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Jan 27 2015 12:17pm

The Most Brutal and Most Beautiful Snow Planets from Sci-Fi and Fantasy

snow planets ice planets Hoth Star Wars

Back in 2011, when our little corner of the universe was covered in snow, we asked our Twitter followers to name as many snow planets as they could. Four years later, with another Snowpocalypse upon us, we’ve had time to think up even more icy worlds (including our own, depending on who you ask).

Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back is an easy one, but what else is out there?

[Your cursor will freeze before you reach the first marker!]

Jan 27 2015 10:33am

“With Every New Risk, There Are Consequences”: Watch the Fantastic Four Trailer

Fantastic Four trailer

The first trailer for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot is out! As io9 points out, it doesn’t look a lot like a superhero movie, but that may work to its advantage. Clearly, it won’t be in found-footage format like Trank’s superhero indie Chronicle (as rumored), but it seems less obsessed with big fight scenes and more interested in showing the risks of sending the best and the brightest to investigate an alternate universe.

[Watch the trailer]

Jan 27 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Greetings from Hoth!

snow taun taun

This guy will not be defeated by our Hoth-like winter!

Morning Roundup treks through this soul-crushing blizzard to bring you fun links! A look back at George Lucas’ moments of insanity! A new twist in the saga of Batkid! And the greatest Dickens sequel ever written!

[Plus, things are getting Grim!]

Jan 26 2015 3:21pm

Catherynne M. Valente Wants You to Revisit The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While

What could Catherynne M. Valente’s Tor.com original novella The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland—For a Little While have to do with her upcoming novel, The Boy Who Lost Fairyland? Refresh your memory here.

Jan 26 2015 1:39pm

Marvel Casts David Tennant as Villain Kilgrave on A.K.A. Jessica Jones

David Tennant Purple Man AKA Jessica Jones

Marvel announced today that Doctor Who’s David Tennant will play Kilgrave, the villain at the heart of their upcoming Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Also known as the Purple Man, Kilgrave is a key antagonist in Jessica Jones’ superhero past, as he is responsible for the trauma that makes her leave behind her crimefighting career. (While the character’s name is spelled Killgrave in the comics, the press release refers to him as “Kilgrave.”)

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Jan 26 2015 12:16pm

Emma Watson Will Play Belle in Disney’s Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson Belle Beauty and the Beast

Disney’s live-action remake of Cinderella isn’t even out yet, and the studio is already looking at other classics to adapt: Next up is Beauty and the Beast, to be written by Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and directed by Bill Condon (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Parts 1 and 2). And Emma Watson has just announced that she’ll be playing Belle!

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Jan 26 2015 12:00pm

Rocket Talk Episode 40: Amal El-Mohtar and Natalie Luhrs

Amal El-Mohtar Natalie Luhrs

In this episode of Rocket Talk, Justin invites writer Amal El-Mohtar and blogger Natalie Luhrs to talk about ethics in literary journalism. The conversation ranges from the relationship between reviewer and publisher, to decorum on the internet, to notions of digital dualism.

In the show an essay is mentioned about the politics of attention. The article, written by Haruna Umar, can be found here.

[Listen Now!]

Jan 26 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Is It Just Us, or is the Term “Bleeding Edge” Creepy?

Tony Ruth's Businesstown

Richard Scarry’s Busytown books explored a plethora of career options for a past age. You could be an architect, a schoolteacher, a bulldozer-er...so many options! But today’s children need to know that they’re heading out into a far different future! A future that could involve working with bitcoin, or social media, or maybe even giving a TedTalk! Luckily artist Tony Ruth is here to educate the younglings. Check out more of his art at Businesstown!

Morning Roundup brings you thoughts on the porous line between science fiction and science fact, ways to tell if you’ve suddenly been transported to a fantastical realm, and news on the soon to be new and improved U.S.S. Enterprise!

[Plus, MANIMAL.]

Jan 23 2015 5:00pm

Elon Musk Names SpaceX Drone Ships in Honor of Iain M. Banks

Elon Musk Iain M. Banks Just Read the Instructions ship name

While he’s working on getting humans into space, SpaceX CEO/CTO Elon Musk hasn’t forgotten the greats who propelled us out of the stratosphere through fiction long before him. Today, Musk tweeted that he’s named two of his spaceport drone ships in the most fitting way: after ships from science fiction writer Iain M. Banks’ Culture novels.

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Jan 23 2015 1:40pm

James Gunn Does a Live GotG Commentary; Crushes Our Dreams

Dancing Baby Groot

Want yet another way to watch Guardians of the Galaxy? Last night co-writer/director James Gunn popped onto Facebook (accompanied by Sean Gunn, Michael Rooker, and Stephane Ceretti, the VFX supervisor for Marvel) and held a communal screening! As he watched the film, he typed up a real-time commentary track and answered questions from fans. This Q&A format allowed Gunn to delve into a few aspects of the film, including a troubling moment between Drax and Gamora, and we got some insights into Rocket and Groot’s relationship!

[Plus, James Gunn reveals his favorite scene!]

