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Feb 27 2013 6:10pm

Game of Thrones returns for a third season on March 31st, with the new trailer already getting fans revved up for death, revenge, and dragons. But rather than rest on its laurels, HBO consistently ups the ante on its advertising campaign, topping itself each season with simple but brilliant transmedia executions that invite fans to engage in ways we never would’ve fathomed.

With the latest bit of season 3 advertising literally making us search the sky for dragons, let’s look back over the past two years of real-life thrones, food trucks, and free tattoos making us wish that never again will we live in a world without Game of Thrones.

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Feb 27 2013 3:15pm

Wonder Woman fan trailer Jesse V. Johnson Nina Bergman Nazis

Like Superman and other original comic book superheroes, Wonder Woman’s introduction in the 1940s cast her as a female champion who could bring the smackdown on Nazi Germany. It makes sense, then, that this new fan trailer for a Wonder Woman movie has Diana squaring off against the Third Reich.

But what makes this concept trailer especially impressive is that it’s directed by stuntman Jesse V. Johnson and stars Nina Bergman as perhaps the most convincing Diana we’ve seen on-screen since Lynda Carter.

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Feb 26 2013 1:53pm

Shailene Woodley Mary Jane Watson redhead first look The Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos New York City

With this year’s Oscars out of the way, Hollywood is back in the swing of moviemaking! Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence dyed her hair brown to do some Catching Fire reshoots, while newly redheaded Shailene Woodley joined the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shooting on the mean streets of New York City.

Some fans bristle at set photos because they fear they give too much away, but rest assured that these shots don’t spoil anything. Instead, you get your first look at Mary Jane Watson! Not to mention Andrew Garfield in Spidey’s improved suit.

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Feb 22 2013 3:10pm

Catching Fire Victory Tour propaganda posters Katniss Everdeen Peeta Mellark engagement Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson

I just squeed harder than Effie Trinket on Reaping Day, because Lionsgate has released the first official posters from Catching Fireand boy are they pretty and eerie all at once.

Something that Catching Fire and Mockingjay explore really well is Katniss Everdeen’s evolution from Hunger Games victor to “the Mockingjay,” the symbol of the resistance. We get the first taste of that here, with these faux-propaganda posters of Katniss and Peeta Mellark looking like the perfect little engaged couple.

[Full posters below. Spoilers for the series ahead]

Feb 22 2013 1:15pm

Megan Fox April O'Neil Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michael Bay pros cons

Once Michael Bay kicked Megan Fox out of the Transformers franchise in 2011, it seemed as if the sultry actress had learned to safely keep her distance from genre movies. But now comes the news that not only has she joined Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, but she’s playing beloved reporter April O’Neil! And will probably be wearing a much more shredded version of April’s signature yellow jumpsuit.

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Feb 22 2013 1:00pm

Saturn Awards 2012 The Avengers Best Science Fiction Film Superhero category

On Wednesday of this week, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Films announced their nominees for the 39th annual Saturn Awards. Established in 1972, the awards honor the ways in which genre filmmaking (and TV) have expanded beyond their origins in niche entertainment. It’s no surprise that the list of nominees comes out just days before the Oscars, and though both awards shows share a few contenders, the Saturn Awards highlight those genre films that, though mainstream, still couldn’t nab Oscar attention.

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Feb 20 2013 1:20pm

Ender's Game first look Hailee Steinfeld Petra Arkanian Asa Butterfield Ender Wiggin new photo

The last time we saw Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield), he was getting dressed down by the intimidating Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford). But in this new still from Ender’s Game, he’s been assigned to the Salamander Armyand who is that sitting across from him at the mess hall but Petra Arkanian! Once the fan favorite to play Katniss Everdeen, Hailee Steinfeld plays Ender’s older-sister figure. If you squint, you can also make out Dink Meeker (Khylin Rhambo) on Ender’s right and Salamander leader Bonzo Madrid (Moises Arias) at the far left end of the table.

Now that we’re seeing more of the Battle School—from uniforms to the Battle Room sphere in the mess hall—does it match what you envisioned when you read the book?

