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Literary Magazine CuratedAI Publishes Only Poetry by Artificial Intelligences

While artificial intelligence has been attempting to pass the Turing Test for decades, in recent years it has also been churning out poetry that’s pretty convincing in its humanity so far as verse goes. Or, if you want to get technical, humans are writing algorithms that can imitate the kind of poetry we usually stand in awe of, and curating them for a new online literary magazine. The aply named CuratedAI collects and posts poems and prose as part of a larger project involving neural networking.

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Black Mirror Season 3 Will Give You Nightmares About Social Media and Video Games

What’s that creeping sense of existential dread? It’s the knowledge that Black Mirror season 3 comes to Netflix October 21! At the Television Critics Association press tour, Netflix shared not only the release date, but also episode titles, stars, and directors… including the surprising information that Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur and Rashida Jones co-wrote one of next season’s episodes.

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Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Daredevil Won’t Return to Netflix Until 2018

Disappointing news for Jessica Jones fans from Marvel and Netflix during the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour this week: Season 2 won’t premiere until sometime in 2018. Ditto for season 3 of Daredevil, thanks to Marvel’s other superhero television series—plus the miniseries event for The Defenders—taking priority.

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Alex Garland on How His Annihilation Adaptation is a Response to Jeff VanderMeer’s Novel

While 2015’s Ex Machina may be what pushed writer-director Alex Garland into the mainstream, about half of his body of work is in adaptations: He wrote the screenplays for both Never Let Me Go and Dredd, and is writing and directing the adaptation of Annihilation, the first book in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy. Lightspeed Magazine recently posted the full text of Wired‘s Geek Guide to the Galaxy interview with Alex Garland, which runs from irreverent (he likes to be contrarian) to serious (reflective commentary on the difference between telling a story through a novel and a movie). The whole thing is worth a read, but Garland’s thoughts on adapting Annihilation—especially doing so without having read the subsequent installments.

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Great Sci-Fi & Fantasy BookTubers to Follow

BookTube is what it sounds like: a community of YouTube users who post vlogs about books. Videos range from the oh-so-popular (and neverending) to-be-read piles to monthly or yearly wrap-ups to deep dives into particular subgenres, tropes, and topics. BookTubers tag one another in video challenges, join up for readathons, and make it so that it’s not just dozens of bookworms shouting into the void—it’s a constant conversation.

SFF BookTube is a pocket of that online universe whose members love to discuss science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative fiction, YA… you name it. Some of these BookTubers post everything under the #BookTubeSFF hashtag on Twitter, while others read across genres and highlight certain SFF titles they can’t stop talking about. We’ve rounded up both types here—and what’s more, we’ve created a little tour through BookTube. Starting with the big-picture news vlogs to getting incredibly granular with reviews, here’s (nearly) every kind of SFF BookTube video depending on your mood and needs. Enjoy!

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Brie Larson Confirmed as Captain Marvel

As the Marvel Studios San Diego Comic-Con panel came to an end, with all of the cast members coming together for an epic superhero group selfie, there was one last announcement: Captain Marvel (a.k.a. Carol Danvers) was in the house! And onstage came Brie Larson! The Kong: Skull Island actress, who was at SDCC promoting her other film, has officially been confirmed as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s next female superhero.

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Watch the First Trailer for Marvel and FX’s Legion

“Look at me. I know what I am.”

“And what’s that?”

While the X-Men comics and movies have come up with various metaphors for being a mutant, FX and Marvel Television’s new series Legion takes the tack of mental illness. The interesting part of this first trailer is that David Haller (Dan Stevens) is convinced he’s insane—something that the doctors around him encourage, even when his episodes manifest in psychic happenings right before their very eyes. That dichotomy makes the show look like a real mind-trip.

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Fantastic Beasts Revealed in New Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Trailer

“We’re gonna recapture my creatures. They’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by billions of the most vicious creatures on the planet… humans.” With the latest trailer for Warner Bros’ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we finally get a glimpse of the creatures hidden in Newt Scamander’s suitcase—and the danger they’re in when they’re unleashed upon the unsuspecting No-Maj Americans.

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Watch Tatiana Maslany Break Character as Every Single Clone in the Orphan Black Season 4 Blooper Reel

The road to Tatiana Maslany’s well-deserved Emmy nomination is paved with plenty of giggles, as we learned upon seeing the blooper reel for Orphan Black season 4. Whereas most shows have actors flubbing lines and messing each other up, seeing as Maslany makes up half the cast, it’s mostly a delightful supercut of her breaking character—which is much more bizarre than you might imagine—at the best moments.

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The Earth Strikes Back in This Teaser for The 100 Season 4

Now, I shouldn’t get your guys’ hopes up too much. This video from The CW is more of a sizzle reel than anything else, a bloody recap of all of the show’s brutal violence—in case you forgot about the spears through bodies, levers pulled leading to genocide, and poor Raven screaming as she gets cut into over and over. But at the end, there’s a brief tease of season 4, when the enemy isn’t Earthlings, but Earth itself.

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Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

AMC shared the first trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con, and we are no closer to figuring out whose head Negan bashed in with Lucille at the end of last season. The producers have very smartly been circulating teasers that give equal weight to every option, like these chilling character posters; and the trailer plays that same game of “what if?”

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