Jan 23 2015 12:00pm

Michael Moorcock Talks “Experimenting” with The Whispering Swarm and the Appeal of the Multiverse

Michael Moorcock Tor Books videos The Whispering Swarm The Eternal Champion Sequence multiverse

Science fiction and fantasy author Michael Moorcock’s newest novel The Whispering Swarm is autobiography through the lens of the lens of his own work and how it has impacted him. In a series of videos, Moorcock speaks with Tor Books about “try[ing] something new” with The Whispering Swarm, his first independent novel in nine years. He also discusses the impetus of the Multiverse that links his Eternal Champion Sequence, and reads from one of his early novels.

[Watch the videos]

Jan 23 2015 11:00am

11 Winter’s Tales For Your Chilly Reading Needs!

Gimli in snow

It’s cold outside. There’s snow fluttering through the air, the sun is swallowed by that jerk serpent by like 3:30 in the afternoon, and there are never enough layers, it sucks. But at least we’re not on Gethen!

We defrosted our fingers long enough to type a question of Twitter: what books capture winter for you? And the beautiful snowmisers of the internet responded with an avalanche of suggestions!


Jan 23 2015 10:21am

X-Men: Apocalypse Casts Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, Plus Storm and Cyclops

Sophie Turner cast as Jean Grey X-Men: Apocalypse

We’ve known for a while that 20th Century Fox was testing various actresses to play young psychic Jean Grey in X-Men: Apocalypse, but Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones) had only just entered the (casting) game before she officially nabbed the part. And she’s not the only new cast member! Bryan Singer took to Twitter to lay out the teen X-Men we’ll be seeing next summer, including Cyclops and Storm.

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Jan 23 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: There is No Way the Barista’s Getting Gwaihir’s Name Right

Starbucks Middle-earth Map

We’ve always suspected that Starbucks dot Mordor’s barren landscape, so it only makes sense that the cups would have maps of Middle-earth. Laughing Squid shared the cup after it was given to barista and redditor Carpe_Natem, and was eventually traced back to Liverpool artist Liam Kenny. Check out more of his work on Instagram

Morning Roundup brings you Cumberbatch, Pratt, and Evans, and also a lot of other, less interesting... no we’re kidding, there are wonderful books, dapper killers, and a new way to watch Mystery Science Theater 3000!

[Plus Star Trek!]

Jan 22 2015 3:25pm

CBS Casts Melissa Benoist as Its Supergirl

CBS Supergirl cast Melissa Benoist Kara Zor-El

Just last week, CBS entertainment chairman Nina Tassler was describing their ideal Supergirl as “a very strong, independent young woman,” saying, “She’s got to be an every woman. She’s got to be specific.” Now, the network has found its independent fledgling superhero Kara Zor-El, in Glee alum and Whiplash star Melissa Benoist.

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Jan 22 2015 12:36pm

J. Michael Straczynski Will Adapt Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars for Spike TV

J. Michael Straczynski adapt Red Mars Kim Stanley Robinson Spike TVIt’s been a long road bringing Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars) to the small screen. First it was James Cameron who held the rights, with the intention of creating a five-hour miniseries; later, Gale Ann Hurd had a similar idea, intended for Syfy. The next network to set its sights on the trilogy was AMC, back in 2008 and fresh off the start of Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

Finally, Spike TV took over the rights—and according to Deadline, they’ve signed on Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski to adapt Red Mars.

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Jan 22 2015 10:26am

Simon Pegg to Co-Write Star Trek 3

Simon Pegg write Star Trek 3 script

Scotty is beaming himself up: According to Deadline, Simon Pegg will co-write the Star Trek 3 script with Doug Jung (creator of TNT’s undercover cop series Dark Blue). They’ll be working with Fast & Furious’ Justin Lin, who recently replaced Roberto Orci as director.

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Jan 22 2015 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Let’s Just Hope Spock Remembers the Safe Word

Now this is an away mission we want to see. The image, from a Details magazine cover shoot in 2010, is the stuff fanfic dreams are made of.

Morning Roundup checks in with the Curiosity Rover, questions the decision-making skills of the Academy, and a brief history of the Hugo and Nebula Awards!

[Plus Archer joins Team CoCo.]

Jan 21 2015 4:47pm

The Apex Book of World SF 4, Edited by Mahvesh Murad, Coming in 2015

Apex Book of World SF 4 Mahvesh Murad editorLavie Tidhar, editor of the The Apex Book of World SF anthologies, announced today that he and Apex Book Company would be releasing The Apex Book of World SF 4, tentatively scheduled for later this year. Since 2008, each volume has collected international speculative fiction, both in translation and published originally in English.

But whereas Tidhar has edited the last three anthologies, this time around he’s introducing us to the series’ new editor: Mahvesh Murad, book reviewer, radio host, and the voice of Tor.com’s new podcast, Midnight in Karachi.

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Jan 21 2015 4:00pm

This 4-Hour The Hobbit Recut Focuses on Bilbo Baggins, Like It Should Have All Along

The Hobbit 4 hour recut Bilbo Baggins TolkienEditor

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy has been concluded for barely a month, but already one ambitious Tolkien fan has recut the bloated, eight-hour adaptation into a much more manageable affair clocking in at a little less than four and a half hours. How did the anonymous TolkienEditor do it? By cutting out the Tauriel/Legolas/Kili love triangle and by bringing us back to the movie’s star, who we forgot to care about along the way: Bilbo Baggins.

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