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Jan 12 2015 4:46pm

CBS’ Supergirl Will Be a Crime Procedural Crossed With “A Female Empowerment Story”

Supergirl TV show CBS feminism

This year’s Television Critics’ Association press tour revealed some interesting tidbits about Greg Berlanti’s Supergirl prequel series. For one, since it’s airing on CBS, it will indeed match a lot of the networks’ dramas in being a crime procedural. But lest you think this is CSI: Metropolis, CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler stressed the serialized arcs they’re planning, as well as the emphasis on making Kara Zor-El a compelling primetime female character.

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Jan 12 2015 3:21pm

Authors’ Favorite YA Books Include The Westing Game and Choose Your Own Adventure

The Westing Game Ellen Raskin Gilian FlynnTime.com recently asked 17 authors to recall when they were onc young readers, and talk about the young adult novels that left lasting impressions on them. Some of the writers polled, including Ann Brashares and James Patterson, have written popular YA series; others, like Gillian Flynn, admit to trying their hand at the genre with less success.

In recalling the funny, scary, touching books of their youth, their answers drew from an assortment of classics: “mind-expanding” adventures to Choose Your Own Adventure stories, surrealism to mystery, illegitimate princesses to precocious tween sleuths.

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Jan 12 2015 11:17am

The iZombie Trailer Looks Like an Undead Veronica Mars

iZombie trailer release date The CW Rob Thomas

The first trailer for iZombie has all the hallmarks of a Rob Thomas TV series: A snarky female protagonist (med student-turned-undead girl Liv) with a self-aware voiceover... who solves crimes in unusual ways (eating brains)... all set against a wailing soundtrack. Stylistically, at least, it seems to be closer to Thomas’ other television series than the Vertigo comic book series on which it’s based.

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Jan 12 2015 9:00am

Morning Roundup: Ever Danced With the Devil in the Pale Cheekbones?

Joker Cosplay

Gail Simone shared this wicked Joker cosplay from Hydraevil! The eye for detail is amazing enough, but what really sets this version of the Joker apart is her joyous, evil lunacy. This is a Joker who truly enjoys being the villain. You can see more shots of Hydraevil (with equally impressive Harley Quinn and Mononoke Hime) over on deviantart!

Morning Roundup understands that sometimes you need an extra jolt of energy to start a Monday. It is in that spirit that we invite you to experience the jolt of sheer terror that Jurassic World's new dinosaur's name brings. Or, you can contemplate the wonders of space with 25 years of The Hubble Telescope! Still not quite awake? How about if we theorize that The Doctor has visited Night Vale?

[Or you can delight in the fastest game of Tetris we've ever seen!]

Jan 9 2015 5:11pm

George R. R. Martin Dance With Dragons Manuscript Potentially Reveals Big Spoiler

Dance With Dragons manuscript spoiler

Redditor _honeybird recently visited the Martin Collection on display at the Cushing Library at Texas A&M and thumbed through the rough draft manuscript of A Dance With Dragons which the collection has on display.

Inadvertently, the margin notes between Martin’s editor Anne Groell and the author may reveal the answer to a long-standing mystery in the Song of Ice and Fire series, one that has been curiously ommitted from the Game of Thrones TV adaptation.

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Jan 9 2015 5:00pm

These Groovy Retro Marvel Variant Covers Pull from All Corners of Pop Culture

Phil Noto Marvel variant covers February 2015

Painter and comic book artist Phil Noto has already received plenty of praise for his current run on Marvel’s Black Widow series with Nathan Edmondson. But for the month of February, Noto’s work will be all over the Marvel universe, through 20 variant covers he drew for popular ongoing series including Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Deadpool, and more. In addition to being gorgeous, the covers draw from pop culture references as varied as Spike Lee and young adult book covers.

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Jan 9 2015 3:22pm

New Chappie Trailer Reveals Chappie’s Evil RoboCop Counterparts

Chappie new trailer Hugh Jackman RoboCop

The first trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s latest sci-fi project Chappie presented the titular robot as childlike, questioning and hopeful of the world around him. In the second trailer, we see the alternative to Chappie: a police force made up entirely of robots, every unit controlled by the mind of corrupt politician Hugh Jackman. Have they learned nothing from RoboCop?

