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Jul 28 2014 9:30am

SDCC’s “Women Who Kick Ass” Panelists Only Want to Play Male Superheroes

San Diego Comic-Con 2014 SDCC Women Who Kick Ass panel Entertainment Weekly Tatiana Maslany Nicole Beharie Maisie Williams Natalie Dormer Sarah Paulson Katey Sagal gender sexism Hollywood male superheroes

For the last few years, Entertainment Weekly has moderated the “Women Who Kick Ass” panel at San Diego Comic Con. This annual event brings together several impressive women—usually those currently in the zeitgeist—to speak to the female experience in Hollywood, pop culture, and geekdom.

Though past panels had left fans somewhat underwhelmed, 2013’s group stunned and then invigorated congoers with their brutally frank discussions of the sexism they’d encountered in the industry. While nothing could eclipse that, this year’s panel still exposed several uncomfortable gender truths.

[It all started with an innocent question about superheroes]

Jul 28 2014 9:16am

Watch the Jam-Packed Teaser Trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1

watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer President Coin Julianne Moore Katniss Everdeen Jennifer Lawrence Philip Seymour Hoffman Plutarch Heavensbee Liam Hemsworth Gale Hawthorne

The Mockingjay, Part 1 trailer that Hunger Games fans got to see during San Diego Comic-Con is now online! Though it’s three quick scenes in the space of a minute, it’s filled with arresting visuals, like this Mockingjay crop circle that President Snow orders eradicated.

[Watch “Our Leader the Mockingjay”]

Jul 26 2014 6:00pm

Once Upon a Time Running Out of Ideas, Hopes You’ll Watch a Villain Named “Frank Matterhorn”

Once Upon a Time gag reel villains Frozen inspiration Jane Espenson Carlton Cuse Disney villains

Usually the best TV and movie gag reels feature the cast, but we can’t stop giggling over this “behind-the-scenes” video from the writers’ room of Once Upon a Time. Ever wonder how the writers’ room decides which fairy tale characters to reboot? We get our answer in this really funny video, screened at the show’s San Diego Comic Con panel.

At the writers’ room “mini-camp” (“it’s not really a camp”), the topic of the day is villains. And they’ve got some pretty loopy brainstorms for who the season 4 baddie should be. Plus, the inspiration behind the show’s upcoming Frozen arc.

[“Frank! ...Matterhorn.”]

Jul 26 2014 3:50pm

Guillermo del Toro and Duncan Jones! Godzilla 2, Crimson Peak, and Warcraft Teasers! Legendary Pictures at SDCC

Legendary Pictures SDCC 2014 panel Godzilla 2 teaser Warcraft Duncan Jones Guillermo del Toro Crimson Peak

Legendary Pictures did a pretty great job of giving fans what they wanted at this year’s San Diego Comic Con panel: Guillermo del Toro garnered cheers at his appearance (as did the mere mention of Tom Hiddleston’s name) as he chatted about his new horror projects; and Duncan Jones swung by for his first-ever SDCC (aww) to talk all things Warcraft.

In addition to the directors waxing poetic, fans got to glimpse trailers for both of these projects—plus, Legendary’s Godzilla 2 and King Kong-adjacent film Skull Island!

[Click through for ALL the teaser trailer reactions]

Jul 26 2014 2:45pm

Once Upon a Time’s SDCC Frozen Clip: Anna and Kristoff Are Getting Married?

Once Upon a Time Frozen clip San Diego Comic-Con SDCC 2014 Elsa surprise Anna Kristoff wedding

Once Upon a Time’s SDCC panel had the actor who plays Henry talk about switching bodies with Peter Pan, and provided hints about Hook’s new costume... but let’s be honest: The real thing that all the Oncers were looking forward to (and those of us tuning in at home) is Frozen. And boy, did OUAT deliver. Spoilers ahead.

[Read more]

Jul 26 2014 2:15pm

If You Got Stalked By an Evil Jester at SDCC, It Was Probably Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson jester disguise costume San Diego Comic-Con 2014 SDCC funny wtf The Hobbit celebrity cosplay

This nefarious clown has been following congoers around San Diego Comic Con, creeping on them with and without their knowing. It’s very fitting that in this photo he’s stalking a fan carrying some Hobbit swag because... it’s actually Peter Jackson!

