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The Best Ant-Man Viral Marketing is the One You Almost Don’t Notice

With its Ant-Man advertising, Marvel had to be careful to toe the line between cutesy/clever and groanworthy. Case in point, the tiny Ant-Man billboards that popped up randomly everywhere. But this bit of viral advertising out in the wild is so wonderfully specific—and not immediately apparent—that we have to tip tiny hats to the marketing team. Our thought process basically reflects this tweet: “Did a car knock over this??” *takes a closer look* “WAIT WHAT”

Afternoon Roundup brings you the perfect ass-kicking, horse-picking-up superheroine; The Force Awakens‘ Finn back when he was defending against a whole other crop of aliens; and a tongue-in-cheek movement against bald baddies.

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This Nursery Has Leveled Up!

Baby Grant’s dad decided to create a magical, Yoshirrific, coin-filled Mario Kart-themed nursery! That is some A+ Dad-ing, Father-of-Baby-Grant! You can check out the whole build process here. And presumably once Grant becomes a moody teen, he can remodel the room to honor Castlevania

Morning Roundup compares Fury Roads to Genysises, looks back at the impactful history of a font, and suggests some deeply depressing cartoons for all the grownup to enjoy.

[Plus, the best thing to happen to Batman V. Superman!]

Sith Lords for Better Highways

Maybe Darth Vader felt just a little guilty about blowing Alderaan to smithereens, because as this photo shows, he did his little bit of goodwill and adopted a highway. Or, you know, a normal person co-opted the Sith Lord’s moniker (and, later, his helmet) to raise awareness about the Adopt-a-Highway program. Virginia bus driver Henry Wakley took it even further when he dressed up as Vader to pick up trash along the roadway—making Anakin truly a role model for the kids.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Frank Miller discussion from the most unexpected source, #firstworldapocalypseproblems, and snarky posthuman commentary.

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Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist… Chihuahua?

Josh Lynch has done us all a great service with his Dogs of the Marvel Universe series. While they are all very good dogs yes they are, this Iron Chihuahua just slightly edged out Ghost Rider Doberman, because, well, look at him! He’s got a martini! He thinks he’s people. You can see all of the adorable dogs (and one nefarious cat!) here.

Morning Roundup brings you another view of Ant-Man, another view of Jar-Jar, and some of the most gorgeous movies ever to grace the screen.

[Plus Mad Max as you’ve never seen him before!]

6 Things We Want to See in the Jurassic World Sequel

After breaking box-office records to become the number 3 top grossing movie, Jurassic World is getting a sequel. Just as the demand for resurrected dinosaurs was high enough to build a theme park in Colin Trevorrow’s fourth installment, the franchise finds a way. And we have some ideas where all of your favorite characters (yes, including Blue) will be in the next Jurassic installment.

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On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Would You Rate Your Bed?

It stands to reason that if giant marshmallow robot/caretaker Baymax is bouncy enough to cushion your fall when you jump out of windows, he would make a pretty sweet bed, too. If you agree, DeNA Shopping has got your number, with its “Baymax Stuffed Animal Sofa Sofa Bed BAYMAX Bed.” You can flop on it, lay it down flat or propped up against the wall to give you a hug… This is Baymax’s truest form.

In today’s Afternoon Roundup, Mr. Robot goes beyond stereotypical onscreen hacking, scientists review Ant-Man very literally, and Jar-Jar tells all!

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These Uncanny Snow Globes Will Chill You Even in the Summer Heat

Snow globes are such a naturally innocuous artistic medium! Whether it’s an ironic Florida-themed one swirling with sand instead of snow, or a vision of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, they’re the sort of knickknacks that just screams “stocking stuffers for Grandma.” Which is why we were excited to find a pair of artists who were trying to revolutionize the form! Over the course of a 22-year-long collaboration, Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz have created many great pieces together, but our personal favorites are the series of horrifying snow globes they’ve made for their “Travelers” series. (Like the Black Mirror Christmas special, they see the opportunity to creep us out with an innocent childhood treasure.) We love the snow-Shelob they’ve created above, but all of the globes raise questions we may not want to answer. Come take a break from the heat with a deeply unsettling celebration of winter!

