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Oct 31 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Valiant

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on ValiantValiant
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Michael Vejar
Season 6, Episode 22
Production episode 40510-546
Original air date: May 6, 1998
Stardate: 51825.4

Station log: Quark’s is overwhelmed because the drinks replicator is down. Quark submitted an emergency report to O’Brien, who passed it on to Rom, who passed it on to Nog. However, it isn’t Nog who shows up to fix it, it’s Dax, who owes Nog a favor and so is covering for him while he takes a trip to Ferenginar by way of Starbase 257 on the runabout Shenandoah. Nog is delivering a diplomatic pouch from the Federation Council to the Grand Nagus. Jake is along for the ride—allegedly to see Ferenginar, but he soon reveals that he’s angling for an exclusive interview with Zek.

[We’re Red Squad, and we can do anything!]

Oct 24 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “The Reckoning”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on The Reckoning“The Reckoning”
Written by Harry Werksman & Gabrielle G. Stanton and Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño
Season 6, Episode 21
Production episode 40510-545
Original air date: April 29, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Sisko holds a meeting to discuss how the war is going, ending it by saying that he, Kira, and Jake are taking a trip to Bajor. They’ve excavated something cool in B’Hala and they want the Emissary to see it.

Ranjen Koral leads the three of them to a cavern that’s beneath the city—apparently there was another settlement 10,000 years prior to B’Hala. After it was abandoned, it was buried by sediment, and B’Hala built over it. They found a tablet that is in a very old form of Bajoran, but Koral, Sisko, and Kira do recognize one phrase: “Welcome, Emissary.”

[“I just had this uncontrollable urge to smash the tablet.” “Oh, I get those urges all the time.”]

Oct 24 2014 2:00pm

Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution (Excerpt)

Keith DeCandido

Sleepy Hollow Children of the Revolution excerpt Keith R.A. Candido When Ichabod Crane, a soldier from the Colonial Army, is resurrected from his grave more than two centuries after he was killed in battle, he partners with Lieutenant Abbie Mills of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department to fight the evil forces that have taken hold of the town.

It’s a cold day in January, and Ichabod visits Patriots Park for a moment of peace. Instead, he receives a disturbing vision from his wife, Katrina, in which she delivers a cryptic but urgent message: he must retrieve the Congressional Cross that he was awarded by the Second Continental Congress for bravery in action. There’s just one problem: Ichabod was killed before he ever received the medal, and he is unsure where it might be. Together Ichabod and Abbie set out to uncover the mystery of the cross and its connection to George Washington and his secret war against the demon hordes. They soon learn that a coven of witches is also seeking the cross in order to resurrect their leader, Serilda, who was burned at the stake during the Revolutionary War. Now they must locate the cross before the coven can bring back Serilda to exact her fatal revenge on Sleepy Hollow.

Keith R.A. DeCandido’s Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution, the first tie-in novel for the Fox television series, is available now from Crown Publishing.

[Read an excerpt]

Oct 21 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “His Way”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on His Way“His Way”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Season 6, Episode 20
Production episode 40510-544
Original air date: April 22, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Bashir’s latest holosuite program from Felix—the guy who put together his secret agent program—is Las Vegas, 1962, and he invites Kira, Odo, Worf, Dax, and O’Brien to join him in watching Vic Fontaine perform. Fontaine is a self-aware hologram; he knows full well that he’s a “light bulb.” (“If you’re gonna work Vegas in the 60s, you’re gonna have to know the score. Otherwise you’re gonna look like a Clyde.”) He also immediately picks up on the fact that Worf and Dax are married, can tell that O’Brien is also married and misses his wife, and cops to the romantic tension between Kira and Odo, but decides to remain discreet in terms of mentioning it.


Oct 17 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “In the Pale Moonlight”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on In the Pale Moonlight“In the Pale Moonlight”
Written by Peter Allan Fields and Michael Taylor
Directed by Victor Lobl
Season 6, Episode 19
Production episode 40510-543
Original air date: April 15, 1998
Stardate: 51721.3

Station log: Sisko is dictating a personal log. It’s been two weeks since something happened that he needs to justify to himself, and that he can’t talk to anyone about it, not even Dax—but maybe he can work it through if he spells it out in his log.

