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Mar 23 2015 12:30pm

Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton to Star in The Girl with All the Gifts Movie

The Girl with All the Gifts movie She Who Brings GiftsM.R. Carey will adapt his 2014 novel The Girl with All the Gifts for film, The Hollywood Reporter announced today. Retitled as She Who Brings Gifts, the movie will star Glenn Close, Gemma Arterton, and Paddy Considine, and will be directed by Colm McCarthy (Sherlock, Doctor Who).

These stars will likely play the three central adult roles in the film: We’re assuming Arterton is idealistic young teacher Miss Justineau, who must teach special children in the wake of a worldwide fungal infection; Considine will bring the muscle as Sergeant Ed Parks, terrified and disgusted by his charges; and Close must be Doctor Caroline Caldwell, who will sacrifice as many test subjects as she needs to in order to find a cure.

[But what about Melanie, the girl who will bring gifts?]

Mar 23 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Mars is Hilarious

The Martian - Ridley Scott's Script

Andrew Weir’s novel The Martian could have been a terribly bleak affair—after all, it begins as the protagonist realizes he’s stranded alone on Mars. However, it’s shot through with an unexpected wit that adds some fun to the book, so it’s great to see that Ridley Scott is preserving that tone for the film adaptation. A helpful Redditor posted this doodle from the cover of his script, and, as you can see, Ridley is trying to keep the mood light. Plus, Matt Damon seems to be having a great time with his Mars Rover. (That guy loves being by himself on planets!)

Morning Roundup brings you opinions on who should win the Iron Throne, short stories that will change your life, and a Vincent Price speech that will make you cry.

[Plus dinosaurs, LEGO, and samurai!]

Mar 20 2015 4:36pm

Lois McMaster Bujold Announces New Cordelia Vorkosigan Novel Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen

Lois McMaster BujoldNext year will see a new installment in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Hugo- and Nebula-winning Vorkosigan Saga! Bujold recently announced on her Goodreads blog that her new novel Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen will be published in February of 2016 (tentatively) from Baen Books.

In a bit of great timing, 2016 will also mark the 30th anniversary of the publication of Bujold’s first three Vorkosigan Saga novels: Shards of Honor, The Warrior’s Apprentice, and Ethan of Athos.

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Mar 20 2015 3:51pm

Can You Survive the Lovecraftian Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story Harrison Squared Dies Early?

Harrison Squared Dies Early Choose Your Own Adventure

Before he’ll be rescuing his abducted mother from Lovecraftian horrors in Harrison Squared, plucky young protagonist Harrison Harrison... will die? That’s for you to decide, as you play your way through Harrison Squared Dies Early, an interactive companion story to Daryl Gregory’s new novel.

[Shall we begin?]

Mar 20 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: I Am the Servant of Hello Kitty—You Shall Not Pass!

Kawaii Gandalf the Pink

The Kawaii Project is a giggle-inducing Tumblr that makes everything and everyone “kawaii”—adding sparkly eyes, blushing cheeks, and Hello Kitty paraphernalia. Case in point: Gandalf the Pink.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Interstellar’s darker alternate ending; an actor who will be virtually unrecognizable by the time he starts playing his Preacher character; and where to find the perfect guide to human sacrifice.

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Mar 20 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: George Lucas Checks in on His Baby

George Lucas buys Star Wars comics

George Lucas stopped into Midtown Comics on Wednesday, and there were some familiar faces on his pull list! Apparently he got Marvel’s Star Wars, Darth Vader, and Princess Leia series, plus some old-school issues of Heavy Metal, which seems awesomely appropriate.

Morning Roundup has news from the shores of Dorne, an update on Neill Blomkap's Alien film, and an in-depth essay on why fantasy literature is vitally necessary for human brain function.

[Plus, you really should’ve weighed that idol more carefully, Indy...]

Mar 19 2015 2:06pm

New Avengers: Age of Ultron TV Spot is So Ridiculous It’s Basically a New Trailer

Avengers: Age of Ultron Thor Cap shield

Usually TV spots for upcoming movie are just shorter versions of the theatrical trailers, so it was a joyous surprise when this new TV spot for Avengers: Age of Ultron turned out to be so full of new footage that  it was basically a new trailer.

