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Maurice Broaddus

The One Book That Taught Me How to Explore Faith in My Writing

Issues of faith matter a lot to me and I’m always fascinated by how they are explored in fiction. It’s something that’s been a theme in some of my writing, but when I was starting out, it was something I shied away from. It took Stephen King’s Desperation to show me the light.

These days, I consider myself a skeptical Christian, which sounds contradictory but it’s the best way for me to describe how I leave room to doubt and question in my faith. I was raised in a conservative, fundamentalist church which had a contentious relationship with art/pop culture. So coming up in the horror circles, my work was seen as “of the devil” and “glorifying evil.” Their take home message was that the only redemptive art was a kind of proselytizing art. This created a tension between my faith and my art because “Christian fiction” was something I had no interest in writing. I still wanted to explore faith as a theme in some of my stories, but I had no framework of how to explore issues of faith that weren’t reduced to essentially Christian propaganda.

[Then I read Desperation.]