[Tricky Jacksonses]

Jul 26 2014 11:00am

Orphan Black’s SDCC Panel Was Like an Endless Clone Club Dance Party

Orphan Black San Diego Comic-Con SDCC 2014 panel Tatiana Maslany Dylan Bruce Jordan Gavaris Maria Doyle Kennedy #CloneClub love

Oh, to be an Orphan Black fan at San Diego Comic Con. In the lead-up to today’s group bonding session panel, BBC America spoiled the #CloneClub fanbase with a bunch of fun events and treats: The official Orphan Black homebase had an “Alison nametag table,” “Helena buffet” (junk food, natch), “Cosima makevoers,” and rad merch. The fans also held their own meetup, which included a #CloneClub dance party that was delightfully dorky.

And the panel itself. All the feels, you guys.

[Standing ovations, the Paul/Felix bromance, and glue guns]

Jul 25 2014 6:45pm

The First Outlander Trailer and Other Highlights from the SDCC Panel

Outlander trailer SDCC San Diego Comic-Con panel highlights Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe Diana Gabaldon Jamie Fraser Claire Randall

Confession: I didn’t know much about Outlander until very recently. And even once I picked up the main facts—Diana Gabaldon’s historical fiction series about a 1940s nurse who falls back in time to 1743 Scotland and falls in love with a highlander—I still didn’t get all of the allure.

Now, having glimpsed the fandom at San Diego Comic Con, and having seen the first trailer, I do.

[Outlander at SDCC: Castles, kilts, and highlights from the panel]

Jul 25 2014 3:02pm

Maisie Williams to Play Ellie in The Last of Us Movie?

The Last of Us movie Sam Raimi producing Maisie Williams to play Ellie casting rumor Neil Druckmann Naughty Dog

All morning we’ve been wondering what the mysterious “sneak peek” would be in San Diego Comic-Con’s infamous (it has its own Twitter account) Hall H—what treat would greet the fans who’d waited hours in line. It took only a few minutes to find out: Sam Raimi and Neil Druckmann appeared to talk the movie adaptation of video game The Last of Us! Including a very promising meeting with a certain Game of Thrones star.

[Read on for plot details and casting rumors]

Jul 25 2014 11:15am

Shiny! Serenity’s Crew Will Reunite Through Firefly Online Roleplaying Game

Firefly Online trailer original cast reunite voices San Diego Comic-Con 2014

We’ve known about the Firefly Online MMO since last year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though details on the Firefly roleplaying game have been scarce. But there’s an encouraging announcement from this year’s SDCC: The original cast is reuniting for the game!

[Click through for the Firefly Online trailer]

Jul 25 2014 8:40am

Here’s Your First Look at Frozen’s Elsa on Once Upon a Time

first look Elsa costume Once Upon a Time Frozen Georgina Haig Frozen Elsa cosplay

Fringe’s Georgina Haig was certainly inspired casting to play Frozen’s ice queen Elsa, who’s abandoning Arendelle for Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time this fall. But we’ve been waiting for our first official look at the character to see if she can really channel Elsa.

White-blonde braid? Yep. Fierce expression? Right there. Sparkly blue gown? Well... we’re not the hugest fans of her costume.

[Read more]

Jul 24 2014 7:24pm

MTV Renews Teen Wolf for Season 5 and Hints at Season 4 Drama

Teen Wolf renewed season 5 20 episodes San Diego Comic-Con 2014 panel mid-season trailer season 4 Stydia hug Dylan O'Brien Stiles fangirl

One of MTV’s best scripted dramas won’t get taken out by a silver bullet anytime soon: The creators of Teen Wolf just announced that the show is being renewed for a fifth season! Though this was the biggest news to come out of the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the entire panel moved its audience to laughter and fangirl tears, with more than one incident proving that Dylan O’Brien is basically the fan favorite.

[Read more]

Jul 22 2014 1:06pm

Will Netflix’s Daredevil Merge Two Different NYCs?

Daredevil Netflix series gritty 1970s New York feel Steven S. DeKnight Matt Murdock Charlie Cox Iron Fist Luke Cage Jessica Jones The Defenders Marvel

At the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere red carpet, Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight dropped some hints for what we could expect of Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series. Though he couldn’t talk specifics, he and the other producers do have a clear idea of what the tone of the series will be.

[Read more]

Jul 21 2014 12:00pm

Working at the Spice Mines—Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Bounty

You know when you have that one friend who is really great, but they hang out with some bad people and kind of get brainwashed into wanting to kill you and your other friends? No? Man, those young Jedi do. And worst of all, that one really cool friend is a giant Wookiee. Not the sort of person you want off your side in a galactic crisis.

