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Sep 12 2014 4:35pm

Sesame Street Star Wars Asks: What If Han Solo Was Constantly Devouring Chewbacca?

Sesame Street Star Wars parody S'mores

While we wait for the new Star Wars movies, Sesame Street is tapping into the original trilogy to teach us an important lesson about cookie moderation. But mostly our takeaway from this video is that Han Solo is a remorseless cannibal who would constantly be eating Chewbacca if he had the chance.

[Watch the madness]

Sep 12 2014 4:05pm

Cosplaying as Bruce Wayne’s Parents Sure Looks Comfy

Bruce Wayne parents cartoon

There are some cosplayers who slave over their costumes recreating every single tiny detail with stunning accuracy. There are other cosplayers who, on the convention floor, truly commit to staying in-character. Then there are those few who excel at both. We’ve got to applaud this couple—the clear winners of Oz Comic-Con, held in Brisbane, Australia, last week—for their Bruce Wayne parents cosplay.

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Sep 12 2014 12:07pm

New Star Wars: Episode VII Set Photos Reveal the Millennium Falcon and Maybe a Rebel Base?

Star Wars: Episode VII set photos

It’s wonderfully fitting that the latest Star Wars: Episode VII set photos come to us via drone. Latino-Review got their hands on a number of exciting images taken over RAF Greenham Common, a former airfield in Berkshire, England. Not only is the airfield housing several key ships from the new Star Wars film—including the beloved Millennium Falcon and some unusual-looking X-wings—but it appears to be an actual set for a battle scene, if the rumors are to be believed.

[See for yourself]

Sep 12 2014 10:05am

Bryan Fuller Has No Plans to Whitewash American Gods’ Shadow for TV

American Gods Bryan Fuller Shadow

It’s pretty common for Hollywood to whitewash characters from books when their races are not explicitly stated in very exacting language. American Gods’ leading man is one of those characters—Shadow’s parentage is half-white in the form of Norse god Odin, and though it seems clear in the narrative that his mother is not white, she is never said to be black or any other ethnicity in particular.

Which is why it was so relieving to hear Byran Fuller—showrunner for the upcoming American Gods television series—assure fans that he has no intention of whitewashing the character.

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Sep 12 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Would Freddie Cougar Even Need Metal Claws?

Some of these Illustrated Twitter Typos are ridiculous, and some of them are, well, kind of dumb. But we thought Freddy Cougar was perfect. Oh, and The Rocksack... there’s just something about his excited smile. Check out more illustrated typos over on Tumblr, and for Strunk-&-White’s-sake, disable autocorrect!

Morning Roundup brings you streaming sci-fi, an update on American Gods, and a Star Trek gag reel!

[Plus a touching exchange between a Captain America cosplayer and a fan!]

Sep 11 2014 5:30pm

Here’s Your First Full Look at the Batman v Superman Batmobile

first look Batmobile Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Although we glimpsed the shiny new Batmobile for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a few months ago, we’re finally getting a close-up, detailed look at the thing without Sad Batman crying all over it. After some grainy Instagram photos (albeit featuring some cool, gull-wing-esque doors) circulated online, director Zack Snyder tweeted the actual photo, above.

Though at first we thought that the new Batmobile might share some inspiration with Tim Burton’s highly stylized take, we realize now that it hews much more closely to Christopher Nolan’s tumbler. Even so, it’s more armored tank than sleek car, especially the way it seems to extend out to either side. It’s the kind of car you’d notice on the street—which is interesting, considering the rumors that in the world of Batman v Superman, the Caped Crusader is an urban legend who no one has ever actually seen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters March 25, 2016.

Photo: Twitter/@ZackSnyder

Sep 11 2014 3:37pm

3D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Turn Little Kids Into Superheroes

3D prosthetic hand Wolverine kid

This might be the best thing to come out of 3D printing. First you’ve got Enabling the Future, an organization that utilizes this technology to create prosthetic fingers and hands for people in need. Then you have the creative, geeky types who have hacked Enable’s prosthetic hand model to create specialized, superhero-themed prosthetics for children whose hands aren’t fully developed. Two lucky little boys can now call themselves Wolverine and Iron Man.