Every Friday morning for the past three months, Sisko has posted a casualty list. On one particular Friday, Dax sees one of her Academy instructors, Leslie Wong, now captain of the Cairo, on the list. The Cairo went missing near the Romulan Neutral Zone, the latest in a series of attacks that have happened because the Jem’Hadar has brazenly gone through Romulan space to attack, thanks to the non-aggression pact Romulus has with the Dominion. Bashir mentions how useful it would be to get the Romulans into the war, but Dax points out that they have no reason. They’re not being threatened, and their two biggest rivals—the Klingons and the Federation—are getting their asses kicked.

[“You would have made a decent Romulan.” “I prefer the spots to the pointed ears.”]

Oct 14 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Inquisition”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Inquisition“Inquisition”
Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed by Michael Dorn
Season 6, Episode 18
Production episode 40510-542
Original air date: April 8, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Bashir is running around getting himself together before heading out in the morning to present a paper at a medical conference, pausing to heal O’Brien’s latest kayak-induced dislocated shoulder.

The computer wakes Bashir at 0700, though Bashir doesn’t feel as if he’s been asleep that long, and his trip is postponed by a summons to Ops. Starfleet Internal Affairs has shown up, in the person of Deputy Director Luther Sloan, who announces that IA believes there’s a leak on DS9: someone among the senior staff is passing intelligence to the Dominion. The senior staff has all been relieved of duty, and they’re to be confined to quarters until Sloan can interview them. Sloan informs Bashir that Starfleet Medical has already been informed that Bashir won’t be going to Casperia Prime.

[I hope you’re enjoying my scones, Worf.]

Oct 7 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”

Rewatcher’s note: There will be no rewatch on Friday the 10th of October because your humble rewatcher will be at New York Comic-Con (find him at Booth #1157!). We’ll be back on Tuesday the 14th with “Inquisition.”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Wrongs Darker than Death or Night“Wrongs Darker than Death or Night”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Jonathan West
Season 6, Episode 17
Production episode 40510-541
Original air date: March 28, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Kira has ordered flowers for herself: Bajoran lilacs. Today would’ve been her mother Kira Meru’s 60th birthday, and Kira’s father Taban always said lilacs were her favorite. Kira didn’t know Meru, as she died when Kira was three, but Taban always said she was the bravest woman Taban had ever known.

That night, Kira receives a comuniqué from Dukat, who says that Sisko helped Dukat achieve clarity, to see the truth of his life. He reveals that he knew Meru, that they were in fact lovers until the day she died, that her father lied about her dying at the Singha Refugee Camp because he couldn’t bear the notion that she left him for Dukat. Kira is convinced that it’s a lie, but Dukat knows a lot about her. So she investigates, searching Meru’s file in the Singha records, and is also generally snappish and irritable. Finally, she goes to Sisko, who is sure that Dukat was lying to get under Kira’s skin, but Kira needs to know for sure. She wants to use the Orb of Time to find out for sure, and she needs Sisko’s blessing as the Emissary, which he cautiously and reluctantly grants.

[I only hope you won’t condemn us all for the boorish behavior of one man.]

Oct 3 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Change of Heart”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Change of Heart“Change of Heart”
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by David Livingston
Season 6, Episode 16
Production episode 40510-540
Original air date: February 28, 1998
Stardate: 51597.2

Station log: Worf and O’Brien are watching Quark, Dax, and some other Ferengi play tongo. They bet a bottle of booze (bloodwine versus Scotch) over whether or not Dax or Quark will win. Quark winds up winning (his 207th game in a row), but Worf tells Dax that he’d rather lose on her than win on someone else, which is very goopy, and leads to a night of happy fun times for the two of them.

[“Are you trying to be funny?” “Not at all, he’s the funny one.”]