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Jan 9 2015 2:00pm

ITV’s Jekyll & Hyde TV Series Will Have Sci-Fi, Spy, and Superhero Themes

ITV Jekyll & Hyde

How many times over can you retell Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? There have been dozens of film, stage, and television adaptations, alternately casting the split-personality doctor as a present-day figure, a woman, or even Jack the Ripper. Now, British network ITV is offering up Jekyll & Hyde, a 10-part action/adventure series. While they’ve cast some unknowns in the lead roles, the themes will be very familiar to first-time viewers.

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Jan 9 2015 12:05pm

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Written a Mycroft Holmes Mystery!

Noted Center, six-time NBA MVP, 19-time NBA All-Star, children’s author, documentarian, and co-pilot Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is embarking on a new publishing project – he’s writing a novel about Mycroft Holmes! The New York Times has reported on the book, saying “Abdul Jabbar “began reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories more than 40 years ago, during his rookie season. ‘I was fascinated by Holmes’s ability to see clues where other people saw nothing,’ he said in a statement released by his publisher.”

The plot sounds fascinating: Mycroft travels to Trinidad to investigate an eerie mystery: children are vanishing without a trace, and the locals keep finding uncanny, backwards-facing footprints in the sand. But there’s also a personal issue at stake, as Mycroft’s Trinidad-born fiancée (!!!!) has returned to the island. Since when does Mycroft, a man who makes his brother Sherlock seem like a charming rake, have a fiancée? This should be fascinating read. And speaking of that little brother, Sherlock will make an appearance as a fresh-faced King’s College student. Sending Mycroft to Trinidad will also serve as a historical exploration for Abdul-Jabbar, as his family was brought to the United States from the island in the 18th century.

Abdul-Jabbar, who has previously written an acclaimed autobiography, Giant Steps, Streetball Crew, a series of children’s books, has co-written the novel with screenwriter and producer Anna Waterhouse, who has previously worked on On the Shoulders of Giants: The Story of the Greatest Team You Never Heard Of, a documentary about the All-Black professional basketball team the New York Renaissance. Mycroft Holmes will be released by Titan Books this fall!

Jan 9 2015 11:40am

A Wicked Movie Could Come As Soon As 2016

Wicked movie release date 2016

What is this feeling? / Fervid as a flame / Does it have a name? Yes...

Excitement: Marc Platt, one of the producers to bring Into the Woods to the big screen, recently told Film Divider that his team has begun the process to adapt the Tony-winning musical Wicked into a movie. Even better, if all goes well, we could see it as soon as 2016.

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Jan 9 2015 11:10am

Check Out This Extraordinary House of Chains Art From Sam Burley!

House of Chains Malazan Sam Burley

We’re no stranger to The Malazan Empire here and we are big fans of the artist Sam Burley. When we saw that Subterranean Press was releasing an illustrated edition of the fourth volume of Malazan Book of the Fallen, House of Chains (which is already sold out, unfortunately) we had to get a better look. Sam certainly delivered the epic in these! Click through to see some gorgeous art!

[The battle scene!]

Jan 9 2015 9:55am

Game of Thrones Season 5 Premiere Date Announced!

Game of Thrones season 5 premiere date HBO

Season 5 of Game of Thrones will premiere on HBO on April 12, the network announced during the Television Critics Association Press Tour this week. That’s a little over three months to wait for flashbacks galore, a very surprising character showing up in Dorne, Mr. Eko’s brand-spanking-new character, and Maisie Williams’ new and nigh-unrecognizable Arya costume. (Spoiler warnings for these articles.)

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Jan 9 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: That Time KITT Threw a Blue Shell at the Delorean

Super 80s Kart by Nathan Davis

Neatorama shared this design which is both tubular and most excellent. Australian artist Nathan Davis has given us the perfect mashup of 1980s icons and the World’s Greatest Sport, Mario Kart! You can check out more of his work over on his Facebook page, but we want to know: is there any way we can actually get this game right now? We need to see how KITT holds up against Ecto-1. And is KARR a villain, too? Is ALF a playable character? So many questions!

When did it turn into 80s Day on Morning Roundup? We’ve got news about Back to the Future 2 accoutrements, accolades being showered upon the radical Guardians of the Galaxy, and...oh, and suggestions for a more efficient Hobbit film! So at least that isn’t 80s nostalgia...