[We just have something in our eye...]

Sep 11 2014 1:48pm

Rumor Has It Drax the Destroyer Will Join Avengers 3 to Put Fingers to Throats

Dave Bautista Drax Avengers 3

This is not a metaphor: Wrestling site PW Mania (via Slashfilm) claims that pro wrestler Dave Bautista is banking on his success as literal antihero Drax the Destroyer by signing on for more Marvel movies than just Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Specifically, rumor has it that he’ll play “a significant role” in Avengers 3.

Considering that (if the rumors are to be believed) Thanos will dominate the third Avengers film with his continuing search for the Infinity Stones/Gems, this makes a lot of sense. After all, Drax has the biggest bone to pick. Although he would probably ask why we think he should waste his time picking bones, and just use his bare hands on Thanos.

Really, we’re expecting all of the Guardians to appear in Avengers 3, especially after James Gunn confirmed that the two films were definitely connected.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Sep 11 2014 12:12pm

RoboCop Just Got His Doctorate in Art History

Peter Weller RoboCop doctorate art history

Or, you know, Buckaroo Banzai, or Admiral Alexander Marcus, if you prefer. Deciding that his (frankly epic) acting career just wasn’t enough for him, Peter Weller has also pursued art history studies for over a decade. As reported by the UCLA Alumni Facebook page, he just earned his doctorate in Italian Renaissance Art History and Ancient Roman History at UCLA! We would like to imagine that he showed up to his dissertation defense dressed as Robocop, and said something like, “Give me my doctorate. You have 20 seconds to comply.” but more likely he just presented a thoroughly-researched lecture, filled with relevant visuals, to underscore his theory that Padua was responsible for much of the glory of the Italian Renaissance, and that the assumed Florentine dominance of that period is overrated.

But we still like our version better.

Go Bruins! Stay out of trouble!

Sep 11 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Patrick Stewart Grants a Vulcan Wish!

So, we’ll give you the bullet points on James Barker’s photo here. The young Vulcan got in touch with Make-A-Wish, and asked to meet Sir Patrick Stewart. They arranged for a meeting at DragonCon. Patrick Stewart, being Patrick Stewart, crushed the young Vulcan in this bear hug. Gaze upon this, humanity.

Morning Roundup brings you a yummy Benedict Cumberbatch, film recommendations from Bill Hader, and Phillip K. Dick on sex! Huh. Uh-huh.

[And, finally, do you know me now?]

Sep 10 2014 3:55pm

Peggy Carter Looks Badass in Her First Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Appearance

first look Peggy Carter Hayley Atwell Agent Carter Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Ever since we heard about the return of Peggy Carter (yay!) in ABC’s midseason show Agent Carter, we wondered how the network would weave in her story with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., especially considering how S.H.I.E.L.D. itself has been blown apart from the inside. Now, TV Guide has the first look at Peggy (Hayley Atwell) from the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2 premiere, plus more explanation about what impact she’ll have on the season to come.

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Sep 10 2014 11:00am

Rocket Talk Episode 26: “The Hanging Game” by Helen Marshall

Rocket Talk podcast

In this episode of Rocket Talk, we take a break to present “The Hanging Game,” an original audio story by Helen Marshall, as read by Emily Asher-Perrin.

Sometimes a game, even a sacred game, can have far-reaching consequences. In bear country young Skye learns just how far she is willing to go to play the game properly in order carry on the traditions that came before her and will most likely continue long after she is gone.

The short story can be read online for free here.

[Listen to “Ponies”]

Sep 10 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Find Your Lack of Faith in Amun-Ra Disturbing

Via the fabulous Egyptologist Kara Cooney’s Facebook page, we give you: Darth Tut!

Morning Roundup brings you Doctor Who news, the complicated relationship of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Honest Trailers, and some thoughts on epic fantasy!

[Plus, an adorable duck blur.]

