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Aug 28 2014 2:30pm

Amy Pond is Dressed as the Pink Ranger and it Gets Even Better From There

Karen Gillan Pink Ranger ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The past few weeks have seen countless celebrities dump buckets of frigid water over their heads as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, with all of the videos undoubtedly going viral. But as much as we liked seeing Patrick Stewart’s classy take on the challenge, or George R. R. Martin screaming and calling Neil Gaiman a bastard, or Benedict Cumberbatch getting doused five different times, we have a special place in our hearts for Karen Gillan’s video.

[Because Power Rangers]

Aug 28 2014 1:12pm

Infinite Jest Comes to the Greatest Medium: LEGO!

Infnite Jest in LEGO

First published in 1996, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is already accepted as a classic work of literature. The book is set in a dystopic future, where the years themselves have been subsidized, Upper New England is toxic waste dump, and giant feral hamsters roam the land in ravenous packs. The action mostly revolves around life at an elite tennis academy, ETA, and life at the much-less-elite rehab down the road. The book, which is famously 1,079 pages long, endnoted to infinity, not to mention highly unwieldy, plot-wise, has been adapted into music videos and avant garde art shows. But now it has come to possibly the greatest medium of all: LEGO.

[Click through for the Prettiest LEGO of All Time.]

Aug 28 2014 12:10pm

Where Is Katniss in the Latest Mockingjay Rebel Posters?

Mockingjay rebel posters District 13 Cressida Gale Katniss Pollux

The latest batch of posters for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 have the rebels of District 13 looking more like members of the Expendables movies than a propaganda camera crew. Which is to say, super badass, though we would’ve liked to see some camera equipment along with the rifles and crossbows.

But the most interesting thing to note about the Mockingjay posters so far is that none of them have featured Katniss Everdeen. Sure, she’s in the trailer, but the first round of teasers starred Peeta and Johanna; and the recent print ads focused on the leaders of District 13, like President Coin and Gale. Our Mockingjay is nowhere to be seen, and we think they planned it that way.

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Aug 28 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: OMG Star Trek: Next Gen Cast Please Just Reunite on TV

Star Trek Universe shared a selfie!

Morning Roundup has a giant teetering pile of links for you! We’ve got Hugo vote breakdowns, free stories, musings on the newest novels by David Mitchell and Haruki Murakami, and banned cartoons!

[Plus ]

Aug 27 2014 3:00pm

Lois Lane Gets Her Own YA Novel With Virtual Reality Video Games and Internet Romance

Lois Lane young adult YA novel Fallout virtual reality video games cyberbullying Instant Messenger Clark Kent Superman DC Comics

When DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio hinted last year that “we have big plans for Lois Lane in 2014,” we assumed that meant her own comic, in time for Superman’s 75th anniversary. Instead, Lois’ first real solo project will be a young adult novel called Fallout, by Gwenda Bond.

Much like Dean Trippe’s excellent (and, sadly, rejected) Lois Lane: Girl Reporter pitch, Fallout aims to introduce Lois to an entirely new generation of comics fans and reporter wannabes. And they’re doing so in the most Millennial way possible.

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Aug 27 2014 11:00am

Rocket Talk Episode 24: Foz Meadows and Aidan Moher Recap WorldCon

Rocket Talk

In this episode of Rocket Talk, Justin invites Hugo-nominated blogger Foz Meadows and Hugo-winning blogger Aidan Moher on the show to talk about their experience at Loncon3 and the Hugo Awards ceremony. Their conversation covers the convention itself, the winners and losers of the Hugo Award, the nature of fandom, how fandom is evolving, and finishes with a few book recommendations for the voracious genre reader.

[Listen here!]

Aug 27 2014 9:30am

Trigger Warning, Neil Gaiman’s New Short Fiction Collection, Coming in February

Mediabistro is reporting that Neil Gaiman's newest short story collection is nigh! Gaiman responded to a question on his Tumblr, saying “I’m finishing the very last short story of the next collection RIGHT NOW. Everything else has been written: the stories, the introduction, all that…” The collection, which will be titled Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances, is scheduled to come out February 3rd—which gives us plenty of time to speculate about which genre a “disturbance” belongs to, exactly—but also YAY new Neil Gaiman short fiction collection! Smoke & Mirrors and Fragile Things are still our go-to comfort food.

