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Oct 24 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Jim Henson’s Kitchen Nightmare Babies

Chef Gordon Ramsay has finally met his match! George Takei shared this picture, which we’re assuming was shot during the most important culinary summit of our time. We’re just hoping that Ramsay appreciated the Swedish Chef’s Shredded Wheat and Cranberry Sauce...

Morning Roundup is still to busy watching the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer on a continuous loop to think of much else, but still...links must be gathered and spread! And so, we bring you yet another legacy of the Romans, a list of great modern horror films for your Halloween edification, and a look back at Dragon magazine! 

[Plus, take flight with some Hobbits!]

Oct 23 2014 4:13pm

Christopher Nolan Had to Pick and Choose Which Wormhole Science to Use in Interstellar

Interstellar science wormholes Christopher Nolan Kip Thorne

With just a few weeks left until the release of Interstellar (a.k.a. this year’s Gravity), director Christopher Nolan and the cast sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a lengthy feature on the film’s development. One thing we learned was that, like Gravity, Interstellar is not 100% scientifically accurate. But rather than have Neil deGrasse Tyson call that out once the movie has hit theaters, Nolan copped to it from the beginning.

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Oct 23 2014 3:20pm

Hayley Atwell Beats Up Everyone on the Set of Agent Carter, Mostly on Purpose

Agent Carter, Hayley Atwell

All hail Peggy Carter and her upcoming show where she beats up all the peoples who dare to step on her agency and all-around amazingness. At least, we assume that this is what the show is about given Hayley Atwell’s current Twitter stream, which seems to be a torrential downpour of apologies to the various stunt men and set pieces she has given injury to.

[The best. It is the best.]

Oct 23 2014 1:15pm

Why Edward Norton is Glad He Stopped Being the Hulk

Edward Norton the Incredible Hulk Birdman Avengers

Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk does not occupy a proud spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, if/when Marvel winds up doing a Mark Ruffalo solo Hulk movie, Norton’s turn at playing Bruce Banner will definitely be rendered non-canon. Furthermore, when Marvel was assembling its Avengers in 2010, there seemed to be bad blood between the studio and Norton’s camp, with shots fired on both sides. Then we got Mark Ruffalo, and all was wonderful (and always angry) with the world.

At the time, Norton gracefully withdrew from the conversation, saying that he had been blessed to have played one of the Hulk’s many incarnations. In a recent interview to promote his new film Birdman, he added some context that shows just how good he feels about his decision, four years later.

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Oct 23 2014 11:15am

Check Out the Cover of Neil Gaiman’s New Short Fiction Collection, Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning cover reveal Neil Gaiman introduction excerpt

USA Today has posted the cover reveal for Neil Gaiman’s new short story collection, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances. In addition to an enigmatic cover—just what is that girl thinking?—the site also shared Gaiman’s introduction, in which he explains why he decided to beat everyone else to slapping a trigger warning on his writing.

[Click through to see the full cover]

Oct 23 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We Bring Apathy from the Night’s Plutonian Shore!

Grammarly shared Jim Benton’s frustrated raven, just in time for Halloween! We’re guessing this bird won’t have much useful news regarding the poet’s lost Lenore...

Morning Roundup brings you a Johnny Depp in wolf’s clothing, real estate tips of the damned, and spooooooky reading suggestions!

[plus, nothing goes with s’mores like a good Bill Murray tale!]

Oct 22 2014 10:41pm

Watch the First Trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

The first trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer is here! It's a week early. Maybe HYDRA leaked it? Good job, Hydra! Click through to watch Ultron rise! It's pretty intense.

[Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer]

Oct 22 2014 5:08pm

Ann Leckie’s Hugo-Winning Ancillary Justice Optioned for Television

Ancillary Justice TV showFans of Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch series will be excited to learn that her Hugo, Nebula, and Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novel Ancillary Justice has been optioned for television!

Leckie shared the news on her blog, adding in the necessary caveats that “option” doesn’t automatically mean “greenlit.” However, she’s already had at least one talk with the production companies emphasizing how she would like the series to handle gender and race.

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Oct 22 2014 4:10pm

Live-Action Static Shock Series Leads Warner Bros’ Digital Programming Slate

Static Shock TV show Warner Bros digital content Blue Ribbon Content

Today Warner Bros unveiled its new digital division, called Blue Ribbon Content, which will release a number of live-action, short-form series across various digital platforms. The programming ranges from a satire series about backstabbing Girl Scouts to several genre picks, including an original horror thriller series and two adaptations of comic book properties.

One of the most interesting projects announced is Static Shock—based on the comic Static, which was originally published through DC Comics’ Milestone Comics, an imprint that promoted greater representation of minority heroes.

[“I put a shock to your system!”]

Oct 22 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: We’ve Found the Purrfect Friend for Spot!

Oh god the kitty’s name is Levar Purrton and we can’t handle this it’s just too cute and too perfect and we need to look at something else now.

Morning Roundup has soooo much horror to balance out the cute! We’ve got a definitive list of Horrific Treehouses, the feminist ethos of Resident Evil, and a history of the greatest pea soup movie of the 70s!

[Plus, a real-life Horrorstör!]

Oct 21 2014 2:17pm

Dave and HAL Just Can’t Work Things Out in the New Trailer for 2001: A Space Odyssey!

