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Oct 9 2014 3:18pm

The Tomorrowland Trailer is Here to Make Us Feel Things!

We finally have a Tomorrowland trailer! And man does it ever make us have all the emotions in only 2 minutes. Click through to watch!

[Full teaser trailer below!]

Oct 9 2014 1:40pm

Rocket & Groot Conquer all the Covers!

When Marvel tells us that We are Groot they mean it! We’re getting 20 homages of classic Marvel covers in November, all featuring Rocket Racoon and his incredibly endearing bodyguard. The image above (a variant for Superior Iron Man #1) is a gleefully subversive take on the classic Iron Man arc, “Demon in a Bottle,” while the one below is, well...

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Oct 9 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Would Go All Psycho-Alison for a Spot at the Orphan Black Season 3 Table Read

Orphan Black season 3 read through Tatiana Maslany

Sitting in on the Orphan Black season 3 table read would be a dream. Not just to find out what happens to Sarah and the rest of the Clone Club, but also just to watch Tatiana Maslany at work. Maybe in addition to posting photos like this, the Orphan Black team could include a video? Pretty please with all of Helena’s favorite sweets on top?

Morning Roundup brings you Oculus Rift Batcave tours, Ghostbusters 3 news, and the Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team!

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Oct 8 2014 5:17pm

Paul Feig Confirms All-Female Ghostbusters Movie!

After months of speculation on what direction the next Ghostbusters film will take, Paul Feig has confirmed—an all-female movie is happening! Feig will be reteaming with Katie Dippold, screenwriter for his female buddy cop movie The Heat, as he announced in a tweet today.

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Oct 8 2014 11:00am

Rocket Talk Episode 30: “Six Months, Three Days” by Charlie Jane Anders

Rocket Talk podcast

In this episode of Rocket Talk, we take a break to present an audio edition of “Six Months, Three Days,” an original story by Charlie Jane Anders—and winner of the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Novelette—as read by Emily Asher-Perrin.

Doug and Judy have both had a secret power all their life. Judy can see every possible future, branching out from each moment like infinite trees. Doug can also see the future, but for him, it’s a single, locked-in, inexorable sequence of foreordained events. They can’t both be right, but over and over again, they are.  Obviously these are the last two people in the world who should date. So, naturally, they do.

The short story can be read online for free here.

[Listen to “Six Months, Three Days”]

Oct 8 2014 10:15am

Pushing the Very Limits of Gender, Selfhood, and Tea: Highlights from Ann Leckie’s AMA!

Ann Leckie’s debut novel, Ancillary Justice, has won all the things, including the Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Awards! The sequel, Ancillary Sword, comes out this week from Orbit, and there will be a limited edition hardcover of AJ coming out next May from Subterranean Books! You can also read her excellent story, “Night’s Slow Poison” (which is also set in the Ancillary universe) here on!

Now we’ve rounded up some of the highlights from Ms. Leckie’s recent Reddit AMA - check out the highlights below!

[Tea and Fanfic!]

Oct 8 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: All Yinz Have to Decide is What to do with the Time that is Given to Yinz

If you’re setting off on an Adventure, Pittsburgh is an excellent starting point! You can check out Mapsburgh’s awesome fantasy-style maps of the Iron City, but they’ll also Tolkien-ize any city you want. (via BoingBoing!)

Morning Roundup brings you a very special message about all the Star Wars spoilers, some news on Doctor Strange and Independence Day 2, and a new story from Haruki Murakami!

[What time is it? Gritty reboot time!]

Oct 7 2014 2:51pm

Robert Downey Jr. Has to Remind Himself That Tony Stark Isn’t Real, and Other Highlights From His Reddit AMA

Robert Downey Jr Reddit AMA highlights

Two down... four to go! Following the example of his fellow Avenger Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey Jr. took to Reddit for an AMA thread. (The rest of the Avengers will surely follow.) And while RDJ was promoting his new movie The Judge, he still let slip plenty of geeky intel and insights. Find out if he was actually serious about that Iron Man 4/Mel Gibson quote, which TV series he might be working with in the future, and if Avengers: Age of Ultron will one-up that shawarma scene.

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Oct 7 2014 12:07pm

Your Guide to All the Crazy Avengers 3 Rumors

Avengers 3 rumors roundup

Avengers: Age of Ultron doesn’t come out until May 1, 2015, but already we’re being besieged with rumors for Avengers 3! Crazy ones, too—full of potential new Avengers, enough adventures for two movies, and other studios maybe playing nice and lending out their Marvel characters. Here’s your guide to the latest Avengers hearsay floating around.

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Oct 7 2014 9:00am

These Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Return of the Jedi are So Cool

Return of the Jedi behind the scenes photos

We’ve stumbled on a veritable gold mine on Imgur: 50 photos from the set of Return of the Jedi. We’re talking alien costumes half-assembled, and sets so stunning that you totally forgot theywere sets, and the cast goofing off in-between takes. Some of these we’ve seen before, but seriously, wow.

