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Mar 5 2015 2:45pm

Women SFF Artists Redesign Female Characters and the Results Are Fantastic

women SFF artists redesign female characters Red Sonja Melissa Gay

Orbit Books Creative Director Lauren Panepinto regularly blogs about art on the Muddy Colors blog, but in her latest post, “What Women Want in Women Characters,” she’s given us a special treat. Panepinto called upon members of the hundreds-strong Women in Fantasy Illustration group to redesign famous sci-fi/fantasy, comic book, and video game characters in ways that honor their narratives and keep them properly clothed.

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Mar 5 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: The Captain Planet You Deserve, But Not the One You Need

Batman pollution comic Daniel Irizarri

What if Batman’s parents died not by a gun outside of the opera, but in other ways? Artist Daniel Irizarri explores how drunk driving, pollution, and high cholesterol would mold Bruce Wayne into a different Dark Knight than the one we know.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Beauty and the Beast casting news, the cover of Chuck Wendig’s new book, and Star Wars wax figures!

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Mar 5 2015 12:50pm

The Master Wants You to Read on World Book Day

The Master World Book Day Michelle Gomez video

Today is World Book Day for the UK and Ireland! To celebrate, the BBC released a new behind-the-scenes video from Doctor Who, again starring Michelle Gomez.

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Mar 5 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Jim Henson’s Age of Ultron Babies!

Chibi Avengers

So has everyone had a chance to watch the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer? Pretty good, right? During the Twittersplosion of fans clamoring to unlock the trailer, @jenniferfassey posted this picture (which was included with this wonderful Tumblr-pile of sleeping Avengers) and we love it so much! Can this be the after-credits-scene scene? Look at the detail! Baby Tony is stretched out so he can reach his Science Bro without leaving Baby Steve! Li’l Hulk is holding Mini-Loki’s ankle, as if to pummel him again! But it’s ok, cause THOR IS HUGGING HIS BROTHER IN HIS SLEEP. Gaaah. Oh, and please note that, even in Chibi form, Nick Fury sleeps with one eye open.

Morning Roundup brings you a remembrance of Douglas Adams, a sneak peek at Netflix’s Luke Cage series, and pearls of truth falling from the lips of Michael Bay!

[Plus, for all your film nerd needs, a tribute to Saul Bass.]

Mar 4 2015 1:45pm

Afternoon Roundup: Kraken Just Wants to Give You a Hug

Monster Issues Teo Zirinis kraken hug ships too hard

When your boat is being capsized by a mighty kraken from beneath the roiling waves, have you ever stopped to wonder about how the poor li’l guy just wanted to show how much he loves you guys? Artist Teo Zirinis has: In his series Monster Issues, he reminds us that Nessie can never find a good photo of herself, Cthulhu always has to correct people on spelling, and Godzilla prefers classic architecture.

Afternoon Roundup brings you news of a Heinlein movie, fairy doors in danger, and more Jeff Goldblum!

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Mar 4 2015 1:25pm

Watch the New Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer!

Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer car launch

After just a few hours of tweeting #AvengersAssemble, fans were able to unlock the new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer (as if there were any question). And it is great: Hulk vs. Hulkbuster vertical skyscraper fight! Bruce/Natasha! Vision! Avengers car launch!

[Watch the trailer]

Mar 4 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: These Earrings Are Wonderful Conversational Companions!

Labyrinth Door Knocker Earrings

One of the best things about Labyrinth is how the fairy tale elements merged with the pure silliness of Terry Jones's script. The door knockers are a perfect example of this, and now they are also a perfect pair of earrings. Art by Aelia creates many fantasy-inspired pieces (including an awesome Toothless!) but these are our favorites!

Morning Roundup brings you the hidden secrets of Agent Carter, a complete history of The Inhumans, and a look behind the scenes of the biggest game in the history of ever.  