Just look at that screencap above! Thor is hitting Cap's shield so hard it's generating its own gravitational lens. And that's not the only great new action piece in the spot. Take a look below.

[“He's in charge. I only pay for everything. Design everything...”]

Mar 19 2015 1:00pm

Afternoon Roundup: Rapunzel’s Dream is to be a Final Fantasy Thief

Rapunzel thief Disney princesses Dungeons and Dragons characters

Tumblr user poiison-in-your-mouth had the brilliant idea to reimagine Disney princesses as Dungeons & Dragons Final Fantasy classes. Looks like Rapunzel has been picking up some thievery tips from Flynn Rider; Jasmine can conjure up a Genie just as well as Aladdin can; and Cinderella has traded in her glass slippers for full-on paladin armor.

Afternoon Roundup brings you a (spoiler-free!) impression of Game of Thrones season 5, the best answers from Tommy Wiseau’s Reddit AMA, and insight into how Mars One is choosing its finalists.

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Mar 19 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: That Time Iron Man Took a Selfie with Magneto

Is this picture the Big Bang of the selfie? Probably not, we’re not going to bother researching it, because we’re too busy being lost in the depths of Sir Ian’s eyes. Look at them. There are, literally, diamonds in them. The shot was taken by the future Tony Stark on the set of 1994’s Restoration, a period piece that starred some truly glorious wigs.

Morning Roundup brings you glad tidings from Sleepy Hollow, a meditation on the racial implications of color palettes in comics, and a behind-the-scenes look at Super Mario World 3D!

[Plus Vin Diesel is making us cry again. The big huggable jerk.]

Mar 18 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: We’re So Glad These Lucas Lee Movie Posters Exist

Lucas Lee movie posters Scott Pilgrim Chris Evans

Chris Evans was one of the best parts of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, as growly movie star Lucas Lee. And such range! In these fake movie posters, he’s a Nicholas Sparks-caliber hero in Let’s Hope There’s a Heaven; the most dangerous physician you’ve ever met in Action Doctor (“The good news is... you are going to live. The bad news is he is going to kill you.”); and our personal favorite, clutching a telephone wire in the time travel action thriller You Just Don’t Exist.

Even cooler: A Redditor noticed that each of the movie titles are the names of Plumtree songs—Plumtree being the band who wrote the song that Scott Pilgrim itself was inspired by!

Afternoon Roundup brings you hypothetical fantasy series board games, the cover of Aliette de Bodard’s new book, and George R.R. Martin’s con schedule (or lack thereof).

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Mar 18 2015 11:16am

Pac-Man is the Bad Guy in the Pixels Trailer

Pixels trailer Adam Sandler Peter Dinklage Josh Gad

The first trailer for Pixels proves why humans should never send time capsules into space: Aliens might misinterpret our fun video games as declarations of war, then send those pixelated characters back to Earth to blow up our planet.

And the only people who will be able to fight this unusual threat will be Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, and a mullet-sporting Peter Dinklage.

[Watch the trailer]

Mar 18 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Precious Moments Star Trek Figurine Totally Gets Us

Precious Moments Star Trek

Check out the first-ever Precious Moments porcelain tribute to Star Trek, the origins of which are already lost to time. The dog has Vulcan ears. This couple has somehow managed to procure Tribbles and are now showing their pets their origin story. It's Tribble Genesis! (But is that popcorn or just another Tribble?)

Morning Roundup brings you thoughts behind The Last Man on Earth, a very enthusiastic review of Crimson Peak, and tips for immortality!

[Plus, wisdom from Dan Harmon]

Mar 17 2015 2:00pm

Afternoon Roundup: Arya’s Journey, Summed Up in One Image

Donato Giancola Game of Thrones sketches Arya the Hound

Artist Donato Giancola, who wonderfully illustrated the Song of Ice and Fire 2015 calendar, has gifted us with more ASOIAF-inspired work. Recently he has posted several excellent drawings to his Facebook page, including one of Brienne of Tarth and this image of Arya and the fallen Hound. Check them all out!

Afternoon Roundup brings you Batman rumors, Mal and Wash on a spaceship again (sorta), and Commander Riker in Nerd Court!