[Click through to see our favorites!]

Oct 7 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: In (Former) Soviet Russia, Cos Plays You!

Russia Comic-Con cosplay

Russia held its first-ever Comic-Con this weekend, and the cosplay is predictably awesome! Redditor Teodor_Van_Bo shared some great photos of Doctors, Adventure Time royalty, Mandalorians, and a creepy doll or two. And of course there’s a Deadpool there.

Speaking of, Morning Roundup ponders just how meta the Deadpool movie can get, imagines alternate-universe Star Wars clones, and gets ready for Oculus Rift and Interstellar.

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Oct 6 2014 1:30pm

Exciting Highlights from the First-Ever New York Super Week!

New York Super Week event highlights 2014While New York Comic-Con doesn’t kick off until October 9, you can get in the mood early with New York Super Week! This first-annual pop culture festival runs from October 3rd-12th, with panels, parties, screenings, and much more in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Even better, you don’t need an NYCC pass to enjoy the festivities.

Check out some highlights, including a reunion of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast (moderated by William Shatner), an erotic Watchmen fanfiction competition, and DJ Hodor’s Rave of Thrones!

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Oct 6 2014 12:49pm

Twin Peaks is Returning... Just Like David Lynch Planned?!

Twin Peaks return 25 years later David Lynch

After a quarter-century (more on that in a sec) off the air, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s surreal murder mystery series Twin Peaks is returning to television! But not as a reboot or remake—instead, the nine-episode miniseries will catch up with the characters in present-day.

Of course, what makes this news even cooler is the timing. The way that it matches up with the then-series finale makes us wonder if Lynch had this plan all along.

[“That gum you like is going to come back in style!”]

Oct 6 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: This Probably Would’ve Helped Out the Guys From 28 Days Later...

zombie evacuation maps London

Since we’re always in danger of a zombie outbreak (because certain co-workers always come in when they’re sick, Chris) you should know the best evacuation route for your state and/or country. Toronto-based art shop Design Different (via Laughing Squid) has conceived of these Zombie Safe Zone Maps, which trace the most effective route away from the undead, including distance, time, and wear to find food and water. Just imagine—28 Weeks Later didn’t even need to happen!

Morning Roundup lets you see Christopher Nolan’s take on space whichever way you want, instructs on proper supervillain attire, and wonders why David Lynch is tweeting about gum.

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Oct 3 2014 4:13pm

Someone is Trying to Make an Actual Tetris Action Movie

Tetris movie sci-fi epic

What started out as a hilarious-because-it-should-never-happen joke is coming true: Tetris is being made into a movie. Yes, the Russian video game, and yes, a feature film.

Your first thought might be that this could turn into some sort of War Games remake centered around the deceptively easy blocks game, but that’s too subtle for this group. No, it’s going to be a “very big, epic sci-fi movie.” We should already start bracing ourselves for another Transformers or Battleship.

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Oct 3 2014 3:30pm

This Sandtrooper is Walking ALL the Way Around Australia For Charity

Storming Australia charity Stormtrooper photos

If you’ve visited Australia in the past year or so and saw a Stormtrooper on the desert roadside, that wasn’t a hallucination. (Although you should lay off the dreamherbs anyway, okay? You keep wandering off into the night and we’re getting worried about you.)

Since fall 2013, Scott Loxley has traversed the outer edge of the Australian continent (on foot, for the most part) dressed in a Sandtrooper costume (if we’re being specific) to raise money for a local children’s hospital.

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Oct 3 2014 12:46pm

A Game of Thrones Fan Used Math to Determine If Jon Snow Truly Knows Nothing

you know nothing Jon Snow

In response to the statistician who used math to predict the lifespans of various Game of Thrones characters, Grantland's Jason Concepcion drew up some equations of his own to tackle Westeros' more pressing mysteries. Such as whether Jon Snow's capacity of knowledge can be described as non-zero or truly nil, and where it is that whores go.

[All men must math]

Oct 3 2014 11:40am

Stephen King on the Dark Tower Movie: “It Took Me 35 Years to Write The Dark Tower. I Can Wait.”

Stephen King The Dark Tower movie update

Contrary to popular belief that Stephen King’s Dark Tower series is too unwieldy to adapt, King wants you to know that the combination movies/TV series will happen. Someday—because, no surprise, it’s going to be a hell of an undertaking. And he’s totally fine with waiting.

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Oct 3 2014 10:15am

Is Dracula Untold the Prologue to the Universal Monsters Universe?

Dracula Untold tie in Universal Monsters

When we first heard that Universal Pictures was rebooting its classic monster movies into some sort of Avengers-style shared universe, we were under the impression that the 2016 reboot of The Mummy would kick things off. But according to some recent rumors, Universal could be laying the groundwork as soon as next week, with the release of Dracula Untold.

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