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Sep 29 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: The Hulk Will SMASH All His Blocked Chi!

Hulk Yoga Maris Wicks

Reddit user chaths shared artist Maris Wicks’s wonderfully sweet take on destressing the Hulk. We imagine this will be a plot point in Age of Ultron - will Tony send Hulk to his corner yoga mat after battles? Will there be scented candles? Perhaps a battle in Lululemon?

Morning Roundup brings you the past and futures of the Game of Thrones’ cast, an update on Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and a reconsideration of Hancock!


Sep 26 2014 4:05pm

The Legend of Korra: Book 4 Trailer is Here!

Avatar: The Legend of Korra: Book 4 trailer

With mere weeks to go until the new (and final) season of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, we finally get a trailer for Book 4! Three years have passed since the Red Lotus poisoned Korra—leading to some awesome metalbending but leaving the Avatar wheelchair-bound—and boy, is there a lot to take in.

[Watch the trailer!]

Sep 26 2014 3:07pm

The New Jupiter Ascending Trailer Outlines Its Epic Story

Jupiter Ascending new trailer

The first few trailers for the Wachowski siblings’ new sci-fi film Jupiter Ascending showed us a lot of CGI without really communicating the plot. Sure, we knew that elf-eared Channing Tatum rescues secret intergalactic princess Mila Kunis from everyone who’s trying to kill her... But that’s about as much as we could glean.

Now, the latest trailer delves more into how Earth was “seeded” 100,000 years ago, the Dune-like politics of succession, and how Jupiter, despite her propensity for hurtling helplessly off tall buildings, is actually the reincarnation of the Queen of the Universe.

[Read more]

Sep 26 2014 12:30pm

Relive All of the Batman Theme Songs With This Amazing Cello/Piano Medley

Batman Evolution piano cello medley

Would you believe that the most epic Batman theme you’ll ever hear is on piano and cello? YouTube group ThePianoGuys have adapted everything from The Hobbit’s theme to “Let It Go” into stunning piano/cello combinations, and now they’ve set their sights on the Caped Crusader—no doubt to coincide with the massive Adam West Batman DVD/Blu-ray rerelease this November.

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Sep 26 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Generally You Don’t See That Kind of Behavior From a Major Beverage Company...

Sharing a Coke with Zuul seems like a very bad idea. Zuul doesn’t seem like a sharer. But no matter. One of Bill Murray’s Facebook fan pages posted this, and we think it would be an excellent accompaniment to the large quantity of roasted marshmallows. Or Twinkies.

Morning Roundup is looking at some particularly questionable book-banning explanations, a few alien hoaxes that made us want to believe, and the next step in the career of Margaery Tyrell!

[Plus science facts!]

Sep 25 2014 1:30pm

These Fan-Made Buffy Credits Are the Animated Series We Wish We’d Gotten

Buffy the Vampire Slayer animated series fan opening credits

Remember how Joss Whedon tried for years to make an animated Buffy the Vampire Slayer spinoff happen, and no one was biting? The test footage was even eventually leaked online, to tepid interest, and we sort of understood why it never made it off the ground.

Well, we just came across fan-made opening credits for a Buffy animated series, and they’re wonderful.

[Get ready to start rocking out to Nerf Herder’s theme...]

Sep 25 2014 12:45pm

Did You Miss John Scalzi’s Lock In Tour? Experience it Virtually!

John Scalzi Twitter Apple Chat Lock In

John Scalzi recently completed his book tour for his futurist thriller Lock In. Each tour stop included a reading and Q&A with the always delightful author.

And because Scalzi realizes that not all of you live in the cities he visited, he’s provided footage from some of the stops so you can experience them in a non-corporeal environment! Given that the main character in Lock In experiences the world through a robot interface, this seems somehow more appropriate than actually meeting Scalzi in person...

Anyway, if you missed the tour, or just want to relive the magic, check out the videos from Scalzi’s readings below!

