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TONS of Writing Advice from Fran Wilde’s Uplifting Updraft AMA!

Fran Wilde’s debut novel, Updraft, has taken flight! The coming-of-age tale takes us to a wonderful yet harsh skyworld, as Kirit Densira inadvertently breaks Tower Law, and must join her city’s secretive governing body, the Singers, rather than joining her mother as a trader. But can she master her dangerous training at the Spire, the tallest, most forbidding tower, deep at the heart of the City? And while Wilde is embarking on a fantastic author tour this October, she also spent some time over at reddit holding a fun AMA that was packed with great writing advice. We’ve rounded up some of the highlights below! You can also read an excerpt of Updraft here, and check out one of Wilde’s poems here!

[So much advice!]

When You Play the Game of Burgers, You Get Full

Bob’s Burgers is no stranger to Game of Thrones: Last season saw Louise dreaming up a crossover full of cat-dragons and punny characters like Bobdor. Now, Imgur user CarlosDanger101 has bridged the two again, with his drawings of the inhabitants of Westeros and its surrounding lands in the style of the irreverent animated series. We especially like crazy-eyed Joffrey, and how Loras Tyrell looks a bit like Jimmy Junior. Check out the whole gallery, which features nearly every character. (Hat-tip to Nerdist for finding!)

Afternoon Roundup brings you the most unfilmable books, analysis of the literal and figurative middle of Mad Max: Fury Road, and Anthony Daniels being charmingly frank about Star Wars!

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My Neighbor…Chewie?

My Neighbor Totoro lends itself to mashups. The sweet innocence of Totoro and his relationship with Mei and Satsuki, his protective nature, his iconic snuggliness… it all combines to make him a natural fit for our mashup-loving culture. The good people over at Dorkly gathered up some of the best homages to the super sweet scene of Totoro and Satsuki waiting for the Catbus together. So who are Luke, Yoda, and My Neighbor Chewie waiting for? Is a Sarlaacbus on the horizon?

[We can’t even decide which is our favorite.]

#ScienceAMovieQuote Makes Your Favorite Movies That Much Punnier

Love quoting classic movies? Love science puns? Then paleontologist Jon Tennant and neuroinformatics development officer Helena Ledmyr have your number, because they came up with the #ScienceAMovieQuote hashtag. It all started when Tennant tweeted out the joke “I love the smell of null hypothesis rejection in the morning”; as he told The LA Times, he realized that many researchers tweet about their projects. Once Ledmyr saw his tweet, she was quick to come up with the hashtag—and now the rest of Twitter has joined in.

[Check out our favorite tweets!]

This is So the Droid You’re Looking For

#ForceFriday comes a day early! Sphero has utilized their manufacturing of robotic balls in the best possible way: They’ve created a mini BB-8 droid that will fill the hole in your life ever since the life-size one first appeared in the first The Force Awakens trailer. This little guy—he’s the size of an orange!—can roll around your house, play with puppies (there’s already video of this), and follow your every command via an appGizmodo already has a review! (Lucky bastards.)

Afternoon Roundup brings you a Mr. Robot post-mortem, fantasy mapmaking, and the hottest club in the universe!

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These Dice Are A Critical 3D Printed Hit!

Felicia Day shared this fantastic 3D-printed D20! Idellwig designed the die, whose Braille numbers will make play simpler for visually-impaired gamers. You can download your own dice over at Thingiverse!

Morning Roundup brings you a look at the diverse worlds of Star Wars, a further look at the legacy of Hannibal, and new from the Iron Islands!

[Plus, we question the sanity of Agent Fox Mulder.]

I’m Henry V8, I Am, I Am

“During class today I accidentally wrote down HENRY V8 instead of Henry VIII,” artist hattedhedgehog wrote on Tumblr, “and so…” it led to this amazing mashup. So, clearly the next step is to see Henry’s wives, living and dead, as The Wives! Or would Anne Boleyn make a better Furiosa?

Afternoon Roundup brings you silent Star Wars characters who deserve spinoffs, Peter Capaldi’s Christmas special companion, and someone who truly understands the sadness of “The End.”