[If you thought the giant spider was bad…]

Stephen Colbert is the Devourer of Lunch!

Stephen Colbert is easing himself back into America’s consciousness with a series of lunch break conversations! To inaugurate the webseries, he posed as Galactus, as one does. Not content with distracting you from your work in only one way, he’s also released a text-based adventure game! Your character is a handsome gentleman named Stephen Colbert, and you are trapped in a closet…or is it Narnia?

Morning Roundup brings you an alternate insect, a glimpse of the future, and facts about the unicorns of the sea!

[Plus? William Shatner wants to be like common people.]

The Best Part of Waking Up is Hogwarts in Your Cup

We were already onboard with Instagram artist Ghidaq al-Nizar making #nowastecoffee art, transforming the grounds and stains into tiny masterpieces. But then he had to go and make Hogwarts, complete with tiny Hagrid and tinier Harry! (Hat-tip to PopSugar for spotting this.)

Afternoon Roundup brings you your new Arthur cuddling Excalibur, Brian Michael Bendis gushing over AKA Jessica Jones, and Batman v Superman v Facebook!

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“Turn Your Weapons to Snow”: Watch the New Trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2

After its emotional panel at SDCC, Lionsgate has released a new trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2! It’s looking like the majority of the movie will be taken up by Katniss and the rebels’ march into the Capitol, which has been rigged with more traps than all of the other Hunger Games arenas put together. Forget tick tock—every step is a booby-trap, and that’s not even considering all of the mental and emotional warfare President Snow has been waging since the beginning, with his creepy white roses and all.

[Watch the trailer!]

Right Now, In A Rice Field Far, Far Away…

Imgurer the2belo posted this gorgeous shot of rice field art in Aomori, Japan. Since 1993, Inakadate Village has been using purple and yellow rice plants to create art! They began with a picture of Mt. Iwaki, and moved on to the Mona Lisa, samurai warriors, and now, a tribute to The Force Awakens!

Morning Roundup brings you Minecraft news, Lone Gunmen news, and tell of scientific SEA BACON!


The Greatest Ant-Man/Zoolander Crossover You’ll Ever See

Yes, Derek, it’s a center for ants. But we’ll need you to put on a special suit and learn how to rob it—that’s the real plot of Zoolander 2! (Found on Reddit.) Now, where did we put our record player with “Frankie Says Relax” all cued up…

Afternoon Roundup brings you boy bands versus zombie cowboys, how the Muppets ended up back on TV, and news you’ll really want to raise your tankard to!

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Go Behind the Scenes of MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles with These Set Photos

At San Diego Comic-Con, readers of Terry Brooks’ The Shannara Chronicles were delighted to get a detailed look at MTV’s upcoming adaptation of the fantasy series. MTV hasn’t stopped there: Even though the series doesn’t premiere for nearly six more months, the network is building up buzz with fans old and new by posting tons of behind-the-scenes photos.

We get to see the gorgeous New Zealand landscape standing in for the Four Lands, meet our trio—Chosen elf Amberle, half-human/half-elf Wil, and thief Eretria—and even glimpse Brooks himself on the set.

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Christoph Waltz is the Author of Bond’s Pain in the New Spectre Trailer

Bond’s gone rogue! He’s finished! So now he needs to disappear! But not before protecting the daughter of an assassin! And, y’know, figuring out why he is the link between all the members of shadowy crime organization SPECTRE. The latest Spectre trailer also finally shows us Christoph Waltz’s unnamed villain; Andrew Scott is looking pretty sinister, too, but now we know who he is.

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Don’t Twist Your Ankylosaur!

AVP Comedy has brought us the strong female version of Jurassic World we’ve longed for! Their “Jurassic Park Box Set: High Heels Edition” gives us the tense dino action we love, with a fashion-forward focus on footwear. Check out the entire promo here, and let Ian Malcolm teach you how to run from dinosaurs with some flare.

Morning Roundup brings you X-Files rumors and X-Files truths, a meditation on a tiny hero, and suggestions for weird summer reading!

[Plus MacGyver!]