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Apr 14 2014 12:15pm

Harrison Ford, Han Solo

Harrison Ford did a Reddit AMA yesterday! Between promoting his current environmental project, Years of Living Dangerously, and answering questions about filming Indiana Jones (that we already knew the answers to), there were a few perfect gems. Just some good old Ford-ian snark that we thought you’d appreciate. Check it out:

[Fordian is a great term, really.]

Apr 14 2014 11:45am

The Expanse SyFy television

SyFy has ordered a 10-episode adaptation of James S.A. Corey’s space opera novel Leviathan Wakes, which will be titled The Expanse. The novel, which was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel and the Locus Award Best SF Novel in 2012, has been praised by both Annalee Newitz and Jo Walton, and described by George R.R. Martin as a “really kick-ass space opera.” Appropriately, The Expanse is being billed as “Game of Thrones in space.”

[Epic TV sci-fi in spaaaaace!]

Apr 14 2014 10:45am

Kim Harrison The Witch With No Name release dateFor fans of Kim Harrison's urban fantasy series, The Hollows, we have the most excellent of news! The thirteenth and final book in the series—The Witch With No Name—finally has a release date! Mark your calendars for September 9th, 2014, folks, because that's when you'll be able to lay your hands on a copy. That's only five months away!

Apr 14 2014 8:00am

Llama Batman Indiana State Fair

It’s not what that llama is underneath, but what he does that defines him.

Llama Batman made his stunning entrance this past weekend at the Indiana State Fair, shocking the villainous Bane, who had thought the Dark Camelidae broken and buried in darkness. While chewing an apple hilariously, Llama Batman rallied Indiana to a thrilling rout of Bane, who was later revealed to be just a bunch of prize hogs taped together.

Your morning roundup is warning everyone about the blood moon, taking your past creative output to the mat, and summarizing Aliens through poetry.

[Read more]

Apr 11 2014 11:00am

Batman: Strange Days

Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm has created an animated short for the caped crusader on the event of his 75th birthday. We're getting all teary over here.

[Check it out!]

Apr 11 2014 8:00am

Steve Talkowski of Sketchbot Studios Inc. contributed some wonderful robots to Dacosta Bayley’s “March of Robots” daily sketch challenge, but our favorite was Hellboy-bot! Might we suggest adding a kitten-bot, to complete the tableau?

Morning Roundup can’t wait to tell you about the latest Star Wars rumor, The LEGO Movie sequel, and the greatest stingers of all time!

[Plus a consideration of the revolutionary superheroing of Kamala Khan!]

Apr 10 2014 4:53pm

Game of Thrones goats

We knew goats could be screaming horror shows, but combining them with Game of Thrones is level.

Watch. Well...listen, mostly.

[Game of Thrones and goats]

Apr 10 2014 3:20pm

How to Train Your Dragon 2 trailer

Toothless here looks exactly how we all feel right now about the third trailer for How to Train Your Dragon 2. There are ice mammoths and epic sky battles and flaming swords and seriously you guys, just watch it already! June 13th cannot get here fast enough...

[Watch the Trailer]

Apr 10 2014 8:00am

The Assyrians empire was apparently built on the backs of Daleks! Please understand, it isn’t just us saying this, this image is from the Facebook page of Archaeology Trowels and Toolsthis is a scientifically-corroborated Dalek, guys.

Morning Roundup has Captain America Easter Eggs, Westerosi wedding invites, and the greatest car in the galaxy!

[Plus Neil Armstrong nerds out!]

Apr 9 2014 3:00pm

Game of Thrones-KFC Meal Deal

Game of Thrones has turned to some innovative tie-in promotions! George R.R. Martin shared Jimmy Kimmel's GoT/KFC commercial spoof on Not A Blog.

GRRM is quick to point out that there is no actual sponsorship deal, though, as “the Hound prefers Popeyes. But not the spicy. He's afraid of fire.”

Well played, sir.

[Click through for chickens!]

Apr 9 2014 10:00am

Rocket Talk: podcast

In this episode of Rocket Talk, Justin Landon is joined by’s own Stormlight Archive maven Carl Engle-Laird to talk about Brandon Sanderon’s latest release in that series and the larger plan Sanderson has for linking all of his separate worlds.


