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Nov 28 2012 4:00pm

A look at the #1ReasonWhy Twitter phenomenon and how it’s bringing game design discrimination to light

It started out with one question. Luke Crane, creator of such tabletop RPGs as Mouse Guard and The Burning Wheel, asked his Twitter audience: 

“Why are there so few lady game creators?”

What followed was an explosion of responses in the gamer community that sent Twitter buzzing and caught the eye of media outlets across the internet. Spurred by the seemingly straightforward question, women game designers began sharing stories about their personal struggles in the gaming industry. Under the hashtag #1reasonwhy, women from AAA video game companies to tabletop RPGs and LARPs came together to share the number one reasons they don’t want (or feel they aren’t able) to pursue game design as a career. The stories themselves are heartbreaking and speak for themselves.

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Nov 21 2012 2:00pm

A recap and review of Revolution, episode 9, KashmirWhat do you get when you cross hallucinations, underground urban exploration and some trippy Led Zeppelin? No, it’s not someone’s bad college vacation memories—it’s this week’s episode of our favorite post-apoc drama, Revolution! The team behind got a boost from the rock legends (as you may have guessed from the title), featuring Zeppelin’s music in the ninth episode of the season, in which we discover that Nora hates alligators, all badass teen girls must shoot arrows in the post-apocalypse times, and oxygen deprivation makes you act like you’re on a serious drug trip. Let’s take a look at this week’s adventure, “Kashmir”!

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Nov 16 2012 5:00pm

Recap and review of Revolution, episode 8: Ties That Bind

Welcome back to the quest for light, Revolution fans. We’re back with episode eight of the first season, just in time for our crew to have to solve one of the most difficult problems of the post-apocalypse: how do you cross a river when the writers just don’t want it to happen? This week’s episode is all about fording one body of water, how four adults can’t hold on to one piece of jewelry, and the massive problems that family can bring you in “Ties That Bind.” 

[Will they ever get across that damn river?]

Nov 9 2012 5:00pm

Guilt and Answers At Last in the recap of Revolution, episode 7: Children’s Crusade

It’s another week of lights out in our blackout speculative drama Revolution and this week the show pulled out every single stop. There’s revelation after revelation as the show’s creators dropped tons of long-awaited answers on loyal fans. Plus, they managed to do it while including a plot with adorable children, to boot! This week we’re taking a look at episode seven, “The Children’s Crusade” as we learn just who Randall is, how much Rachel Matheson really knew, and just how far a mother is willing to go to protect her children.

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Nov 9 2012 5:00pm

Recap and review of Revolution, episode 6: Sex and Drugs

Hey there, Revolution fans! So a funny thing happened on the way to covering episode six of our friendly neighborhood post-apoc blackout series: I got trapped in the middle of a real blackout! A hurricane named Sandy hit the East Coast and I suddenly found myself without power. I will say that it certainly put the whole future without electricity situation in perspective, and by day five I was wishing for one of those Blackout Necklaces to give me a little juice for my iPhone, just like Maggie. Thankfully the power came back and now I’m caught up in time to give you a double-header of episode six and the latest, episode seven.

So first, we’ll take a look at episode six, “Sex and Drugs,” in which we discover that Charlie looks good in a dress, unstable drug dealers are a problem in any time and place, and that OMG Aaron is a badass! Without further delay, let’s go to the replay!

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Oct 28 2012 12:00pm

Dybbuk or Demon: Knowing Your Jewish Ghosts and Ghouls

Every year, horror fans are treated to a smattering of books and films that attempt to innovate the genre. Maybe they find a new way to repackage slasher films, like Joss Whedon did in Cabin in the Woods, or they find a new way to present their story, like the “found footage” format of Paranormal Activity. One way to spice up tried and true tropes is to draw on different source material to craft your story. 

The western horror tradition draws on a shared body of common folklore standardized by western society and pop culture to create its tales of suspense and terror. But, if you want a rich body of folklore chock-full of the strange and supernatural that isn’t as familiar or well understood, you only have to look towards Jewish mythology for new ways of exploring the supernatural. Creative forces in Hollywood have discovered the power of Jewish folklore, as is evident from big budget movies like the recent The Possession and 2009’s The Unborn. But do they get their stories straight? For example, what is a dybbuk and can it really live in a box? And what about a golem? Let’s take a look at some of the denizens of the darkest parts of Jewish tradition to see what goes bump in the night.