[still from Summit Entertainment via]

Feb 14 2013 2:35pm

Nathan Fillion Valentine applications best tweets Firefly valentines

Whereas other celebrities will probably spend Valentine’s Day posting obnoxious twitpics of the opulent presents their equally famous significant others bestow upon them, Nathan Fillion is giving back to his fans. Last night, on Valentine’s Eve, he tweeted the following challenge:

Now taking Valentine Applications. No guilt trips or sob stories- GO!

Even better than the fan submissions were Fillion’s response to each one. These are like geeky little conversation hearts for you to munch on all day.

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Feb 14 2013 1:30pm

live-action Wreck-It Ralph video 60 seconds Vanellope von Schweetz all the feels

I didn’t think Wreck-It Ralph could get any better, but then I saw this stunning live-action short and fell in love all over again. For the 2013 Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival, YouTube sketch group Megasteakman has painstakingly recreated the tale of video game bad-guy Ralph and glitchy Vanellope von Schweetz shrugging off their outcast personas, translating the cartoon using spot-on human actors. The twist? They cohesively retell the entire story in just one minute flat.

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Feb 13 2013 2:00pm

Beautiful Creatures movie review Alice Englert Alden Ehrenreich

As the thunder crashed and lightning blazed on the dramatic opening credits of new film Beautiful Creatures I found myself wondering who exactly were the devastating souls described in the title. At first I assumed it must be the Casters, the seemingly immortal beings who could manipulate elements, energy, and the human mind with their spells.

Like its supernatural protagonists, Beautiful Creatures the film—based off the quartet of novels by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl—is similarly ethereal and forbidding. On the first day of junior year, Ethan Wate (Alden Ehrenreich) meets Lena Duchannes (Alice Englert), the girl he’s been dreaming of for weeks. Their prophetic encounter makes more sense when Ethan learns Lena is a Caster, and that on her sixteenth birthday her powers will be claimed for either the Light or the Dark.

But even with this dramatic countdown in place, the movie never takes itself too seriously. It’s a spirited, compelling, funny story of young love.

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Feb 13 2013 11:20am

new Oblivion trailer Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman Melissa Leo Andrea Riseborough

It’s been nearly a decade since we saw Tom Cruise in a solid sci-fi movie, so his new action-adventure film Oblivion has been hotly anticipated since the first trailer dropped in December. That first glimpse sketched for us the parameters of Jack Harper’s (Cruise) world: Sixty years after an alien invasion, Earth is uninhabitable. Humanity has retreated to cities above the clouds, with gray-suited drone workers like Jack sent to the planet to retrieve vital data.

What Jack discovers instead is human survivors dressed all in black—including a rad Morgan Freeman doing his best impression of Morpheus from The Matrix—and a planetwide conspiracy. The new trailer, released this morning, starts to fill in those lines with more hints as to what caused the attack on Earth and why “the good guys” are firing on other humans.

[Watch the trailer below]

Feb 13 2013 11:00am

soapy Star Wars romances Expanded Universe Han Leia Valentine's Day

For a space opera, the Star Wars universe certainly delves into soap opera territory when it comes to the love lives of its characters. I’m not talking your typical star-crossed romances, though there are plenty of those. Because once you strip aside all the Force politics that propel most of the interstellar conflict, you still have people who are lonely and yearning for their soulmates.

Han Solo and Leia Organa have the purest love story, hands down. What can beat “I love you”/“I know” as you watch your beloved get frozen in carbonite? So when it comes to the love lives of the Solos’ kids, or Luke’s questionable dating life, writers in the Expanded Universe had to get awfully creative. As in, ghosts, pheromones, hatesex, and a love child or two.

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Feb 8 2013 4:00pm

Benedict Cumberbatch Severus Snape impression The Simpsons Hugh Grant

What’s better than some Benedict Cumberbatch for Valentine’s Day? We already knew that he finagled a guest spot on The Simpsons, but we didn’t realize his episode was coming up so soon! This homage to love airs Sunday, so Fox has released a short video featuring Cumberbatch and his brilliant Severus Snape/Alan Rickman impression.