Sep 30 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Honor Among Thieves”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Honor Among Thieves“Honor Among Thieves”
Written by Philip Kim and Rene Echevarria
Directed by Allan Eastman
Season 6, Episode 15
Production episode 40510-539
Original air date: February 21, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: O’Brien is sitting in a bar on Farius Prime, in shabby civilian clothes. He’s been there for several weeks, under the name “Connolly,” eavesdropping on three members of the Orion Syndicate: Liam Bilby, Flith, and Krole. Today, they’re discussing how Raimus is going to be disappointed about the faulty merchandise. They get hungry and decide to order food via a com-booth. Krole hacks into the booth so they can charge the food to someone else, but before he can finish the transaction, O’Brien touches a control on a device, which immediately hits Krole with a nasty electric charge. O’Brien then runs up to “save” Krole from being “spiked.” It also fuses Krole’s implant that he used. O’Brien offers to fix the implant. He professes ignorance as to who Bilby and the others are, but Bilby has seen him tinkering with junk for weeks, so he’s obviously down on his luck.

O’Brien then meets with his handler, Chadwick. Five Starfleet Intelligence operatives have been killed by the Syndicate, so there’s obviously a mole in SI. O’Brien’s job is to find the mole, and he got the gig because he’s not in SI.

[Back home, wherever that is, do you have a family?]

Sep 26 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “One Little Ship”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on One Little Ship“One Little Ship”
Written by Bradley Thompson & David Weddle
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Season 6, Episode 14
Production episode 40510-537
Original air date: February 14, 1998
Stardate: 51474.2

Station log: The Defiant is investigating a subspace compression phenomenon. Dax, O’Brien, and Bashir take the Rubicon into the phenomenon, tethered to the Defiant via a tractor beam. The runabout shrinks when it hits the accretion disc, which makes O’Brien more than a little nervous.

A Jem’Hadar ship attacks the Defiant, using the phenomenon to mask their arrival. They trash the Defiant and board it, while the Rubicon goes hurtling into the phenomenon once the tractor beam is lost in battle.

[Mr. Worf, I think your wife is here.]

Sep 23 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Far Beyond the Stars”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Far Beyond the Stars“Far Beyond the Stars”
Written by Marc Scott Zicree and Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Avery Brooks
Season 6, Episode 13
Production episode 40510-538
Original air date: February 11, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Kira reports to Sisko that the Defiant has found no sign of the Cortez, lost while patrolling the Cardassian border. The captain was an old friend of Sisko’s, which makes him less than enthusiastic about his father Joseph visiting the station. Sisko doesn’t know how much more he can take, how many more friends he can lose. Joseph tries to comfort him, then goes off for a dinner date with Jake. Sisko talks with Yates, failing to convince her to cut back on her cargo runs for fear of Jem’Hadar attack.

Sisko also sees a man in a suit and hat and glasses (who looks a lot like Odo), as well as a man in a New York Giants baseball uniform (who looks a lot like Worf), but nobody else sees them. He follows the latter into a cabin, only to find himself on a street in 1953 New York City, where he promptly is hit by a cab. He wakes up in the infirmary, surrounded by Yates, Joseph, and Jake. Bashir says he’s got odd synaptic patterns, similar to what he experienced when the wormhole aliens gave him visions of Bajor.

[Did you hear the game last night?]

Sep 19 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Who Mourns for Morn?”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Who Mourns for Morn?“Who Mourns for Morn?”
Written by Mark Gehred-O’Connell
Directed by Victor Lobl
Season 6, Episode 12
Production episode 40510-536
Original air date: February 4, 1998
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Morn has gone away on business for two weeks, and so Quark has replaced him with a hologram. It’s better for business if customers see Morn in his usual place at the bar, and the last time he was away from the station for an extended time, profits were down 5%. The hologram isn’t interactive, as that would be more expensive—besides, Quark prefers this version, as the real Morn just never shuts up.

