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How Do You Think The Force Awakens Should Have Ended?

The dust has settled, the thinkpieces have been unleashed, and most people have already seen the film multiple times: the moment is right for How It Should Have Ended to take on The Force Awakens. The best thing about this? Their love for the film glows through like E.T.’s heart (if you don’t mind a mixed-SFF metaphor), the jokes mostly land, and the grizzled-Han-Solo-voice is perfect. The worst thing? Star Wars: Episode VIII is still SO FAR AWAY and this just reminds us of that.

But then, everything reminds us of that. Check out the video below, and obviously beware of spoilers.

[Stick around for the post-credits scene!]

Bryan Fuller to Run New Star Trek Television Series

Bryan Fuller has just been named as the showrunner for CBS’ new Star Trek TV series by Variety. Alex Kurtzman will serve as an executive producer along with Fuller and Heather Kadin. If you know your Trek history, you’ll also know that Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Hannibal, the upcoming American Gods) got his start in television writing for both Deep Space Nine and Voyager. He is also responsible for some excellent television outside of the Trek universe, which makes the announcement pretty darned exciting. As to what we can expect about where the new show will fall in-universe? Here’s what Variety had to say:

The creative plan is for the series to introduce new characters and civilizations, existing outside of the mythology charted by previous series and the current movie franchises.

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Will Kylo Ren Embrace Joy?

Just when we thought we’d worked through all the stages of feels associated with Kylo Ren and his role in The Force Awakens, artist Dan Hipp found a way to make us sob anew. Sure, just go ahead and explore Kylo Ren’s mental turmoil through the medium of Inside Out, Mr. Hipp. That’s totally fine. And while you’re at it, why don’t you title this piece, “I’m Being Torn Apart.” That sounds fun. Oh, you know what would be perfect? If you somehow include a pure golden memory of Han and li’l Ben together? Could you do that for us, Mr. Hipp?

…what? no we’re not crying. We’re not crying at all.

Hi Steve, Here Are Your Friends–Oh, Awkward…

You might have noticed Facebook celebrating its 12th birthday on February 4 with the introduction of “Friends Day” videos on users’ walls: strolls through memory lane via algorithm and whether anyone remembers to tag each other in photos anymore. Marvel Entertainment, particularly the marketing team behind Captain America: Civil War, decided to get in on the fun with a cheeky parody on Steve Rogers’ timeline… mostly funny because it’s sad, and sad because it’s true.

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Mapping Time and Tesseracts!

Author and Illustrator Andrew DeGraff spent 140 hours hand-painting this fantastic map of A Wrinkle in Time for his book Plotted: A Literary Atlas. Most the maps featured in Plotted are from literary fiction, and remain firmly on land. While the map for A Christmas Carol shows Scrooge’s travels with ghosts, it stays in a historically accurate London; the Watership Down map resembles nothing so much as a particularly grim Family Circus; maps for Robinson Crusoe, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and Invisible Man are all based in solid reality.

For their one truly sci-fi map, however, DeGraaf had to go in a very different direction.

[It was a dark and stormy map…]

V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic is Being Adapted for Television!

Another fantasy series joins the bevy of SFF works on television! V.E. Schwab’s alternate-universe fantasy novel A Darker Shade of Magic is heading to television—and better yet, she’s writing the pilot. Actor Gerard Butler’s production company G-BASE (Olympus Has Fallen and the forthcoming London Has Fallen) has acquired rights to adapt the book as a limited series.

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Say, that’s a pretty sweet Darth Vader statue! It was so cool of the people of the Polish city of Wejherowo to erect it.

Wait, what’s that you say? This is actually a statue of Jakub Wejher, for whom the town was named, and no resemblance to Darth Vader is intended?


Click through to see the statue in it’s non-snowy state, and be amazed!


Bow Before the Cuteness of Harry Potter Anime!

Kotaku has shared the most wonderful thing: chibi Harry Potter! And not just any chibi Harry Potter, but official anime designs for Harry Potter:

Warner Bros. Japan has officially licensed these illustrations for a series of Harry Potter goods that will go on sale within the country. So far, the designs have been limited to things like folder files, buttons, rubber stamps, and keychains.

Buttons? Rubber Stamps? Keychains??? Come on, guys, we want squishy plushy things, and we want ’em now! Click through to see the character designs, and bow before the power of Buckbeak!

[Seriously, these are so cute they hurt.]

Authors Taught Us How to Stab People

We know authors don’t spend all their time locked in a room, obsessing over syntax. Some of the best writing comes from not writing at all—from having a completely unrelated specialty, like beekeeping or robotics. Since 2015, we’ve asked SFF authors to geek out about the hobbies and callings that fill their lives when they’re not writing our favorite stories. Some are more physical, like auto repair or falling or riding rollercoasters; others are more in the mind, like mastering the scent science of perfume or applying godlike qualities to The Beatles or taking in a perfect fire you’ve created. Read through our best “And Related Subjects” essays (so far) for some valuable lessons from SFF authors that have very little to do with writing.

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