, Commercial Art Illustrators

Anna & Elena Balbusso, twins from Italy, live and work in Milan. Since
1994they have worked as a freelance team illustrating in Italy, France, U.S.,
United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea. Their works have been published
bymajor publishers and companies through out the world on various media
typessuch as book jackets, magazines, newspapers, in house corporate, ads,
children’s books and classic novels.

The Balbussos’ work has been recognized by Communication Arts, 3x3 The
Magazine Of Contemporary Illustration, Applied Arts Magazine, the Society
ofIllustrators NY, American Illustration, Print European Regional Design and
the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. In 2010 they have been awarded the Gold
Medal in the book category of the Society of Illustrators, NY 53 Annual
exhibition and a Silver Medal, 3x3 children’s show.

Their work is featured in the Communication Arts Design Annual 51 - 2010
with an eight page article written by Bonnie Smeet and 16 samples of their
work. They have been members of the Society of Illustrators of New York
since 2009. Anna and Elena Balbusso graduated from the Brera Accademy of
Fine Arts where they specialized in painting.