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Jun 30 2014 8:00am

Check Out the UK Edition of The Abyss Beyond Dreams and Catch Hamilton on Tour is happy to share the cover for the UK edition of Peter F. Hamilton’s The Abyss Beyond Dreams, the first book in the Chronicle of the Fallers, coming October 2014 from Tor UK! (The US edition will be published by Del Rey.) The book is set in the Commonwealth Universe and comes chronologically between The Commonwealth saga and The Void trilogy.

Julie Crisp, the Editorial Director of Tor UK, shares some of the design process for the cover, including the inspiriation behind the look for Hamilton’s new series.

[Plus, see the full cover below!]

Apr 7 2014 10:25am

Pan Macmillan Announces The James Herbert Award for Horror

For anyone who loves horror there are a couple of stalwarts of the genre that you won’t have missed reading—and James Herbert is one of them. With novels like The Rats, The Fog, and The Secret of Crickley Hall, he kept a whole generation and more enthralled with his supernatural stories of things that went ‘bump’ in the middle of the night. As a teenager he was one of my stable of horror authors along with Stephen King and I was so thrilled to have been able to meet him a few times after joining Pan Macmillan. We were all devastated by his loss last year.

Many of you will know that Pan Macmillan has a proud history of publishing horror from its Pan Book of Horror Stories through to August Derleth winner Adam Nevill. I personally, have a huge passion for horror so I can’t tell you how I excited I am to be involved with this particular project which we announced this morning!

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Apr 29 2013 2:00pm

One Year Later, the Results of Tor Books UK Going DRM-Free

Tor Books UK DRM-Free one year laterOn April 25, 2012, Tor Books UK announced that it was making all of its ebook list DRM-free. There’s still a lot of debate and interest in the topic. I recently wrote a piece about the subject for Publishers Weekly which I’ve replicated here.

We made this decision in conjunction with our sister company in the US, for our shared brand imprint. It was something that we’d been exploring for quite a while and a move that we felt committed to for our particular area.

[How Tor Books UK sales have been impacted by going DRM-free]

Apr 25 2013 2:00pm

China Miéville Answers Five Questions

China Mieville Answers Five QuestionsThe paperback of Railsea was published earlier this month and tomorrow (watch this space) we’ll be offering a discount on the ebook. Written with China’s usual indomitable style, perfect prose and with a rip-roaring, exciting storyline, Railsea appeals to the young, the young at heart and basically anyone who enjoys a darn good book. And if all that sounds like hyperbole—have you read a China Miéville novel?

We caught up with the author recently to quiz him about the book.

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Mar 15 2013 11:00am

Tor Tour: It’s Not Just About the Editing

Tor UK Editing Team TorWe’ve recently started a series of blog posts over at aimed at shining a light on various aspects and roles of those of us involved in Team Tor at Pan Macmillan. To give you, the reader, a greater insight into how the book you so lovingly place on your bookshelf, got there. To help kick things off I’ve written a brief piece about what it is I do as the Editorial Director of Tor UK. Apart from, obviously, drink coffee and read books all day!

My job is two-fold, one to find, buy, publish and represent authors of quality speculative fiction—the other is to build and develop the imprint brand of Tor in the UK.

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Feb 22 2013 4:00pm

Five Questions with Adrian Tchaikovsky

Five Questions with Adrian TchaikovskyAdrian Tchaikovsky is the prolific author behind the long-running, epic fantasy series, Shadows of the Apt. The Air War is his eighth novel, publishing this month, featuring his imaginative and original insect Kinden. We caught up with him to ask him a few questions about how he goes about writing such an intricate storyline, and you can also get a free extract of The Air War here.

The Air War is the eighth novel in your Shadows of the Apt series—how do you keep all the plot lines straight in your head?

Although part of an ongoing series, I work hard to make sure that each book has its own discrete plot, including an end where at least some things are resolved, even though wider issues of the series arc continue. I think breaking down the overall development like this makes keeping track of things considerably easier. I also do quite a lot of structural planning before I write, so that I have a good idea of where each book should leave me. Not that it always works out as planned, of course.

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Feb 22 2013 10:30am

Your Publishing Questions Answered

We know there’s a certain amount of curiosity about the route of the manuscript to the bookshelf. And what publishers and editors actually do (contrary to popular belief it’s not read and drink coffee all day—sorry!). So we recently asked via Twitter whether anyone had any burning questions they just had to know about publishing.

Aside from the many variations of “How do I get published?” Here are a few of them answered below.

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