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Mar 17 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Ray Harryhausen Draws What We’re All Thinking (About Skeletons)

Ray Harryhausen Voyage of Sinbad

Oh, this is a good day. You know why? Because we get to look at these amazing sketches of Ray Harryhausen’s work! This recently-unearthed sketchbook includes thumbnails for the finale of The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (seen above), unrealized projects like War of the Worlds, as well as a scene that didn’t make it into the final cut of First Men on the Moon. Giant moths!

Morning Roundup travels to the far reaches of Middle-earth, Paul Feig travels to some dark corners of the internet, and we’ve finally learned why Baby Groot didn’t invite Drax to dance!

[Plus, Neil Gaiman honors Terry Pratchett.]

Mar 16 2015 3:30pm

Steven Moffat Reveals the Sherlock Christmas Special is Set in Victorian Times

Sherlock Christmas special set Victorian times Steven Moffat

When the first still for the Sherlock Christmas special was released, we figured that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were channeling the classic Holmes and Watson for perhaps a stage play or a murder mystery dinner party. But it turns out the reason is a bit more bonkers, and rather intriguing: Co-creator Steven Moffat has confirmed that the Christmas special will actually be set in Victorian times.

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Mar 16 2015 2:00pm

Feast Your Eyes on the Welcome to Night Vale Book Cover!

Welcome to Night Vale book cover reveal Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor

Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, the creators of the wildly successful podcast Welcome to Night Vale, have written a novel set in the same bizarre universe! Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel will be published by Harper Perennial on October 20, 2015. Today, they’ve revealed the cover, designed by Rob Wilson, who also created the show’s logo.

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Mar 16 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: The Power Within Mjolnir Doth Rage Upon This Nail

Thor iPhone photo Les Photos de Francois

All through the Thor and Avengers movies, Thor has wondered if he is truly worthy to carry Mjolnir to its true purpose... hammering this nail. Or so you would think in Francois Dourlen’s photo series (via PopSugar), in which he juxtaposes famous movie images on his iPhone with mundane settings. The rock-climbing/Spider-Man kiss snap is just as inspired.

Afternoon Roundup gives you the secret to plundering silver screen treasures; a catalogue of Tom Cruise’s deaths; and your key to complete dominion over all things Disney.

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Mar 16 2015 11:40am

Celebrating Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art

Women in Fantastical Art

If you’re an art director looking for new talent or a fan who’s ready for an explosion of amazing sights, check out the new blog, Women in Fantastical Art.

Orgianizer Leesha Hannigan states, “I wanted to put together a gallery featuring work submitted by women in fantasy & sci-fi, to showcase some of the incredible diversity and range of wonderful styles I have come across.”

Women in Fantastical Art was created, in part, as a reaction to a number of controversies dealing with the roles of women in the illustration community, and within SFF art in particular. In a field where women are often marginalized as professionals, and diminished on canvas, it’s wonderful to see this as a celebration of the artwork created by women and a useful tool for hiring artists.

[Feast Your Eyes!]

Mar 16 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Ganon Should be a Piece of Cake for this Team

Big Zelda 6

Awww...artist zRISes has created a great (if unlikely) pairing with Big Zelda 6! Although Link looks a little... ah, tentative about working with his friend here. Smash all the pots, Baymax!

Morning Roundup invites you to cheer as Robb Stark becomes Prince Charming! Thrill as Jeff Corwin hugs a stingray! Chill as The Ring returns!

[And Patton Oswalt needs to write all the sequels forever.]

Mar 13 2015 4:00pm

Like Quidditch, But With Allomancy! Read Highlights from Brandon Sanderson’s Reddit AMA

Brandon Sanderson Reddit AMA

Having conducted several AMAs on Reddit’s r/fantasy, Brandon Sanderson decided to hang out at r/books this time around for another Ask Me Anything thread. The Stormlight Archive, Words of Radiance, Mistborn, Firefight—everything garnered questions.

Sanderson fielded reader questions about what Parshendi singing actually sounds like, whether Scadrial will get an allomancy-based sport, romantic pairings (or lack thereof), balancing character deaths and resurrections, and much more. He chatted Shard“forks,” investitures, and Way of Kings-inspired tattoo sleeves. No surprise, it was a long and wide-ranging discussion, filled with lots of details and more than a few responses of “RAFO” (Read and Find Out). Check out the highlights below!

Also, spoilers ahead for Words of Radiance and the Mistborn series, among other Sanderson works.

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