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Usher in October with All the Morticias!

Horror pin-up enthusiasts Coffin Cuties shared this fabulous photoshop of three generations of Morticia Addams on Instagram, and we can think of few better ways to usher in the month-that-is-mostly-just-Halloween-as-far-as-we’re-concerned, than staring at Morticia Addams. We’ll warn you that some of the Coffin Cuties’ stuff is NSFW, depending on where you happen to W.

Afternoon Roundup wants to take you to Mars, but promises not to leave you there. Also George R.R. Martin rhapsodizes about the Red Planet, and Rick & Morty offer relief from a modern nerd problem.

[Plus a history is saved from deletion!]

A Helpful Reminder

Women at Warp shared this fantastic image on their Facebook page! Inspired by WaW‘s episode, “Pulaski Pulls No Punches“, Aaron Harvey of wanted to remind us all that sometimes the relationships in Starfleet get a little…convoluted. This image neatly encapsulates many of the issues Riker seems to have with his father, while correctly keeping the focus on Pulaski herself. Come on, Riker, your dad put up with you for thirteen years, right? Spare him the pain of your childhood, and don’t be weird when you find out he used to date one of your friends!

Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind to Be a Movie and a TV Show

Lionsgate has won a bidding war to adapt Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle series! And not just into a movie, or a television series—but both, and a video game, to boot! This deal sets up the studio to develop the multiple stories from The Name of the WindThe Wise Man’s Fear, and various novellas (including The Slow Regard of Silent Things) simultaneously and across multiple platforms.

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So THAT’S How They Found Water on Mars

Earlier this week, NASA told us all about image spectrometry and perchlorates, but artist Liz Climo knows the real (and much simpler, and cuter) way that the Curiosity rover found water on Mars. We can’t wait for more cute comics detailing our next steps with the newfound water.

Afternoon Roundup brings you an infographic of Radchaai ships, a wonderfully Tim Burton-themed trolling, and an excuse (as if you need one) to rock your favorite superhero duds!

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Jabba, This is Your Last Chance. Free Us… or Be Deflated!

As if yesterday’s fabulous Star Trek tree ornament wasn’t enough, we bring you an inflatable Jabba the Hutt! What’s that you say? This inflatable Jabba the Hutt has nothing to do with Christmas? Well friends, we look at this vile gangster and know that we are one Santa hat away from the greatest holiday display ever created.

[There will be no bargaining with this lawn ornament.]

Our Robotic Surrogates Are Already Here!

Don’t want to stand in line for the new iPhone? Have a robot do it for you! California-based company Double Robotics is catering to this unique need with robots like Lucy, an iPad attached to a Segway that allows a human to be “telepresent”—that is, able to wait for the store to open and interact with the Apple Geniuses from the comfort of his/her own living room. Media agency Atomic 212 sourced a few robots so they could do just that. So, has Surrogates predicted our fate? For the time being, we are the overlords… until the robots decide to stop standing in line for us and go take over the world.

Afternoon Roundup brings you the only possible Christmas plan you can make this year, a guide to finding your place within an evil empire, and Banned Books Week swag!

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The Needs of the Many Are for This Wrath of Khan Christmas Ornament

It’s never too early to shop for Christmas! And with Hallmark putting out ornaments that are as hilarious and horrifying as the most tear-jerking moment in Star Trek canon, you have to swipe this for your tree. You can press a button and hear their farewell… It’s gonna be a dark, geeky Christmas. (via io9!)

Afternoon Roundup brings you a horrifying alternate ending for the The Lion King musical, Halloween coming early with a Shirley Jackson parody, and the Avengers goofing around!

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NASA Finds Evidence of Water Flowing on Present-Day Mars

After teasing a “big announcement” concerning Mars, NASA has revealed its latest findings: Using an image spectrometer, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has provided evidence that water flows intermittently on Mars today. Not just proof that it used to exist on the Red Planet, but that certain seasons produce liquid water—albeit briny, albeit intermittent, but a huge step forward in the question of whether life could be supported on Mars.

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Blood Moon Phone Home

Did you see last night’s Supermoon/Blood Moon? It’s all over social media… but only one user noticed a distinct shape in the moon! Clearly the Blood Moon is the best way for E.T. to get home. After all, this kind of lunar event hasn’t happened in 30 years or more, and E.T. came out in 1982… we may be on to something!