[Oh, but then we have the anime-style Ghostbusters remake.]

Jan 8 2015 3:45pm

The LEGO Movie 2 Will Be Meta, But Not About Its Sequel-Ness

The LEGO Movie 2 plot hints

Screenwriting team Phil Lord and Chris Miller currently have the market cornered on hilariously self-aware movies: Last year’s The LEGO Movie was a surprise hit with all age groups for its commentary on conformity, creativity, and imagination; not to mention that 22 Jump Street skewered itself for being a sequel rehashing the laughs of the original, thus managing to become something entirely new.

Now, Miller and Lord have to find a way to write The LEGO Movie 2 without going the 22 Jump Street route, while still retaining the Specialness of the original. And they’ve given some hints as to how they’re going to do it.

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Jan 8 2015 2:13pm

Viola Davis is Prepping to Play Suicide Squad’s Amanda Waller

Viola Davis Amanda Waller Suicide Squad casting

When the majority of Warner Bros’ Suicide Squad cast was announced last month, comic book fans wondered who would play a part just as important as the rogues gallery-turned-government black-ops force: Amanda Waller, who brings together the Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Rick Flag, Boomerang, and Enchantress. Immediately there were rumors that Oprah Winfrey and Viola Davis were in the running; now, recent comments from Davis all but confirm her involvement in the movie.

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Jan 8 2015 10:13am

Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets His Own Star Talk Late-Night Talk Show!

Neil deGrasse Tyson late night TV talk show Star Talk National Geographic

Science is coming to late-night TV in the form of your favorite cosmologist and science communicator (yes, that’s an actual job) Neil deGrasse Tyson! If you’ve thought that the man should be on TV all the time and not just for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, yet you don’t want to miss out on his long-running podcast Star Talk, then National Geographic has achieved your wildest dreams: Tyson will host Star Talk, based on his radio show. As Nat Geo’s first late-night talk show, it will aim to bridge the gap between pop culture and science.

[It gets better]

Jan 8 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Space Tourism at Its Best!


Kepler keeps sending us data on exoplanets, and Matthew McConaughey keeps staying the same age! Perhaps one day these two facts will merge into one, and we'll go off to colonize a new world? Well, just in case, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories has their crew of Space Merchants at the ready. In a series of gorgeous posters they celebrate the life that could await us on HD 40307g, Kepler-186f, and Kepler-16b. We've chosen to highlight the twin-sunned Kepler-16b for obvious Skywalker-related reasons, but each of the posters is beautiful!

Morning Roundup brings you a reflection on the nerdiest films of the year, a high culture magazine looks at low culture, and we have enough MS-DOS games to get you through an arduous trek across the country!

[Plus Leonard Nimoy is here to save the future.]

Jan 7 2015 3:45pm

Get Ready to Binge-Watch Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil on April 10

Marvel Netflix Daredevil release date poster

Marvel has announced the official release date for its Daredevil series: Starting April 10 at 12:01 a.m. PST, you can watch all 13 episodes on Netflix. Yep, through the beauty of Netflix, we’ll get to watch the entire first season as blind attorney Matt Murdock-turned-superhero Daredevil fights crime through gritty (or not-so-gritty?) New York City.

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Jan 7 2015 2:27pm

Med Students Learn Why You Don’t Bring People Back from the Dead in The Lazarus Effect Trailer

The Lazarus Effect trailer Olivia Wilde Mark Duplass Donald Glover Evan Peters

You would think that Victor Frankenstein would be the best cautionary tale against playing with electricity and corpses, but there always has to be a group of doctors arrogant enough to believe that they can bring the dead back to life. This time it’s Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass as the good doctors, and in the first trailer for The Lazarus Effect, they’re going biblical.

[Watch the trailer]

Jan 7 2015 12:08pm

What If Guardians of the Galaxy Were Just the Avengers’ D&D Campaign?

Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers D&D headcanon

It’s one thing to say that Guardians of the Galaxy and The Lego Movie are basically the same film, but here’s an entirely different way to look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s summer hit. Tumblr user Blu has cooked up a kooky but weirdly fitting theory that the Guardians aren’t intergalactic misfit antiheroes, but rather the result of a punchy Dungeons & Dragons session run by the Avengers in their non-Ultron-fighting downtime.

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