Aug 27 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: In the Name of the Moon, He Will Rock You!

Hugh Casey shared T@KUTO’s amazing Sailor Mercury! If you’re looking for somebody to love, we’re guessing he’ll be your champion. Radio Ga-Ga.

Morning Roundup delves into Weird Al’s Emmy’s medley, takes a serious look at a clash of fandoms, and calls out a few treacherous 20-sided dice!

[Plus Jibber Jabber with the Simpsons writers!]

Aug 26 2014 5:35pm

John Scalzi and Apple Answer All the Things! (About Lock In)

John Scalzi Twitter Apple Chat Lock In

John Scalzi took to Twitter in conjunction with Apple iBooks for a chat during Tuesday afternoon, answering questions about his new novel, Lock In under the hashtag #AskScalzi. Apple started things off, asking questions about Scalzi’s blog, the ideas behind Lock In, and the possibilities of a follow up! Then they turned things over to the fans, who asked about everything from Old Man’s War to Redshirts. Check out the recap below, and head over to iBooks to order your copy of Lock In.

[Snark as far as the eye can see...]

Aug 26 2014 4:45pm

Your Money is No Good Here, Mr. Chakotay.

women of Star Trek personal checks Janeway Troi Seven of Nine

Artistically-styled checks are nothing new—even checks themselves are becoming a thing of the past—but we experienced a deep ache of nostalgia after stumbling across these Women of Star Trek checks. Imagine making a car payment in 1997 with Captain Janeway herself laying down the law. “Coffee. Black. Check. Cashed.” She’ll get your money home, even if she has to lay waste to the entire Borg Collective on the way. Don’t want to send a contribution to that animal hospital with Janeway? (THAT’S NONSENSE.) Send Uhura, or Troi, or Seven of Nine!

There are Men of Star Trek checks available, too. (So really there are Everyone of Star Trek checks available.) And you’ll never use them all. NEVER.

Aug 26 2014 2:12pm

Joss Whedon Teaches Jeremy Renner How to Hawkeye

Hawkeye Jeremy Renner Joss Whedon set photo Avengers: Age of Ultron funny crossbow

One of our favorite bits from shooting the first Avengers movie were the set photos and GIFs of Joss Whedon putting up his dukes alongside the rest of the cast in costume. Clearly he had fun trying out Hawkeye’s bow, because he’s at it again in this Avengers: Age of Ultron set photo, schooling Jeremy Renner in proper arrow shooting technique.

We’re not sure what’s better, Whedon’s pose or Jeremy Renner’s expression. He’s all “Dude, did you see me shoot a Chitauri out of the sky without even looking? I got this.” Oh, and Hawkeye’s new costume is cool, too.

Photo: Empire Magazine (via Comic Book Movie)

Aug 26 2014 12:20pm

Sansa Stark: “I Would Love to Go on a Massive Killing Spree”

Sophie Turner Sansa Stark killing spree Game of Thrones season 5 The Winds of Winter Gollum

Raise your hand if you cheered when Sansa Stark finally entered the game near the end of this season of Game of Thrones. Well, Sophie Turner had just as much fun donning that crow-feather dress and scheming with Littlefinger, because she told Vulture she wants to see Sansa go even darker next season. As in, a combination Red and Purple Wedding killing spree.

[Also, Sansa Stark is Gollum]

Aug 26 2014 11:45am

Genre at the Emmy Awards: Sherlock Won, Game of Thrones Got Snubbed, and George R. R. Martin Got a Typewriter

Emmy winners 2014 Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman Steven Moffat Mark Gatiss Game of Thrones snubbed True Detective Breaking Bad

To the delight of genre fans, Sherlock was among the top winners at last night’s Emmy Awards, though it didn’t entirely sweep the major awards. That honor went to Breaking Bad—no surprise, considering its final season—which took home Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama, and Supporting Actor in a Drama. It’s probably for the best, then, that Sherlock was listed as a miniseries.

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Aug 26 2014 11:15am

Donald Glover Finally Becomes Our Favorite Wall-Crawler!