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Sep 25 2014 11:45am

Christopher Walken Has Transformed Into Captain Hook, Cheekbones and All

first look Christopher Walken Captain Hook

We... are not sure how to feel about this photo of Allison Williams and Christopher Walken as Peter Pan and Captain Hook in NBC’s upcoming TV musical Peter Pan Live! It’s just so awkward, with the weird posing and flinging of arms and hooks. Also, what is up with Walken’s cheekbones? How did they somehow make those bigger through all the pancake make-up?

[Click through for the full-size photo]

Sep 25 2014 11:15am

Highlights from Robert Jackson Bennett’s Reddit AMA

Robert Jackson Bennett AMA

Robert Jackson Bennett—the award-winning author of American Elsewhere, The Troupe, The Company Man, and Mr. Shivers—recently took to reddit to answer your questions! His latest, City of Stairs, is an atmospheric and intrigue-filled spy novel complete with dead gods, buried histories, and a mysterious, protean city. The novel is available now in the US (Crown Publishing) and publishes October 2nd in the UK (Jo Fletcher Books).

Read an excerpt from City of Stairs here on Tor.com, and be sure to check out Kameron Hurley’s response the novel’s protagonist, the Rocket Talk podcast episode where Bennett discusses the future of genre fiction, Brian Slattery’s interview with the Bennett, and our own Pop Quiz Q&A! Oh, and do yourself a favor—follow Bennet’s hilarious Twitter feed. You’ll thank us later.

Bennett talked about his influences and writing process in a great reddit AMA this week, and we’ve collected the highlights below!

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Sep 25 2014 11:00am

Watch Bruce Wayne’s Parents Die Over and Over and Over

supercut Bruce Wayne parents death Gotham

It’s one of the seminal moments in superhero tales, the near-legendary incident that we’ve seen repeated countless times with little variation. It’s less than two minutes, but the repercussions are transformative.

In case you haven’t seen it enough times, here’s a supercut of Bruce Wayne’s parents dying.

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Sep 25 2014 10:40am

Amtrak Residency Writers Include Fables Creator Bill Willingham and Other Sci-Fi/Fantasy Authors

Amtrak Residency Program writers Bill Willingham

Amtrak has announced the winners of its inaugural Amtrak Residency Program. Over the next year, these lucky 24 residents will get a free Amtrak train ride during which they can compose their next (or, in some cases, first) great work.

While the full list includes a BuzzFeed editor and a former CIA agent, we took special note of the five writers representing for sci-fi/fantasy and geek culture. That’s about one-fifth of the writers—not too shabby. Read on to learn more about the Amtrak residents—one of whom has already decided what she’s writing about, and it sounds amazing.

[All aboard!]

Sep 25 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Baby Gojira Rages Through the Nursery!

Even Baby Gojira is mighty! He just displayed it in more adorable ways. Artist Illuminescent uses his Wordpress page to tell the saga of The Fearsome Godzilla. He also gives us Gojira vs. Baby Smaug, and...Toothless vs. the Ball of Yarn??!! Awww...

Morning Roundup bring you a new perspective on Raiders of the Lost Ark, a new perspective on Disney’s Robin Hood, and a new perspective on the Science of Deduction.

[Plus, you won’t believe this mind-blowing theory about PIXAR!]

Sep 24 2014 11:00am

Rocket Talk Episode 28: Nick Mamatas

Rocket Talk

In this episode of Rocket Talk, Justin welcomes Nick Mamatas, author and editor, to discuss the newest anthology from Haikasoru: Phantasm Japan. Mamatas holds court on the subject of Japanese publishing, the nature of exported fiction, and how he functions as an editor of Japanese fiction without being able to read Japanese.

[Listen here!]

Sep 24 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Catching Pokémon Might Be Easier with a Genie...

We have it on good authority that every day is Halloween. However, even if that turns out not to be case, we still only have, what? Six measly weeks to get ready for The Greatest Day of the Year? So, in the interests of preparedness, we present Disney characters in costume! Here we have Aladdin as Ash Ketchum, and his faithful sidekick Abu as Pikachu! The concept art comes from the fantastic artist Isaiah Stephens, who also gives us Megara as Catwoman, Ariel as Black Widow, and Snow White as Wonder Woman!