Sep 9 2014 3:25pm

Bummer: Supernatural Beings Can’t Copyright Anything

U.S. copyright law monkey selfie supernatural beings no copyright

Remember when a monkey took the cheekiest selfie ever in 2011? Well, the United States copyright office has finally clarified that said monkey cannot take credit for the photo (because clearly monkey selfies would herald the real dawn of the planet of the apes) in a new revision of copyright law. In doing so, they’ve also ruled out ghosts, vampires, gods, and basically any supernatural creature as writers, artists, or owners of any original work.

[Read the ruling]

Sep 9 2014 12:40pm

No Need to Cast the Female Ghostbusters Reboot, Bill Murray Just Did It for Us

Bill Murray female Ghostbusters reboot dream cast Melissa McCarthy Emma Stone Kristen Wiig Linda Cardellini

Considering Bill Murray’s reluctance to join up for Ghostbusters 3, it’s surprising to hear that not only is he supportive of the rumored all-female Ghostbusters reboot—but he’s got casting suggestions, too! And his dream cast sounds like the coolest bunch of misfit parapsychologists we would want to watch.

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Sep 9 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Bet Wyldstyle Would Love to Visit The Dreaming!

We’ve seen some spectacular LEGO creations in our time, but check out Morpheus’ eyes! And Delerium’s super-whimsical hair! The Nerdist shared these lovely sculptures, which were created by The Deathly Halliwell. You can see more angles of the busts over at Nerdist, and more of Halliwell’s art on Flickr!

Morning Roundup has an endorsement from Bill Murray, a stern “Quit askin’ me!” from Tony Stark, and news from the set of Constantine!

[Plus, Godzilla, now with more Godzilla!]

Sep 8 2014 4:00pm

Highlights from Hugo-Award-Winning Author Kameron Hurley’s AMA!

Kameron Hurley

Kameron Hurley, author of the new epic fantasy The Mirror Empire, took part in a rousing AMA over on Reddit! Hurley is a two-time Hugo Award winner, a Kitschy Award-winner for Best Debut Novel, and a Sydney J. Bounds Award-winner for Best Newcomer. Her other novels include The God’s War Trilogy, a science fiction noir series. She’s a fan of great scotch, Chipotle, bad 80’s action movies, and books about war and genocide!

The Mirror Empire is available now from Angry Robot. You can read an excerpt from the novel here on, plus two reviews from Liz Bourke and Mahvesh Murad. You can also listen to the Rocket Talk podcast episode featuring Kameron Hurley. And of course, check out her AMA responses below!

[Read on as she answers all the things!]

Sep 8 2014 3:45pm

The Good Omens Radio Cast is Full of All Your Favorite People

Good Omens radio cast!

Well, the TV show fell through, but thankfully BBC Radio is picking up the slack on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens! Following the success of last year’s Neverwhere adaptation, Dirk Maggs and Gaiman are at hard work bringing Good Omens to life, and some of these casting choices might make us cry.


Sep 5 2014 4:40pm

Did We Just Learn the Plot of True Detective Season Two?

True Detective season 2

The most recent hints about the shape of True Detective season two came out today as Deadline reported that Justin Lin, director of Fast and Furious 6, is in talks to direct the season. HBO has declined to comment, as they have with every rumor that's circulated so far, but if confirmed, Justin Lin is an exciting pick for the second season.

But the Deadline article contained another kernel of information that might reveal the underpinnings of next season's plot. True Detective is moving from Louisiana to California.

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Sep 5 2014 2:05pm

Margaret Atwood’s Next Book Won’t Be Readable Until 2114

Margaret Atwood Future Library art project Katie Paterson

Margaret Atwood’s seminal novel The Handmaid’s Tale includes a fascinating metafictional epilogue in which a symposium in the year 2125 discusses the dystopian period in which the book is set, as well as heroine Offred’s story. It’s incredibly fitting, then, that our descendants in 2114 will be the first to read Atwood’s latest work, thanks to the innovative Future Library art project.

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