Sisko and Dax enter the bar, taken aback by the sight of Morn, and relieved when told it’s not really him, as they just got a report that his transport was caught in an ion storm, and Morn was killed.

[“What is that smell?” “Your inheritance: Livanian beets. Very ripe.”]

Sep 16 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Waltz”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Waltz“Waltz”
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by Rene Auberjonois
Season 6, Episode 11
Production number 40510-535
Original air date: January 3, 1998
Stardate: 51408.6

Station log: The U.S.S. Honshu is transporting Dukat to a Federation special jury at Starbase 621, and Sisko is aboard as well to testify to that jury. Dukat has recovered from the madness that gripped him after the Federation retook DS9. Sisko visits Dukat in the brig. He won’t tell Dukat what he intends to say on the stand but he does offer his condolences for death of Ziyal. Dukat also is now referring to Sisko as “Benjamin.”

The Honshu is attacked by Cardassian ships and destroyed. A few escape pods and one shuttle do manage to escape and send out distress calls. Starfleet can only spare two ships for the search, one of which is the Defiant—but Worf can only take 52 hours for the search, as the Defiant is needed to protect a troop convoy as it comes out of the Badlands.

[The Emissary has spoken!]

Sep 12 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “The Magnificent Ferengi”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on The Magnificent Ferengi“The Magnificent Ferengi”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Chip Chalmers
Season 6, Episode 10
Production number 40510-534
Original air date: December 17, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Quark proudly announces that he has obtained syrup of squill. Odo thinks that means the drought is over on Balancar—but it turns out that there was never a drought, it was a story to allow the stockpiling of squill to drive the price up. But Quark heard that a prominent person on Balancar ordered a pair of Ferengi rain slippers, which he wouldn’t need if there was a drought. So Quark ordered several cases at a cheaper price, threatening to expose the scheme to the entire quadrant if they didn’t. (Of course, he just exposed it to the entire bar...)

Everyone’s thrilled with this story, right up until Dax, Bashir, and O’Brien walk in, having just returned from a dangerous mission on the Defiant. Quark is cranky because Starfleet just stole his audience.

[A child, a moron, a failure, and a psychopath. Quite a little team you’ve put together!]

Sep 9 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Statistical Probabilities”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Statistical Probabilities“Statistical Probabilities”
Written by Pam Pietroforte and Rene Echevarria
Directed by Anson Williams
Season 6, Episode 9
Production number 40510-533
Original air date: November 22, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Four genetically engineered people under the care of a Starfleet psychiatrist Lieutenant Karen Lowes have been brought to Deep Space 9 to work with Bashir. They were all genetically enhanced as kids and all placed in an institute. They’re also all a bit nutty: Jack talks a mile a minute, Lauren lounges about being flirtatious and sedcutive, Patrick is very childlike, and Sarina doesn’t talk at all. Jack at one point yanks Lauren’s padd away—she’s staring at Bashir’s service record, convinced that he’s in love with her—and jumps on it. When Lowes asks for the padd, he deliberately hands it to her cracked-side-down so it cuts her palm.

Bashir talks with them for a bit. Jack is hostile and motor-mouthed, making accusations, bouncing from topic to topic, and expressing very real (and very justified) resentment at the Federation’s treatment of genetically enhanced people—though it’s obvious that these four were not put away directly because of their enhancements but because of the effect the genetic engineering had on their ability to function.

[Damar does murder sleep.]

Sep 5 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Resurrection”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Resurrection“Resurrection”
Written by Michael Taylor
Directed by LeVar Burton
Season 6, Episode 8
Production number 40510-532
Original air date: November 17, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Station log: Dax wants to have Kira over to dinner at her and Worf’s place, and she makes several suggestions for who Kira can bring as a date—Captain Boday, a three-eyed doctor, Odo—but Kira insists she’ll be alone.

