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Getting to “The End.” Standalone Fantasy Books That Came Out in 2015

Sometimes you just want to curl up with a fantasy tale that won’t let you get to the back cover without concluding the story, and judging from all of these suggestions (here) for standalone fantasy books (and here), you’re not alone!

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more recent, though? Below, we’ve rounded up a list of standalone fantasy books that have come out in 2015. It is not comprehensive (or even complete since the year itself isn’t), so if we skipped a favorite of yours, mention it in the comments!

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The First Trailer for Legends of Tomorrow Takes Us Back…to the 70s!

We have a trailer for the second Arrow spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow! In the future, 2166 to be precise, awesomely-named DC villain Vandal Savage holds the whole planet in his grip. Luckily, a time traveler with his own sweet moniker, Rip Hunter, has zipped around collecting heroes to try to stop him. This leads to everyone going back to the ‘70s, and it looks like a lot of fun. There are also some fantastic actors here, including Arthur “Awww, Rory!” Darvil, Brandon “Underrated Superman” Routh, and Victor “Tap-Dancing Christ” Garber. Check out the full trailer!

[Indeed, let’s do this.]

You Can Watch The Expanse Pilot Right Now!

Have you finished your Jessica Jones binge? Because the first episode of The Expanse is now available on Syfy’s site! The episode, “Dulcinea,” is a gripping introduction to James S.A. Corey’s world, and the tense peace between Earth, Mars, and the Belt society that clings to the far end of the solar system. You can also read a spoiler-free review of the episode here plus a more in-depth look at the differences between the opening of the book and the pilot. Watch for yourself here!



This Improved Katniss is Ready to Serve as Tribute

California-based artist Noel Cruz does extraordinary work with dolls! Where celebrity likenesses are normally an eerie trip into an uncanny valley, Cruz is able to touch them up until they look considerably more like their subjects. While he does real people like Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe, our favorites are Hunger Games characters and Disney anti-heroines!

[There’s so much character in cheekbones…]

The Marketing Strikes Back: Heartwarming Star Wars Family Commercials

You don’t need to sell anyone at on Star Wars. But the current crop of Star Wars commercials being rolled out for The Force Awakens are doing a surprisingly good job of tapping into our nostalgia. While we all grew up with ads for the original and prequel trilogy action figures, Taco Bell meal toys, and inexplicable Shadows of the Empire marketing (“It’s Prince Xizor!” …So?), they were all heavy on the merchandising. And yes, the new ads are for Campbell’s Soup, and Target, and Volkswagon, but they’re imbued with a genuine sense of family. The Star Wars advertising of decades past was directed at whatever age group was old enough for it at that time; these commercials are about legacy, the Star Wars fandom passed down through generations.

Here are a few of the recent commercials that have warmed our Hoth-frozen hearts… plus some vintage ones thrown in for extra WTF factor.

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David Bowie’s New “★” Video Puts Him Back in a Fantasy World!

Did you by any chance think that David Bowie was slowing down? Did you think, perhaps, that the natural effects of age (not to mention a heart condition) were any match for his sheer Bowie-ness? The new video for”★” (“Blackstar”), the title track from his forthcoming album, is an exhilarating mashup of Thriller, Pan’s Labyrinth, Day of the Dead imagery, and a trio of crucified scarecrows, that will completely dispel any rumors that Bowie is subject to the illusion humans call “time.”

Wait a minute… is that lost astronaut anyone we know?

[So, his spaceship did know which way to go after all?]

This Fluffy Neko Suit Will Take Your Cat Cuddling Game to the Next Level

We all know that cats are fickle creatures; if you try to chase them down or entice them for a cuddle, they’ll definitely plant themselves on the farthest possible point from your lap. But perhaps these aloof felines can be tricked! That’s why Japanese apparel company Unihabitat created the Mewgaroo Jumpsuit, right? While it resembles the animal-themed onesies that have come into fashion in the past few years, it has an important extra feature: A pouch to carry your cat in!

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I Am a Rocket. Please Read My Newsletter.


I am a rocket and as a rocket I encounter many interesting things throughout the cosmos. Stars that sing gentle lullabies to their orbiting planets. Lifeforms made entirely out of semantic arguments. Game of Thrones.

The weirdos who crawl around inside of me write about these things many times per day, and a lifetime spent fleeing the random deathtraps I place in their living quarters has made them, well…funny. And prone to reflection in the oddest moments.

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Looks Like Somebody Forgot to Fix the Hyperdrive Again

Never let Wired play with your toys. They decided to have wreak vengeance upon LEGO this week by crashing a meticulously-constructed LEGO Millennium Falcon into their recreation of the desert planet Jakku. The results are oddly satisfying! The video also gives you the chance to see what such carnage would look like without damaging your own Falcon. Check it out below!

[Oh, the Wookiee-manity…]

The Name’s Mandel. Emily St. John Mandel.

Emily St. John Mandel, the Arthur C. Clarke Award winner for Station Eleven (her literary novel set in the post-apocalypse), has just gotten even cooler. Because when New York Magazine asked five rising authors to dress up as their favorite literary characters, she decided to channel James Bond. As she told the magazine,

Who hasn’t fantasized about being utterly competent, impeccably dressed, supremely unflappable, and in possession of multiple passports?

Can’t argue with that. Check out the whole gallery, with Alexandra Kleeman (You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine) as Mina Harker from Dracula and Hanya Yanagihara (A Little Life) as Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr. Ripley!

Things are Going to Get Awkward When They Riff Transformers: Dark of the Moon

So, since it seems pretty obvious as this point that the MST3K reboot will be funded – quite possibly like, today, well before the December 12th deadline, and Joel Hodgson promised to make an announcement about the new host and Mads soon. But we think we’ve already found the right guy for the gig: Twitter-er and devoted MSTie Jody Lopez shared this image, and we have to say we’re wholeheartedly behind it. Shia LaBeouf’s AllMyMovies project proved he has the stamina to watch terrible cinema for hours at a time.

Alien vs. Pam Grier? Our Money’s on Grier

If there’s one thing we here at love, it’s dreamcasting movies, And if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s dreamcasting movies while ignoring the bonds of space, time, and mortality. In this spirit, we’ve shared genre films recast with Golden Age Hollywood stars before. Now Peter Stults’ fantastic series What if: Movies Re-Imagined gives us a whole new line-up of genre/star mashups! And some of these are truly inspired. Pam Grier as Ellen Ripley? Grier is probably the only woman in history who could give Sigourney Weaver a horrifying air vent run for her money in that role. Stults also works with some seriously deep Hollywood benches, and we want to see every single one of these casts at work.

[David Bowie! Grace Jones! …Andy Warhol?]

Either Stephen Colbert Now Fights The Evil Dead, or Bruce Campbell is A Shapeshifter

Bruce Campbell has always been a severely underrated actor, but we never knew he could literally turn into another person! He appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert with his co-star Lucy Lawless, ostensibly to talk about Ash vs Evil Dead, but actually in order to become Stephen Colbert. It’s a one-line imitation, but it’s still an incredible one. Kind of eerie, really. Watch the whole performance below!

[Watch the performance if you can take your eyes off of that snazzy velvet jacket…]