But don’t worry because everything will be alright by the end of Jedi Bounty! Sort of? Maybe? At least we’ll get a glimpse of that Diversity Alliance operation. There are drugs involved, so maybe that will smooth things over… actually, considering the effects of spice, probably not.

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Jul 14 2014 12:00pm

Is Anyone Excited to See Dengar? Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur

Star Wars, Young Jedi Knights, Delusions of GrandeurWho wants a we-were-kidnapped-by-Hethrir reunion? The Young Jedi Knights do! And we have to admit, it is kind of fun seeing the gang back together. Even if one of the gang has fallen in with some nasty friends? Wait. We should probably reconsider this… Unless we decide to turn it into some sort of Rebel Without a Cause knockoff? We think Jacen Solo should dress more like James Dean, at the very least.

But it’s Delusions of Grandeur! We’re not entirely sure why it’s essential to use a Han Solo quote for the title of the book, but we like it. Because teenagers have said delusions often. We remember.

[Read more]

Jul 10 2014 2:15pm

Batgirl Gets a New Creative Team and a Rad New Look

Batgirl new look costume photo new creative team Gail Simone DC Comics

Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl has been through a hell of a lot: getting paralyzed and becoming the hacker hero Oracle in 1986, only to get retconned in DC Comics’ New 52 in 2011, regaining the use of her legs. Not to mention her brother being a serial murderer and her family falling apart.

So, DC is giving her a break. Starting with Batgirl #35, we’ll see the lighter, younger, more hipster-y adventures of Barbara Gordon—a redux complete with a whole new creative team and a much more practical (but thrift store-approved) costume.

[Find out what the new Babs has in common with Veronica Mars and Sherlock Holmes]

Jul 7 2014 12:00pm

Space Arachnophobia—Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance coverIf you don’t like spiders, then the words “combat arachnid” are probably not going to make you very happy. In which case… hooray, you’re not a Jedi-in-training? But these kids are, so they’re probably going to have to deal with that at some point. If you guessed that they’ll have to deal with it this week, then you are probably Force-sensitive (or just appropriately observant)! But aren’t arachnids supposed to have eight legs? Aren’t twelve legs more than eight legs? There are the insistent questions that creep up on us at night.

Also, if you thought those Solo kids were going to leave the retrieval of a kidnapped man up to their super-competent father… well, they’re not, so sit back and enjoy Diversity Alliance!

[Read more]

Jun 30 2014 12:00pm

Jedi Study Abroad Credits—Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Shards of Alderaan

Young Jedi Knights, Star Wars, Shards of AlderaanWe’ve got some generational repetition going down this week on the Young Jedi Knights Reread! Which is just as well, because we’re pretty sure you’re not a Solo until someone in Mandalorian combat armor has chased you down.

Notice we didn’t say Boba Fett. (Spoiler: the authors wanted it to be Boba Fett. Additional spoiler: it’s not Boba Fett.) But it’s pretty darn close—how close? You’re going to have to read along to find out! It’s not Gregor the Clone Trooper. We’re sad about that, but mostly because Gregor was the man.

By the way, did you ever wonder what became of Leia’s destroyed homeworld? You’re in luck because Shards of Alderaan is here to let us in on some secrets.

[Read more]

Jun 23 2014 12:00pm

We Will Get Fooled Again (By the Emperor)—Star Wars Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Under Siege

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Jedi Under SiegeThe Young Jedi Knights reread has reached the pinnacle of its first arc! Shadow Academy vs. Jedi Praxeum—who throws down? Who rises up? Who dies on board an exploding space station? Who unexpectedly helps out? What else blows up? (That last one is actually the surprising part.)

We’re talking about Jedi Under Siege, which was the final installment of the first Young Jedi Knight arc. We’ve got young Jedi against Nightsisters, Imperials against New Republic forces, master against former apprentice. There’s a lot going on, so we’re putting on our Force-thinking caps and trying to piece it all out. Because coming of age one generation after Luke Skywalker was never going to be easy.

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Jun 16 2014 2:00pm

Feed Me, Lowie, Feed Me Now!—Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Darkest Knight

Star Wars, Young Jedi Knights, Darkest KnightAdventures on Kashyyyk! Did you have any idea that Wookiee coming-of-age rights would be so perilous? We figure we probably should have guessed—you don’t get to be as rocking as Chewbacca without going through it.

This week’s Young Jedi Knight reread is Darkest Knight! If you’re groaning at the word play, we’re not surprised, though the title is apt in this case. We get to meet Lowie’s sister in this one, and see exactly how Zekk is doing with that dark side scholarship he signed up for. Carnivorous plants are forthcoming.

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