Afternoon Roundup brings you Jessica Jones’ wakeup call, a celebration of the Force in baby boomers, and a hypothetical Spider-Gwen trailer!

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Cinder Spires, Power Creep, and The Dresden Files on TV: Highlights of Jim Butcher’s Reddit AMA!

Three years ago, The Dresden Files author Jim Butcher revealed in a Reddit AMA that he had a new series in the works: The Cinder Spires, a steampunk series that he described as “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Sherlock meets Hornblower.” The Aeronaut’s Windlass, the first Cinder Spires book, is out September 29 from Roc Books and Orbit Books UK, so Butcher has returned to Reddit for another AMA.

While readers wanted to know how Butcher found writing steampunk, there were also plenty of questions about consulting wizard Harry Dresden, last seen in 2014’s Skin Game. Plus, Butcher talks his influences (more Call of Cthulhu game than Lovecraft himself), and a couple shares their adorable Dresden-inspired engagement. Check out the highlights!

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Heroines Both Familiar and Unfamiliar

Artist Morgana Wallace doesn’t just layer materials—wallpaper, Japanese linen paper, watercolors—to make her gorgeous pieces. She also layers mythology and archetypes, so that the women depicted look simultaneously like familiar characters in fairy tales and like something else entirely. Take her collage of The Red King, who channels a bit of Red Riding Hood as well. Check out all of her mixed-media pieces, including takes on the Norse valkyrie Sigrun and Hades and Persephone. (via Nerd Approved)

Afternoon Roundup brings you exciting news about the last show you’d want to binge-watch, Matt Damon following in Ben Affleck’s superhero footsteps, and everything you wanted to know about Jessica Jones!

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Traverse the Literary Seas with This World Map of Genres!

We’re big fans of maps: We study them at the minutest level to investigate sprawling fantasy worlds and eagerly invite mapmakers to explain their detailed processes. So we have to tip our hearts to 17-year-old artist Martin Vargic, who constructed a truly epic Map of Literature: a meta exploration into the many genres of literature, with a nod to the intricate guides included in many of the kinds of books mentioned.

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The Force is Strong with Maggie Smith in the Downton Wars Mashup

We are all about remixing Downton Abbey with more modern works, whether it’s reenvisioning the X-Files theme song or turning the series into a Nintendo game. So, we were tickled to discover that Rob James-Collier (a.k.a. Downton’s valet Thomas) had released the second installment of his sci-fi parody series Downton Wars. Episode 2: The Evil Butler Strikes Back sees Mr. Bates—who channels A New Hope‘s Obi-Wan Kenobi and, one can assume, The Force Awakens‘ Luke Skywalker—as the grizzled old Jedi going lightsaber-to-lightsaber with uppity Sith Lord Thomas.

The end result kind of resembles a high school English project in terms of camera shakiness and inside jokes, but you have to appreciate the fact that they got to use Downton Abbey as their playground: The shots of Bates and Thomas fighting in every nook and cranny, upstairs and downstairs, is a lot of fun for fans.

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This Handy Chart Tells You How Everyone on the Moon is Related

Ian McDonald’s new book Luna: New Moon is breathless and great. Basically Game of Thrones except the Five Families are vying for control of the Moon and not Westeros.

The book moves so quickly, though, that it can be hard to recall who’s related to whom, so we’ve whipped up an easy chart of the two families featured in the story: the Corta and the Mackenzies and their various connections.

Check it out below! (Heads up for mobile users: The file size is pretty large.)

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Have No Place I Can Be, Since I Found Serenity…and The Enterprise…and The Falcon…

About a year ago, artist Dirk Löchel began a project to chart EVERY STARSHIP EVER. He’s now just about finished! Nerdist shared the updated chart, and you can also see a hi-res version here.

Morning Roundup brings you ghost stories, banned books, and tales of saving old video games and old poet’s houses!

[Plus, confusing news on Prometheus!]


Benny from The LEGO Movie would be so PSYCHED to hear that one of his LEGO brethren got to go up to the International Space Station! Earlier this month, European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen shared this whimsical photo during his iriss mission—a “sprint”-like ten-day mission spent on the ISS. Mogensen returned to Earth yesterday, but we wonder if the little LEGO astronaut is still up there… (Hat-tip to r/pics!)

Afternoon Roundup brings you tips on how to organize your RPG campaign in the first place, Bill Nye and space shooters, and the color scheme you never noticed in the current crop of movies!

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