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Mar 3 2015 4:10pm

Community Season 6 Trailer! Everything is New, But Nothing has Chang-ed

Community Season 6

Allow Dan Harmon to show you something beautiful. In the new trailer for the probability-defying new season of Community, Age of Yahoo, we meet a new allies, old friends, and we get to watch Dean Pelton have entirely too much fun with VR! We have lost Troy and Original Shirley, but it looks like we're gaining some prime Chang moments, and possibly more Garrett?  

Will Jeff Winger ever get out of Greendale? Will New Shirley replace Original Shirley in our hearts? Is Keith David the fourth Ghostbuster? Check out the trailer below, and watch the new season of Community via Yahoo on March 17th!

[Nothing will replace Original Shirley.]

Mar 3 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: “The Iron One” and Kapteeni Amerikka Will Save the Day!

superheroes in other languages

Manchester-based artist James Chapman publishes weekly “international sound” comics, which illustrate onomatopoeia and examine sounds in other languages. Recently, he posted International Heroes, which presents various Marvel superheroes by their names in other languages. “Some of these are from the comics and some are from the movies,“ he explained. ”They change their names more often than they change into their costumes.” We just love that Spider-Man and Rocket Raccoon’s names translate to “Pokémber” and “Blunderbuss” in Hungarian.

Afternoon Roundup brings you a possible Spider-Man director, Jurassic World’s new and old beasties, and dream wizarding schools across the globe.

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Mar 3 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Check Out Disney Characters Drawn in the Style of Pixar

Rafael Mayani Disney Pixar master class art

With the perpetual Disney princess fanart overload, it’s refreshing to see someone take on all of Disney’s beloved characters. On his blog Disney Animated Features, Barcelona-based artist Rafael Mayani tasked himself with drawing one illustration per animated Disney movie (excluding direct-to-video releases). Manyani watched the films in chronological order before illustrating them, starting in April 2013 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and concluding this past December with Big Hero 6. Even better, Manyani had concluded a Pixar master class before starting the blog, so all of his illustrations are in the Pixar house style.

Morning Roundup brings you Ursula K. Le Guin on identifying with fantasy, Brandon Sanderson movie news, and a Bob’s Burgers/Game of Thrones crossover!

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Mar 2 2015 5:05pm

“Count Your Sisters”: Watch the Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer

Orphan Black season 3 trailer

Season 2 of Orphan Black ended with so many revelations about who and what the Clone Club was really dealing with, but season 3 seems to contain even more secrets for Sarah and her sisters to uncover. After months of short, character-based videos with vague hints, BBC America has released the first full trailer.

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Mar 2 2015 4:00pm

Daniel Polansky Assembles an Evil Authors Team and Talks Fantasy Noir in His Reddit AMA

Daniel Polansky Reddit AMA highlights Those Above Low Town novellaFantasy author Daniel Polansky recently took to Reddit’s r/fantasy subreddit to talk about his new novel Those Above (which kicks off his The Empty Throne duology) and The Builders, part of’s inaugural novella list. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion thread spanned from definitions of noir fantasy to how best to kill characters to who he would want on his “evil author supervillains” team.

Polansky gamely poked fun at himself, first referring to himself as “a writer of genre fiction, which is a rather precious way of saying that at some point in my books (generally speaking, early and often) people die violently.” When asked to suggest a clickbait article title for Those Above, he jokingly offered up “Elves with swords! Chainmail bikinis! Small words! BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE!” Check out the highlights from his r/fantasy AMA!

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Mar 2 2015 3:30pm

George R.R. Martin Donates a First-Edition of The Hobbit to Texas A&M’s Library

George R.R. Martin first-edition The Hobbit Texas A&M library

Since 1993, George R.R. Martin has used Texas A&M’s Cushing Memorial Library and Archives as the official respository for his manuscripts, books, and memorabilia. Over the years, he has donated various papers and texts to the library for protection and archiving. This past weekend, Martin added another book to the list: A first-edition of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. Even better, this donation marked the library’s five millionth text.