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Oct 26 2012 10:00am

Brian K. Vaughan, Jonathan Hickman, and Grant Morrison Teach You How To Make Good Comics

It’s not often you get to sit down in a room with three of the biggest names in the comic book industry and hear them talk about how to write. At New York Comic Con earlier this month, a giant room full of aspiring writers and fans crowded together to get advice and tips from three industry giants whose writing has inspired and intrigued for years: Grant Morrison (All-Star Superman, The Invisibles, Batman, New X-Men), Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, Manhattan Project), and Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, Saga). Throughout the hour, they dished on the creative process, their inspiration, and answered questions from the audience. 

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Oct 18 2012 5:00pm

A recap and review of Revolution episode 5: Soul Train

It’s been five weeks since NBC introduced  us to the post-apoc blackout drama Revolution and – dare I say it? Has the show finally hit its stride? This week our storylines collide, as our intrepid heroes finally catch up to Captain Neville and the Wandering Plotline, figure out that he’s seven kinds of crazy, and finally solve the mystery of No Name Nate! It’s train whistles, explosions and flashbacks in this week’s episode, “Soul Train.”

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Oct 17 2012 4:30pm

What’s NOW for Marvel’s X-Men and Avengers

If you’re a Marvel-head like me, you’ve been keeping an eye on the changes going on with Marvel’s NOW initiative. Suddenly, mutants are Avengers, Storm’s getting a mohawk and...Deadpool is punching ex-presidents in the face? What’s going on here? New York Comic Con gave Marvel a chance to showcase the best and brightest coming out of their new restructure. 

For a full breakdown on the NOW initiative you can check out this Reader’s Guide, but here’s a look straight out of NYCC at some of the best Marvel has to come. We’re going to focus here on two major branches of the Marvel U: the X-Men and Avengers titles. 

[Spoilers for AvX and hints about upcoming events and plotlines]

Oct 17 2012 2:00pm

Mike Mignola Talks Hellboy In Hell at NYCC

Mike Mignola is known best as the creator of that lovable red-handed devil Hellboy. Since he created the World’s Greatest Paranormal Investigator back in 1993, the world has seen countless Hellboy stories and spin-offs, including the ongoing acclaimed BPRD, Witchfinder, and Lobster Johnson. Now, Mignola will return after seven years away from drawing the character that created his franchise to helm the brand new comic, Hellboy in Hell.

[Mignola talks about it at New York Comic Con]

Oct 17 2012 11:00am

Vampires Take a Break & Fables Get Unwritten: Vertigo Comics at NYCC

You can’t go to New York Comic Con without talking about the work coming out of Vertigo Comics. With names like Scott Snyder, Bill Willingham, Jeff Lemire and Brian Azzarello at the table, the information on the latest and greatest coming out of Vertigo at their panel was incredible. There were some fond farewells to old favorites, awkward questions about whether or not Brian Azzarello talks like his characters and details on some new books on the horizon. Here come the highlights!

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Oct 11 2012 10:00am

Saying Goodbye on Revolution: Episode Four, Plague Dogs

Another week has gone by and you know what that means. We're back in the tall grass with Charlie, Miles, Nora, Aaron and Maggie as they navigate a creepy as heck abandoned amusement park full of crazy pooches on episode four of Revolution, “Plague Dogs.” This week we say goodbye to a show regular, see how creepy Monroe can be about eye-fondling Charlie's mom, and how many times Miles can try to leave in one hour. Let's get to the highlights!

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Oct 3 2012 5:30pm

A review and recap of Revolution episode 3: No Quarter

Welcome back post-apoc fans to this week’s recap of NBC’s Revolution! In this week’s episode, we discover just how the militia came to be the way it is, how Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural, Grimm) can do no wrong and how, sometimes, Marvin Gaye can be the sweetest thing in the world. “No Quarter” picks up on our entrepid heroes on their way to meet the rebellion when a clash with the militia brings out some interesting information about the past. But no more hints and teasing, let’s jump right in.