For the first time in 40 years, Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey has gotten a new trailer! The trailer was made to promote the digitally restored film’s special limited U.K. release, part of the British Film Institute's “Sci-Fi: Days of Fears and Wonder” series. The new trailer highlights the battle of wills between Dave and HAL, to great, chilling effect.

[Click through for the new trailer!]

Oct 21 2014 2:15pm

The Walking Dead Fans Sure Hope Robert Kirkman Doesn’t End the Series With “It Was All a Dream”

The Walking Dead fan conspiracy theory Rick coma dream

Uproxx recently shed light on a troubling conspiracy theory put out by fans of The Walking Dead: What if the whole thing was Rick Grimes' coma fever dream? What if the ending of the series is him either waking up or flatlining in the hospital with Carl, Lori, and Shane by his side, and the zombie apocalypse never happened?

However, as much time and speculation as fans have put into this as a possible ending, no one seems to actually want Kirkman to follow through with this  story trope.

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Oct 21 2014 12:54pm

The Way James Cameron Worked Arnold Schwarzenegger Into Terminator: Genisys is Very Sweet

Terminator: Genisys alternate universe Arnold Schwarzenegger James Cameron

With nine months left until Terminator: Genisys comes to theaters (wait really?), the title is still dumb, but at least one part of the movie sounds fascinating. In a recent interview, James Cameron shared his alternate-universe take on how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 fits into the latest film, and it’s surprisingly sweet.

[“I’ll be back... and here’s how.”]

Oct 21 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Daily Affirmations With the Hulk!

Kehinki gives us the greatest motivational posters! What could be more motivating than an enraged Bruce Banner? Or Black Widow threatening to pull your still-beating heart right from your chest? But really, it’s the wise words of Tony Stark who give us the greatest leg-up in life. You can check out more of the images over on io9!

Morning Roundup brings you... nightmares! Mwahaha! No, not really. Just a history of A Nightmare on Elm Street, thoughts on prog rock, and a stern lecture for Benedict Cumberbatch! 

[Plus, they’re taking us back to Germany!]

Oct 20 2014 4:11pm

Lost’s Mr. Eko Joins Game of Thrones As a Brand New Character

Mr Eko Game of Thrones Lost Adewale Akinnuoye-Abgaje Malko

Buried in a Hollywood Reporter article about a Hollywood biopic is the interesting news that Lost’s Adewale Akkinuoye-Abgaje is joining Game of Thrones season 5 as a character not found in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. The only thing we know right now is his character’s name, “Malko.”

[So... who could he be?]

Oct 20 2014 3:18pm

Disney’s Sea Voyage Film Moana Will Come to Theaters in 2016

Disney Moana 2016 Polynesia Maui

The last we had heard of Disney’s forthcoming CG-animated film Moana, it was set to be released in 2018. However, Disney has just announced (via Entertainment Weekly) that Moana will be sailing into theaters in 2016, two years early. The studio has also released a more detailed synopsis about the Polynesian heroine and her journey, including the gods and sea creatures she encounters along the way.

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Oct 20 2014 1:22pm

Is Jena Malone Playing Robin in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Jena Malone Carrie Kelley Robin Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice rumor

We've already detailed why Robin is integral to the semi-rebooted Batman story in Zack Snyder's new superhero mashup film, and now there's a chance that the filmmakers feel the same. A local news report from the Batman v Superman set is claiming that The Hunger Games actress Jena Malone is joining the film... as Carrie Kelley, a.k.a. Robin!

[Holy surprise casting, Batman!]

Oct 20 2014 8:00am

Morning Roundup: Horror on the Half Shell!

Teeneage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slasher action figures

Have we mentioned that we love Halloween? And that the mere presence of Halloween makes October the best month? And that part of October being the best month is that suddenly horror movies and horror movie accessories are everywhere? Here, for example, are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, made even better through the miracle of modern kit-bashing in Dan Polydoris’s Sewer Slashin’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Really, the only thing this collection lacks is April O’Neill as Asami Yamazaki...

Morning Roundup has so much to tell you! There are thoughts on the mathematical truths to be found in The Simpsons, explorations of the state of the gaming world from Cory Doctorow and Anita Sarkeesian, and a studio tour with a comics master!

[Plus, Bill Murray Explains it All!]

Oct 17 2014 1:52pm

Congratulations to the storySouth Million Writers Award Nominees!

storySouth nominees

The 2014 storySouth Million Writers Award nominees have been announced, and we're pleased that the stories “A Rumor of Angels” by Dale Bailey, “A Window or a Small Box” by Jedediah Berry, “Burning Girls” by Veronica Schanoes, “Jack of Coins” by Christopher Rowe, and “Rag and Bone” by Priya Sharma have all been nominated!

storySouth, an online journal founded in 2001, publishes Southern fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Past winners of the Million Writers Award include Richard Bowes and Catherynne M. Valente, and in 2012, storySouth published an anthology of their SFF publications, Million Writers Award: The Best Online Science Fiction and Fantasy.

You can find links to all the nominated stories here. Happy reading, and congratulations to all the nominees!

Oct 17 2014 11:46am

MST3K Alums Return to Space!

Paul Feig is sort of becoming our favorite person. Not only is he potentially expanding the Ghostbusters universe with a female-centric reboot, but now he’s creating a space comedy with his veteran Freak and Geeks co-stars, Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu! Oh, they also starred on a different space comedy together once, too...

[We might have discussed it on this site once or twice before.]