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Mar 2 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: “Live Long and Prosper” From Space

Vulcan salute space Leonard Nimoy death

Over the weekend, the Leonard Nimoy tributes just kept rolling in. We were particularly touched by astronaut Terry W. Virts’ Vulcan salute all the way from the International Space Station. The Washington Post has more of NASA’s history with Star Trek and Nimoy. Plus, Star Trek Online will create an in-game memorial for its millions of players.

Afternoon Roundup brings you a new sci-fi adventure from the woman who brought us Divergent, an Adventure Time movie, and office cats galore!

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Mar 2 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: A Scar That Truly Looks Like a Lightning Bolt!

Oh, this is gorgeous. Artist Burdge (a.k.a. Brigid Vaughn) has given us a more realistic take on Harry Potter’s lightning-shaped scar! It makes sense that something as devastating as the Avada Kedavra curse would leave this raised burn mark rather than the perfectly angled scar we’re used to...

Morning Roundup brings you thoughts on diversity in SFF, Ice-T improving our childhoods, and a look at the making of Chappie!

[Plus a perfectly-constructed, avant garde action figure!]

Feb 27 2015 2:00pm

Afternoon Roundup: The Dress That Launched a Civil War

Captain America Civil War meme the dress blue and black white and gold

Yesterday the runaway llamas united us, and then #TheDress tore us apart. We can think of no better way to represent this polarizing, reality-changing debate than the Captain America: Civil War meme. Your eyes are playing tricks on you, Tony! Read the Wired article all about it. But no, he won’t give Steve the satisfaction of agreeing with him. And so—superhero war!

Afternoon Roundup brings you more Blade Runner (woo!), more Robin Hood (meh), Katee Sackhoff’s feelings about Power/Rangers, and an argument for CGI in movies.

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Feb 27 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Science Dollars Make Us All Rich, Slightly Smarter

Science Currency

IFL Science shared the best idea we’ve seen in a long time! We love most of the Founding Fathers (plus Alexander Hamilton) but Travis Purrington has redesigned U.S. currency to honor SCIENCE! Look, look how pretty.

Morning Roundup brings you relationship suggestions from Orlando Jones, the palindromes that helped win the Second World War, and Michael Schur takes us back to Pawnee one last time!

[Plus, all work and no play make a Mythbuster a dull boy.]

Feb 26 2015 1:40pm

Afternoon Roundup: On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Would You Rate Your Hunger?

Baymax food bento box

We are very conflicted, because on the one hand this bento box Baymax looks like the best thing to go into our stomachs—but it’s Baymax, and he’s too cute to eat! Check out Nerdist’s roundup of other Baymax-shaped foods (pork buns! marshmallow cookies!) and join in our delectable dilemma.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Alien controversy, AIs playing video games, and the coolest sci-fi museum design ever.

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Feb 26 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Can Rockets Earn Merit Badges in Rocketeering? Or Is That Cheating?

Rocketeer Merit Badge

DIY is a new educational program that encourages kids to learn new skills on their own. And not just regular skills like building fires or tying knots, or proficiency in archery or bugling—these merit badges, designed by Isaiah Saxon, celebrate things like engineering darkness, creative use of tape, and being a Yeti. But the best, obviously, is the merit badge you get for being a Rocketeer. This is even better than becoming an Eternal Scout. [via Boingboing!]

Morning Roundup brings you a report from the sequel to The LEGO Movie, a ranking of the cinematic oeuvre of one Mr. Tim Burton, and wacky religious art from R. Crumb!

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Feb 25 2015 1:30pm

Afternoon Roundup: Channing Tatum Three-Wolf Jupiter is Everything

Channing Tatum three wolf tee shirt Jupiter Ascending

Unfortunately, there’s not much Jupiter Ascending merchandise out there, but we would proudly wear or display this brilliant parody (by fan Stefanie via society6) of the iconic Three-Wolf Moon poster. You can snatch it up in print or tank top form. While you’re at it, read this great piece from The Daily Dot on why Tumblr is Jupiter Ascending’s true fandom.

Afternoon Roundup brings you Godzilla peeking into your hotel room, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick on your TV, and your first glimpse of more Frozen!

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