Morning Roundup brings you joy! Plus a new poster for The Zero Theorem, speculation about the latest X-Men-ification of U.S. history, and an update on the Merc with a Mouth's movie!

[Plus, the future of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! ]

Sep 23 2014 11:28am

J.J. Abrams is Bringing Stephen King’s Time Travel Novel 11/22/63 to Hulu

Hulu J.J. Abrams Stephen King 11/22/63Hulu’s latest original series will be an adaptation of 11/22/63, Stephen King’s novel about a schoolteacher who journeys back to the 1960s to try and prevent President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

Hulu has ordered the series from J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot. Bridget Carpenter, a former writer and co-executive producer on Friday Night Lights and Parenthood, is joining as writer and executive producer.

“If I ever wrote a book that cries out for long-form, event TV programming, 11/22/63 is it,” King said in a press release. We’re hoping that the final product will be a bit tighter and not as cheesy as King’s other current TV series, Under the Dome, which is currently driving Grady Hendrix insane.

Sep 23 2014 10:43am

Could Star Trek 3 Reunite Original Kirk and Spock?

Star Trek 3 William Shatner cameo

So far all we know about Star Trek 3 is that the crew of the Enterprise is going into DEEP SPACE. But you know who they might find? William Shatner, playing Captain James T. Kirk for the first time in canon since 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

[But what does this mean for Kirk Prime/Spock Prime?]

Sep 23 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Orlando Jones is a Human Emoji Machine!

Good morning! This lovely image is the amazing Orlando Jones (star of the just-returned Sleepy Hollow!) acting out the “Grimacing Face” emoji. But wait, perhaps you don’t like “Grimacing Face”? Perhaps you prefer “Baby With A Crescent Moon On Its Head”? Or Even “Flexed Bicep”? Well, you’re in luck, human! Mr. Jones has acted out a whole universe of emoji over on Buzzfeed. And that’s not all! He has also founded the iROC Emoji App, which will give you and your beloved phone diverse emoji! So perhaps there can be a tiny pocket of this world that doesn’t default to white, blonde, and skinny. And that tiny pocket of the world can live in your very own pocket! Unless you have a new iPhone, in which case it won’t fit in your pocket...

Morning Roundup brings you more special stuff from Guardians of the Galaxy! (Between this and James Gunn’s Facebook page, is there going to be anything left for the Blu-Ray?) The minds behind Daredevil offer reassurances! And the mind behind Bone offers us musings on controversial comics!

[There’s also some weird sex beneath the cut.]

Sep 22 2014 2:15pm

Colin Farrell Joins True Detective Season 2!

Having dealt with the flat circle-ish-ness of time in Bruges, Belgium, Colin Farrell will now bring his existential musings to season 2 of True Detective! The actor confirmed that he'll be joining the show, telling The Sunday World that he was “so excited” and then giving them these tiny, tiny, tantalizing details:

“I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot,” he said. “I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great.”

That's not enough, Colin Farrell! You have giant Texan shoes to fill! Quick, give us some sub-dorm-room philosophy, or a story about your dad cooking with beer in his underwear! Make shit up! Will there be a new Yellow King? Is this talk of The Crying of Lot 49 on the mark? Are we getting Jessica Chastain or Elisabeth Moss? Or both? Both would be great! At least explain what the hell the “secret occult history of the United States transportation system” is supposed to mean!

Come on, man. Lead us into the Farrellaissance.

Sep 22 2014 1:10pm

Tywin Lannister Said Some Things About Game of Thrones Season 5

Tywin Lannister Game of Thrones season 5 rumor

Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 4 immediately ahead.

Charles “Tywin Lannister” Dance got to talking last week during the press tour for Dracula Untold and said some weird things to MTV UK about the forthcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones, which is largely expected to cover events that take place in A Feast For Crows and A Dance With Dragons.

[Read at your own risk!]

Sep 22 2014 11:37am

Jeremy Renner Took Black Widow’s Face Oh God Give It Back

Jeremy Renner Scarlett Johansson mask

Are you ready for a combination of OTP glee and nightmare fodder? Because Jeremy Renner decided to wear Scarlett Johansson’s face, and now we can’t unsee it.

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