Well, kinda. Donald Glover will be the voice of Miles Morales in in an upcoming episode DisneyXD’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. Our whole brain is crying happy tears! The plot’s a little convoluted, but here goes: The series stars a (white) Peter Parker as Spider-Man, who has to travel across dimensions on a hunt for the Green Goblin, who’s stealing DNA from as many Spider-Men as he can find. Peter gets to one universe where he’s already dead, and Miles has taken on the role of Spider-Man. (Just like the Spider-Man in the Ultimate Comics line.) Perhaps Donald Glover can voice Miles approximately forever after that? Watch a clip from the episode over at USA Today!

Aug 26 2014 10:47am

George R. R. Martin’s Scream is Pretty Amazing

White Walker

George R.R. Martin, having been challenged by “that bastard Neil Gaiman,” has taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! And before you say, “Oh, I have seen so many of those, surely I do not need to watch another,” allow us to assure you that GRRM emits sounds that must be heard to be believed. We advise you to click through, and enjoy. 

[Valar morghulis, everybody!]

Aug 26 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Venkman and Stay Puft Put the Past Behind Them

Bill Murray Stay Puft

So, yesterday was National Kiss and Make Up Day, which is why the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man posted this photo on Twitter. Does this mean all is forgiven? Did Puft apologize for stepping on a church in Venkman’s town?

Morning Roundup has news of what may soon be the greatest television show of all time, and interview with Haruki Murakami, and the origin story of America’s next great astronaut.


Aug 25 2014 11:50am

Guardians of the Galaxy Dances Back to the Top of the Box Office!

Today in Guardians of the Galaxy news: the Dancing Groot Toy is one step closer to being real! Unfortunately, the adorable little guy above doesn’t actually, um, dance? But! It’s a bobble-head, so if you put it next to a window on a breezy day, or a moderately powerful fan, it’ll be a good approximation.

The other news: GotG has regained the Number One spot at the box office! After two weeks of childhood-destroying horror Turtle Power, the Guardians jumped back up to the top, at the same time securing their status as the highest-grossing film of the summer. This puts them at number three for the year so far, behind Captain America: Winter Soldier and The LEGO Movie, which gives us hope for the human race, because something has to. When was the last time a film fell from the top spot, only to work its way back up? Is the Power of Friendship involved somehow, or just the Power of Li’l Groot?

Aug 25 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Does This Mean Our Sears Fridge isn’t a Portal to Ancient Sumer?

Nerd Approved shared this shot on their Twitter stream. We guess it would be too good to be true, escaping into a mystical paradise through a piece of furniture we bought at a Costco…but can you blame us for trying?

Morning Roundup wants to welcome you back into the week! One of the final weeks we can safely call summer. Is it just us, or did this summer fly by like sands through an hourglass that was violently hurled from a great height to smash on the unforgiving ground below? Whatever, while we wait for Fall to show up we’ll talk to you about Harry Potter, Milo Manara, and Doctor Who!

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Aug 22 2014 1:50pm

Let’s Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Get Surprised in the Shower

We’ve seen some fantastic Ice Bucket Challenges. Chris Pratt, with his Ice Vodka/Smirnoff Ice twist, Tom Hiddleston, who was doused in a white T-shirt because he knows what we want, and Brandon Sanderson, who proved unflappable. But then The Man Who Would Be All Khans shows up and out-Ice Buckets them all! First, we have to commend Benedict Cumberbatch on including a simple way for people to donate to ALSA, and foregrounding the purpose of the charity rather than the wackiness. But when he decides it’s time for wackiness, he goes all the way. He was not challenged only once, you see...so there are many, many buckets of ice.

There’s also, um, a shower scene. Check out his video below!

[It didn’t get deleted this time!]

Aug 22 2014 1:30pm

Johnny Depp and Kevin Smith’s Daughters to Fight Evil with Yoga and Apathy in New Movie

Kevin Smith Harley Quinn Smith Johnny Depp Lily-Rose Depp Tusk Yoga Hosers Canada yoga evil

Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp are bringing their daughters to work... or is it that they’re providing support for their offspring in their burgeoning film careers? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith’s new movie Yoga Hosers will star his and Depp’s daughters as yoga-obsessed Canadian convenience store clerks, who have to harness their flexibility and inner light to battle ancient evils.

[The light in me is gonna dumpster the light in you’s face]