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A Whole New Living Room! A New Fantastic Point of View

Cory Doctorow shared this fabulous piece of home decor! Tonio de Roover looked at the common sofa and asked: “How can this become awesome?” and answered that question by turning it into a magic carpet. Check out out more of de Roover’s work here!

Morning Roundup brings you the first of presumably all the accolades for Mad Max: Fury Road, all the praise for Andrew Garfield, and some hopeful findings from the world of television watching!

[Plus, wildlife documentaries and MURDER.]

Telling Time with Tesla!

This Tesla watch allows you to be on time for appointments while simultaneously honoring one of the greatest scientific minds in all of history! ThinkGeek has allowed itself to be the commercial conduit for this steampunk wonder, which lights up and everything!

Morning Roundup brings you tributes to Oliver Sacks, Wes Craven, and Velvet Goldmine, plus N.K. Jemisin and Ursula K. Le Guin share wisdom, and we look at the true heroism of parenting!

[Plus, a very shy octopus.]

These Superhero/Dragon Ball Z Mashups Are Over Nine Thousaaaand!

Anyone notice something a little different about Wolverine? Something about his face looks fiercer, or like he’s been fused into an even more powerful character… That’s exactly what French artist Pierre-Marie Lenoir did with his “Fusions” series, in which he combines iconic superheroes with equally unmistakable Dragon Ball Z characters. Check out more mashups—we’re fans of his Batman and Robin—at his website! (Hat-tip to Nerd Approved for finding these.)

Afternoon Roundup brings you the truth behind Bill Murray’s Ghostbusters cameo, some lesser-known dystopian adaptations, and the loveliest way to get around!

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Watch the New Trailer for MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles!

During last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, the network released the latest trailer for its adaptation of Terry Brooks’ The Shannara Chronicles! They pack a lot into a minute or so: sweeping shots of ruins and buildings alike, battles of magic and runes and collapsible swords, burning leaves, creatures of dream and nightmare, all set to a pounding EDM beat.

[“It has begun.”]

Say My Adorable Bunny Name!

Benjamin Linus is a talented rabbit. In addition to starring in his own calendar last year, he is now tackling some of the most iconic roles in pop culture through a series of cute cosplays. We couldn’t resist his Walter White homage, but he makes an equally irresistible Doctor, and a striking Daenarys! Check out all of his new looks here!

Morning Roundup brings you Star Wars, now in order! News of the apes! A Ghostbusters reboot we never wanted to see! And some tips on role playing, for all you playas out there.

[Plus, if you’ve ever been baffled by Gremlins 2, we have some answers.]

Harry Potter and the Customer Is Always Right

This whole time, we thought that Harry Potter went straight from the Battle of Hogwarts to Auror training, but judging from this gem an Imgurian found at Gamestop, he took up a second job along the way. This pun is also funny timing, seeing as the Harry Potter Reread just concluded The Order of the Phoenix. (via Nerd Approved)

Afternoon Roundup brings you the creepy downsides of psychic gifts, the secret to Tarantino’s success, and Darth Schwarzenegger!

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Falling Down a Rabbit Hole of Books

Gaze into this subterranean library! Artist Susanna Hesselberg contributed a wonderful work of art to Aarhus’ biannual Sculpture by the Sea festival. The piece titled “When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down,” is made up of books with increasingly dark covers (so as a viewer peers down into the hole, the titles slowly disappear into blackness), and references experimental musician and artist Laurie Anderson. We agree with Mental Floss, however, that there’s a heavy Alice in Wonderland feeling as well, which adds a note of whimsy to an otherwise dark piece.

Morning Roundup looks at Tolkien’s origin story, the changing demographics of the gaming community, and the future of Afrofuturism!

[Plus? Puppies.]

Finn Wields His Lightsaber in New Teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

The latest teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to you via Instagram, which has expanded its photo and video borders to make posts even more cinematic! They’ve certainly achieved that with this awesome (but oh-so-short) spot showing Finn facing off against Kylo Ren. Blue lightsaber versus red… classic.

You can watch the teaser here!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theaters December 18.