The transporter is activated, and Bareil beams aboard, holding a disruptor on Kira when she tries to check on him. Using her as a hostage, he asks for a ship, and Sisko orders Odo to clear a path to a runabout landing pad. Bareil takes Kira to the pad on foot. He confirms that he’s from the Mirror Universe, and then Kira points out that the power cell on his disruptor is cracked and it’s useless as a weapon. Bareil tries to get away, but Kira takes him down in half a second and hands him over to Odo, who was waiting on the landing pad with his deputies.

[You’re in for a rough ride.]

Aug 29 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “You Are Cordially Invited”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on You Are Cordially Invited“You Are Cordially Invited...”
Written by Ronald D. Moore
Directed by David Livingston
Season 6, Episode 7
Production number 40510-531
Original air date: November 10, 1997
Stardate: 51247.5

Station log: DS9 is now the headquarters for the Ninth Fleet. Sisko and Kira are both happy to have things getting back to something like normal. Martok is less happy about being put in charge of the Ninth Fleet, as it means a crapton more paperwork.

Alexander is being transferred to the Ya’Vang, along with most of the Rotarran crew. Dax suggests to Worf that they get married right away on the station, instead of waiting until the end of the war to have it on Qo’noS. Worf agrees, and asks Alexander to be his sword-bearer.

[We don’t embrace other cultures, we conquer them!]

Aug 26 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Sacrifice of Angels”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Sacrifice of Angels“Sacrifice of Angels”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Allan Kroeker
Season 6, Episode 6
Production number 40510-530
Original air date: November 3, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Station log: We get a summary of “Favor the Bold,” and then we see the two fleets facing off. Sisko has the small attack ships target the Cardassian vessels and then run, hoping that the Cardassians will get angry enough to break formation to go after them. (The Jem’Hadar are too disciplined to do that.) That might open a hole they can punch through to get to the station.

And then the battle is joined. On the station, Dukat, Damar, the female changeling, and Weyoun consult in Ops. Dukat figures out Sisko’s strategy, and plans to let it work up to a point, pretending to open a hole and then closing it on him before he can get through.

[Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them, / Cannon in front of them / Volley’d and thunder’d.]

Aug 22 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Favor the Bold”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Favor the Bold“Favor the Bold”
Written by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler
Directed by Winrich Kolbe
Season 6, Episode 5
Production number 40510-529
Original air date: October 27, 1997
Stardate: unknown

Station log: The Defiant is adrift and venting plasma, with shields at 30% and no weapons. Two Jem’Hadar ships fire on them—and then the Rotarran decloaks and destroys one ship while the Defiant powers up shields and weapons and destroys the other. The decoy worked.

They’re both then recalled to Starbase 375, yet another retreat after an engagement. Dax rants at Sisko about how this constant retreating is killing morale, and they need a big victory. Sisko then announces to Dax that he’s planning one: he’s presenting a plan to Admirals Ross, Sitak, and Coburn to retake Deep Space 9. Ross is on Sisko’s side, but Sitak and Coburn are skeptical. Sitak is concerned about the resistance they’ll face, and Coburn is worried that they’re leaving Earth vulnerable. But Sisko points out that control of the wormhole is too important. The Dominion will defend that territory at all costs.

[Weak eyes, good ears.]

Aug 19 2014 3:00pm

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: “Behind the Lines”

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Rewatch on Behind the Lines“Behind the Lines”
Written by Rene Echevarria
Directed by LeVar Burton
Season 6, Episode 4
Production number 40510-528
Original air date: October 20, 1997
Stardate: 51145.3

Station log: Sisko is back on the Defiant, and they’ve been conducting raids on Dominion territory, trying in vain to turn the tide of the war. Every time a power cell from the phaser array wears out, Sisko places it in the mess hall alongside the other exhausted power cells after giving a speech about the character of the crew and how they’ll fight to the end.

Ross then arrives to inform Sisko of new intelligence that explains why the Dominion has had such an advantage: they have a massive sensor array in the Argolis Cluster that can detect ship movements as far as five sectors away. Sisko’s next assignment is to construct a battle plan that will take it out.

[I just shared a bottle of kanar with Damar. Hey, that rhymes!]