Feb 6 2013 6:00pm

who should play young Han Solo casting rumors

Two days ago we were questioning how we should feel about a standalone Star Wars prequel focusing on Yoda’s (very long) life. Since then, Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger has confirmed the existence of spin-off films—and Entertainment Weekly now reports that two movies in particular will focus on Boba Fett and Han Solo.

First, the necessary grain of salt: EW acquired the information from unnamed sources, and neither Lucasfilm nor Disney have officially commented. But this seems to be the direction both projects are headed, and they’ve already set the internet ablaze with casting ideas. Seriously, did you ever think we’d live in an era where “Han Solo” is trending on Twitter?

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Feb 6 2013 3:00pm

You know how you want to share a really good book with everyone you know? Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow is one of my all-time favorite books. (In fact, I read an excerpt of it for the NYC I, Reader series this past winter.) It’s difficult to write about religion and sci-fi without upsetting both camps, but Russell’s novel treats it artfully by using using space exploration as the lens to examine this huge issue. In The Sparrow we follow two stories: The global miscommunications that arise when one culture attempts to convert another, and one man’s crippling loss of faith.

On February 1st, Russell herself announced that The Sparrow might finally be flying from page to screen.

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Feb 1 2013 12:00pm

Warm Bodies movie review Nicholas Hoult Teresa Palmer Rob Corddry zombies

For an unconventional love story set during the zombie apocalypse, Warm Bodies is frustratingly straightforward. Isaac Marion’s novel is inventive, to be sure. ( recommended it as one of 15 Essential Zombie Reads.) But at some point while adapting this forbidden-love tale to film, the producers diluted some of the story’s impact. If you’re looking for a universal metaphor for the zombie apocalypse, adjust your expectations. Warm Bodies is a solid, if simplified, interpretation of what humanity means when our hearts stop beating and then start up again.

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Jan 29 2013 6:00pm

Catching Fire satellite set photos Cornucopia Google Maps Quarter Quell

From what we’ve read of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games trilogy, the internet doesn’t exist in dystopian Panem (a.k.a. North America about 100 years from now). How lucky we are, then, that Google Maps still exists in 2013!

Eagle-eyed fans @starfishtony and @Whedonite96 spotted these satellite images of the Quarter Quell Cornucopia and tribute parade from the upcoming Catching Fire movie on Google Maps. Yes, Hunger Games fans are that committed that they’ve taken to the skies to scrape together every bit of intel we can since we have to wait til November 22 for the movie.

[Check out the tribute parade, too!]

Jan 25 2013 11:30am

Remember the days when the only thing separating two star-crossed lovers was their dueling families or bounty hunters and a block of carbonite? It seems as if in the past few years, high-concept sci-fi films centered around a love story have upped the stakes so much that it should be utterly impossible for the average guy and gal to make it work.

Testing that credibility is Upside Down, where Adam (Jim Sturgess) and Eden (Kirsten Dunst) literally live on two opposite and inverted worlds.

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Jan 25 2013 11:00am

John Dies At The End movie review

Imagine that you stumble across an insane story about two college dropouts who kill interdimensional demons under the influence of the only drug that can truly satisfy the definition of “mind-altering.” You start reading David Wong’s (real name Jason Pargin) story John Dies at the End when he serializes it online from 2001-2005. Then maybe you pick up the actual novel in 2007. Finally, you watch the trailer for the movie adaptation, out in theaters today. Ten years in and three mediums conquered, is this still the same story?

Yes, and it’s just as insane as you’ve always hoped.

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Jan 18 2013 11:00am

Hendrik: “You and I, everyone else on this planet, has already won King of the Nerds.”

Here’s the thing about marketing: It can completely alienate an audience before a product has a chance to win them over, so bear with us as we say “OK. WE TAKE IT BACK.” Geeky reality show King of the Nerds is actually quite likeable. Spoilers for the first episode.

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