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Fiction and Excerpts [5]

Fiction and Excerpts [5]

Envy of Angels Audio Excerpt

, || Listen to an audio excerpt from Matt Wallace's ENVY OF ANGELS--welcome to the underground gourmet restaurant Sin du Jour, where demons go to satisfy their culinary cravings. Read by Corey Gagne.

Reinvent Fantasy with Publishing!

To celebrate the launch of Victor LaValle’s The Ballad of Black Tom (out next Tuesday) and Housing Works’ annual Geek Week, we’re teaming up with WORD Bookstores to bring you a fantastic evening of great books, beer, and conversation with some of your favorite authors! LaValle will join Maria Dahvana Headley (Magonia) and Daniel Polansky (The Builders) in a discussion led by’s own Emily Asher-Perrin and Ryan Britt (Luke Skywalker Can’t Read) about the ways they’re taking on, lovingly reimagining, and rewriting the rules of fantasy.

The panel will kick off at 7 p.m. on February 23rd at Housing Works Bookstore Café in Manhattan, and we’ll have your choice of free Brooklyn Lager or Sixpoint Sweet Action for the first 96 people to arrive (while supplies last). RSVP here!

Worlds Without End is Challenging Readers to Explore’s Short Fiction

Well, color us flattered: Worlds Without End, an online database committed to identifying the best science fiction, fantasy, and horror books for readers, has announced the Short Fiction Reading Challenge. This is just one of the many “Roll Your Own” reading challenges that WWEnd hosts; other specialized challenges for 2016 include reading 13 Brandon Sanderson books in a year, or reading 12 books by 12 new-to-you female authors in the same length of time. As WWEnd is adding short fiction to its database, they thought it would be the perfect timing to inspire readers to discover new short works.

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Announcing the 2015 BSFA Awards Shortlist

The British Science Fiction Association is extremely pleased and proud to announce the shortlist for the 2015 BSFA Awards. This shortlist has been drawn up from the most popular titles nominated by members of the BSFA, who will now have the opportunity decide the winners in each category, voting along with attendees of the long-established science fiction convention, Eastercon, which this year takes place in Manchester. The ceremony will take place on Saturday 26th March.

Chair Donna Scott said: “The BSFA Awards are fan awards, and we’re really proud of them. Our members are very insightful, and often their choices are seen to do very well in other awards later in the year. The Best Novel list includes a good mix of more established names like Ian McDonald, but also Dave Hutchinson, who seems to have hit the floor running with his first two novels and is scooping up accolades everywhere. I’m also thrilled to see Aliette de Bodard make this list too, having done so well in our Best Short Fiction lists in previous years.”

[Full list of nominees below…]

Check Out the Cover Art for’s Spring and Summer Titles

We’ve been busy this week revealing the covers for Publishing’s spring and summer line-up, with a little help from the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog and SF Signal. It’s an exciting season for us—we’ve got something for everyone, from cyberpunk to high fantasy, and everything in between! We’re also excited to publish our first novel with Malka Older, plus new series additions from Matt Wallace, Tim Lebbon, and Andy Remic.

Check out all the covers below!

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Brandon Sanderson’s The Bands of Mourning Debuts on the New York Times Bestseller List!

Wax and Wayne are really growing on readers! The third book in Brandon Sanderson’s second Mistborn trilogy, The Bands of Mourning, has officially debuted at #6 on the New York Times Fiction Hardcover Bestseller List!

To put that into some perspective: the preceding Mistborn novel Shadows of Self debuted at #8, and it is rare for a book’s sequel to debut even higher. From chatter both here on and in the reading public at large, it seems as if Bands has been very happily received for not only continuing the adventures of Wax and Wayne, but for throwing back the curtain on another portion of the overall Cosmere that Sanderson’s books preside within. (And, naturally, revealing the existence of yet another new Mistborn book!)

Readers and fans can congratulate Brandon himself today (Thursday) at 4 PM EST on Twitter, as Audible is hosting a live chat with the author. Just use the #SandersonChat hashtag to join.

The Bands of Mourning has also debuted at #3 on the NYT Ebook Bestsellers List, as well as the combined NYT Print & Ebook Bestsellers List. Congrats Brandon and Team Sanderson!


Revealing the Covers for’s August Releases!

We’re wrapping up our week of cover reveals with August, which includes a fantasy quest (complete with giant spider) from Adrian Tchaikovsky and a dystopian vision of the future from New Statesman contributing editor Laurie Penny. Thank you to the B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog and SF Signal for taking part in our week of cover reveals by showing off the first looks at our June and July covers!

Check out the cover art for August below!

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Cover Reveal for Fran Wilde’s Cloudbound and Updraft

We’re pleased to reveal the covers for Fran Wilde’s new novel, Cloudbound, plus the trade paperback edition of Wilde’s first novel, Updraft! Both covers are illustrated by Tommy Arnold, who perfectly captures the dynamic look of Wilde’s Bone Universe novels. Updraft introduced readers to a city above the clouds—and its secretive governing body—through the eyes of Kirit, a young woman chosen to become a Singer. Cloudbound returns to the towers of living bone—this time to tell the story of Nat Densira, who, along with Kirit Skyshouter, finds more in the grey expanse than he ever expected…

Cloudbound will be published in September 2016 by Tor Books. Check out both covers below!

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Some of the Best from 2015 is Free to Download Now!

We are thrilled to announce the 2015 edition of Some of the Best from, an anthology of twenty-one of our favorite short stories, novelettes, and novellas, selected from the nearly fifty stories we published this year. Of course, you can always read these—and all other— stories for free whenever you’d like, but starting today the 2015 anthology will be available world-wide as a single, easy to read, free mini ebook!

To get your copy—available in pdf, epub, and mobi/prc formats—simply register for our site, log in, and head below for the download links!

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Daniel Polansky and Myke Cole on The Builders and Terrible Secrets

Says Daniel Polansky, author of The Builders, “Years ago, while backpacking through the slums and fleshpots of East Asia, I found out something so terrible about Myke Cole, so utterly disgraceful, that in exchange for keeping it silent he has been forced to feign an affection for my writing entirely out of proportion to its actual merit. Exhibit Q of this Faustian bargain follows, in which Myke and I, hidden in the bowels of Tor and drinking a very modest autumn ale which Myke insisted was too hoppy because he only likes appletinis (this is not the terrible secret, but it might be), wax poetic about The Builders, and generally talk a lot of nonsense.”

Authors: They’re full of secrets. You want to find out what those secrets are? The answers (or at least some of them) are in the audio below!

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Revealing the Covers for’s May Releases!

We’re kicking off a week of cover reveals by showing off the amazing artwork we’ve lined up for our May titles! We have a new novella by Updraft author Fran Wilde set in a glittering gemstone world; the thrilling sequel to Tim Lebbon’s Pieces of Hate (out in March!); and a debut science fiction novella from S.B. Divya about the cyborg’s Tour de France.

Check out all the cover art below!

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Tommy Arnold Shares Some of His Favorite SFF Artwork in His Reddit AMA!

As part of r/fantasy’s Artist & Illustrator Week, Tommy Arnold conducted an engaging AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread in which he talked about how to make a living as an illustrator, the importance of having a “goal” folder, and—the most fun part—some of his favorite book covers and cover art. Arnold has illustrated many covers for Tor books and Original stories, plus the cover for Patchwerk (above), a forthcoming novella by David Tallerman; you can also see his art on Orbit Books titles, the Game of Thrones card game, and Magic: The Gathering cards. We’ve rounded up the highlights of his Q&A, plus included the specific pieces of artwork he discusses. Read on and feast your eyes!

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