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What if Elsa was a Jedi and Met Toothless?

Perhaps you believed that yesterday’s Force Awakens/Frozen crossover was the most adorable thing you’d ever seen? Well, we see that and raise it: here is a small human, in Elsa/Rey mashup cosplay, gleefully brandishing an icy lightsaber, while riding Toothless!

Take that, internet! And by all means click through for more amazing shots of the small human as she battles her way across Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines.

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How Long Can You Survive on Each Planet?

This sounds like the greatest reality show of all time! Unfortunately, “How Long Can You Survive on Each Planet” is actually a helpful reminder, via Neil deGrasse Tyson, that there’s no place like Earth. (Or at least if there is, we haven’t discovered it yet.)  Thrill as the astrophysicist explains just how quickly you’d die on each non-Earth planet in our solar system! Become slightly nervous as he keeps using the word vaporize!


Disney Synergy at Work!

We’ll admit to being pretty tired of Frozen at this point, but Tumblr-er PannaN has made us love it all over again! Poor Hux just want to coax his buddy Kylo out for some fun, but Kylo is too busy sulking and mourning the loss of Darth Vader. Keep trying Hux! Someday he’ll come out of his shell. Maybe if you sweeten the deal? Try asking him to build a Starkiller Base, and see if that does it.

Stephen King Hints That The Dark Tower Movie Will Actually Be a Sequel to The Dark Tower Books

Stephen King has let slip some potentially massive news about The Dark Tower movie currently in progress. It is EXTREMELY SPOILERY, and talking about it at all requires discussing the ending of the books.

If you’d prefer to go into the movie totally blind, stop here. The rest of you, follow us below the cut and we’ll tell you the details.

[A tower of spoilers awaits!]

Great. Now There are Even More Pokémon to Catch! Will Our Toil Never End?

Dust off your Poké Balls everyone! UK-based artist Dan Martin has discovered thirty new types of Pokémon. He posted the new creatures on his site, Deathbulge, and we have to say some of them look quite formidable. “Drown’d” shouldn’t be too much work, but “Wardroab”? “Full English?? Beeeeee??? That’s six e’s. That’s going to be a tough battle.

Head on over to Deathbulge to see the rest of the new generation!

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One of the Very First Robots SPAT FIRE and Now the London Science Museum is Trying to Rebuild It?

In 1928, less than a decade after Karel Čapek’s science fiction play R.U.R. coined the term robot, the U.K. built its first humanoid robot. Eric debuted at the Society of Model Engineers’ exhibition, where he (or it, as some outlets prefer) wowed attendees with his movements and speech. The 6-foot-tall, 100-pound machine also understandably scared a few humans, thanks to the sparks that flew from his mouth (ON PURPOSE) when he spoke (generated by 35,000 volts of electricity). On an international press tour of sorts, Eric and his fellow robot George wowed Americans, who dubbed him “a nearly perfect man,” according to NPR.

But here’s where the story veers into why-hasn’t-this-been-made-into-an-Oscar-movie-already territory: George was destroyed by a bomb in World War II, and Eric disappeared. Now, the London Science Museum wants to rebuild him from scratch.

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Here’s Your First Look at The Girl With All the Gifts Movie

Exciting news from Cannes: The movie adaptation of M.R. Carey’s novel The Girl With All the Gifts gets a distributor! According to Variety, Saban Films is closing a deal to buy the U.S. distribution rights to the film, which was financed by the British Film Institute and Creative England. The news coincided with the release of the first two photos from the film, starring Gemma Arterton as the schoolteacher who wants to protect the eponymous gifted girl and Glenn Close as the doctor who wants to study her (even if that means cutting into her brain).

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We Welcome Our Giant Tentacle-y Overlords

This is the stuff of cephalopodean nightmares. Erich Chew shared this fabulous GIANT OCTOPUS kite, and we have to admit we were so entranced/horrified by its undulations that we didn’t even notice the equally giant squid in the background! Click through to see the kites in action, and try not to think about how much these guys look like the squiddies that shredded the Nebuchadnezzar in The Matrix

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Take a Little Trip with the First Time After Time Trailer

ABC has released the first trailer for Time After Time, its television adaptation of Karl Alexander’s novel about H.G. Wells creating a time machine (before he wrote the book) and chasing Jack the Ripper through time to stop his killing spree. There are definitely elements of Sleepy Hollow, not to mention the 1979 film adaptation, with Wells (UnREAL‘s Freddie Stroma) stepping out of the time machine in the middle of a museum exhibit. But instead of ’79 San Francisco, Time After Time is set in 2016 New York City.

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“The Word We’re Looking for is Apocalypse” — The Ghostbusters Get Down to Business in a New Trailer

Things are heating up for the Ghostbusters in the second trailer for the series’ reboot. The trailer highlights the everyday workings of the team, from sophisticated ghost-catching technology to somewhat less sophisticated encounters with actual ghosts. We also get a better sense of the film’s plot, including a larger role for a certain handsome receptionist…

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What Do You Expect, Ant-Man? Bucky’s Half Machine!

Janel Drewis is a genius. The animator noticed the greatest Arrested Development Easter egg in Captain America: Civil War, and transformed it into the the story of a wealthy superhero team who lost everything, and the one Iron Man who had no choice but to keep them all together. This might seem odd, but as Vulture points out, the Russo Brothers spent their early career directing sitcoms like Arrested Development and Community before they began peddling superpowered action films, so it’s really touching to see them give a nod to their roots.