Apr 9 2014 8:00am

Deviant artist Rahzzah makes detention fun again with The Xavier Club! We can just imagine the wacky shenanigans these mutants will get up to as they overcome their social differences and bond over the trauma of spending Saturday in a library. Actually, The Breakfast Club kind of found the best way to spend a Saturday...

Morning Roundup has some serious thinkings on superhero ethics, the birth of a new meme, and insight into George R.R. Martin’s literary influences!

[Plus, there’s a cat at the end!]

Apr 8 2014 11:40am

Following in the footsteps of such figures as Robocop, Balto, and King Joffrey Baratheon, Edgar Allan Poe will be honored with a statue in Boston! The city’s Edgar Allan Poe Foundation has long worked to reassert Poe’s Bostonionism, in the face of such usurpers as New York, Baltimore, Richmond, and even Charlottesville, each of which have claimed some portion of Poe’s short, doomed life. The Foundation felt that he should be honored by the city of his birth, and launched a fundraising campaign that included everything from $50 Poe bobbleheads to a $5,000 contribution by Stephen and Tabitha King.

The life-size statue, pictured above, will be erected this October at the corner of Boylston Street and Charles Street South. Artist Stefanie Rocknak (New Yorkers can check out Rocknak’s work in a Brooklyn show this spring) won the commission over hundred of other artists, and we can see why: her Poe looks like he’s ready to come to life and start kicking ass, like a wicked pissah of a golem. We can’t wait to visit him this fall!

Apr 8 2014 9:50am

Listen, we love a good sex chart, but... (Actually, wait, we are a rocket and can't fully commit to that statement. Nevermind.) ...when you chart out who has had sex with whom in the sexposition-happy Game of Thrones, it actually just ends up reminding us how terribly events turn out for the majority of the sexually active characters.

[Take a look]

Apr 8 2014 8:00am

We don’t know about you, but our Captain America afterglow refuses to die. Luckily, the internet is here to continue stoking the flames of our pop culture patriotism. Friend-of-the-site Steven Padnick posted this piece of awesome on his tumblr, and it made us all warm and fuzzy. And feathery.

Morning Roundup includes some thoughts on race and casting, an alternate view on Captain America, and some shocking news from George R.R. Martin!

[Plus a guide to Community’s references!]

Apr 7 2014 4:00pm

On Saturday, Daniel José Older (@djolder) got together with Nathan Bransford (@NathanBransford) on Twitter to discuss Older’s new original story “Anyway: Angie.” They discussed Urban Fantasy, the power of community, approaching grief in fiction, networking on Twitter, and much more. Check out the full conversation here!

Apr 7 2014 1:14pm

Game of Thrones The Lion and the Rose Joffrey wedding Purple Wedding

Oh man. Oh man. If there was ever any doubt that Joffrey and the Lannisters have won the game of thrones then there it is. This promo for the second episode of Game of Thrones season 4 “The Lion and the Rose” is so totally in your face that we can't help but have just a smidgen—just a smidgen—of joy upon seeing that little fucker wed to Queen Margaery Tyrell.

This is going to be the best wedding ever, you guys. We hear Hodor himself is spinning during the reception. Warning: The comments of this post are sure to be full of spoilers.

[Watch a sneak peek of “The Lion and the Rose”]

Apr 7 2014 8:00am

Courtesy of redditor SAT0725, we present this fabulous picture of puppeteer and America’s Real DadTM Jim Henson with some of his buddies from The Dark Crystal!

Morning Roundup just wants to talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier!!! But then there was Game of Thrones too!!! And some great casting news for Jurassic World! Man. We already need a nap.

[Kristen Bell sings!]

Apr 4 2014 10:38am

What’s this? What’s this? Could it be the greatest mashup of The Nightmare Before Christmas and Game of Thrones? Why, yes! This is the touching story of a goofy cartoon man who serenades the Starks and Lannisters with one of Danny Elfman’s greatest tunes. Click through!

[The blood! The screams! They're everywhere and all around!]

Apr 4 2014 8:00am

Awww, check out this fuzzy purry Fellowship! These guys will get the back to Mordor eventually, right after they’re done laying in patches of sun and staring at enemies only they can see. The ridiculous image was shared by Catmoji, a crusader for all that is good and right on the internet.

Morning Roundup wants you to build a rocket! And we also want to give you news about Man of Steel 2 and the TMNT atrocity reboot, and a light-hearted take on Game of Thrones!

[Plus the cutest heist film of all time.]