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Sep 27 2012 5:00pm

Strap on your swords and crossbows, post-apoc fans: it’s time to go back into the wilds of former America with a weekly recap and review of NBC’s Revolution. I’ll be leading us through the high grass and rusted relics to highlight the best and worst of each week’s episode from now on. This week, we’re diving back into the events set up by the pilot for the second episode, “Chained Heat.”

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Sep 21 2012 5:10pm

The Death Of A Dream: Mutant Murder Reshapes Marvel Comics

Avengers Versus X-Men has been the latest large-scale storyline to shake up the Marvel Universe, in preparation for the huge Marvel NOW! event of 2013. The Phoenix Force returns to Earth, empowering five mutants known as the Phoenix Five to effectively take over the planet. The Avengers join together with some of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to try and stop the madness of the Phoenix Five before it’s too late, in an epic ride with serious implications for the future of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Yet nothing thus far has had such shattering implications as the events of AvX #11 and the shocking murder of one of the oldest X-characters. 

[Spoilers ahead]

Sep 18 2012 6:00pm

A dying king, a crazy fur-wearing warrior woman, zombies, enchanted objects, and a mythical realm to save. No, this isn’t the latest fantasy novel or the latest D&D campaign your best friend cooked up for game night. Strap on some armor and find your ogre fangs, LARP fans, because there’s a new live action role-playing web series in town and it’s showcasing the hobby in a great way. 

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Sep 17 2012 10:00am

Introducing Simon Baz, the First Muslim-American Green LanternDC Comics unveiled the newest addition to the Green Lantern Corp. in the beginning of September in it’s #0 issue of the popular series, and their brand new character has been getting a lot of attention. In keeping with the continued campaign to diversify and include representations of different races and religions in mainstream comic books, a young Muslim-American man is the latest human to wear the lantern ring of power.

But is his representation in the comic books a successful example of diversification or a good attempt gone wrong? Let’s take a closer look at our newest Green Lantern, Simon Baz.

[Warning: spoilers to follow for Green Lantern #0!]

Sep 14 2012 11:00am

The Five Most Intriguing New Genre TV Shows Coming This FallFall has truly begun. The weather turns colder, the leaves start to change, school begins again and (most importantly), TV networks launch their brand new shows! It is upon us, television fans—the new fall lineups are coming our way. We’ve all been scarfing down the rumors for months about all the big shows coming out, poised and ready to become our newest obsessions. But is there a budding fan favorite in the mix, something that will hold us over until we get Game of Thrones back next year? Let’s take a look at five upcoming shows that want to capture your heart (and your ratings) this fall.

[Five shows to fulfill all your demon/mystery/survival/shooting/explosion-y needs...]

Sep 6 2012 4:00pm

When The Lights Go Out: Is Abrams and Favreau’s Revolution Worth Following?

What do you get when you line up producer J.J. Abrams, Supernatural writer Eric Kripke, and director Jon Favreau behind a post-apocalyptic dystopian adventure set in a destroyed America? You get Revolution, the NBC drama that’s been making the biggest splash of all the new science fiction/fantasy network TV offerings for this coming fall season. Now that the first episode has been released on for preview, before its televised debut on September 17th, I’m doing a rundown on the best and worse that Revolution has to offer.

[First episode unpacked and analyzed. Spoilers!]

Aug 3 2012 12:00pm

Before Watchmen Rehashes a Comic Masterpiece. Is It Working?

It wasn’t long ago that DC Comics put out the announcement that they’d be creating a line of comics as preludes to Alan Moore’s graphic novel tour de force, Watchmen. Twenty-six years after its release to the comic-reading world, Watchmen still stands as one of the greatest examples of graphic form storytelling with its nuanced, complex tale of Cold War politics and personal responsibility.

Currently, the world of Watchmen is being revisited by some of the biggest names in the comic business. Creatives like Brian Azzarello, Len Wein, J. Michael Straczynski, and Darwyn Cooke (with nary an Alan Moore to be seen) are writing and drawing away on several mini-series comprising the Before Watchmen project.

[Now that it’s underway, how is it doing?]